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Nestlé's two new gluten free cereals

Nestlé's renamed GoFree range have two new additions: gluten free rice pops and coco rice are both fortified with B-vitamins, folic acid and iron, available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado, costing approximately £2.49 each.
23rd May 2016

Rebel Kitchen

Welcome to a NEW dairy-free coconut yoghurt!

Rebel Kitchen has launched a dairy-free coconut yoghurt made from organic young green coconuts with live vegan yogurt cultures, in original, cacao, coffee and vanilla flavours from Ocado and in Wholefoods Markets, costing approximately £2.49 per 125g pot.
20th May 2016

Gozo Deli

Casheese launches in Selfridges

Dairy free organic cream casheese from Gozo Deli launches in Selfridges, in smoked paprika, basil pesto, French herb and chive varieties. Each jar costs £4.99.
17th May 2016

Squeeze Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass and apple juice? Yum!

Squeeze Wheatgrass’s new 3 x 60 ml blended wheatgrass with juice shots come in orange & lemon, pear & apple, and beetroot. Available to buy online, at Yumbles,, EAT17 Hackney, costing £2.70
14th May 2016


Granovita's new Easy Oats - for breakfast or a snack!

Granovita's new Easy Oats gluten free porridge (in a single serve sachet) is combined with chia or flaxseeds, offering a rich source of Omega-3 and fibre. Costing £1.45 to £1.79, Easy Oats are available from Holland & Barrett, whole food and independent health food stores.
13th May 2016

Honest Eats

Honest Eats launches during Coeliac Awareness Week

New online shop Honest Eats launches today, with over 600 freefrom products, many of which are not yet available widely in the UK.
10th May 2016

GOOD. Full Stop

Date-based snack bars with cashews & fruits!

GOOD. Full Stop's six nutritious gluten free snack bars are made with dates, date syrup, nuts, fruits (and chocolate), suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Available from Holland & Barrett and independent health food stores, delis and farm shops nationwide costing approx 65p each.
6th May 2016

Simply 7

2016 - UN Year of the Pulse

Simply 7 make gluten free Lentil Sea Salt and Hummus Roasted Red Pepper Crisps, available from Waitrose and Ocado costing £2.29 per pack.

4th May 2016

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