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rawCo Food

Love Soya Sauce but allergic to soya?

Then try RawcoFood's soy-free, gluten-free and wheat-free coconut amino sauce! From the sap of the coconut tree, blended with sea salt. Ideal for salad dressings, marinades, stir-fries or dipping. Available online and from various stockists, costing £7.95.
27th November 2015

Gluten Free Baking and Living

Gluten Free Baking and Living crowdfunding campaign

Ian and Deborah are raising funds on Indiegogo to create their own range of gluten free flour blends, tried and tested on the baking courses that they run. With great perks available to backers including recipe downloads, books, and the flour itself.
23rd November 2015

The Black Farmer

Gluten-free Roast in the Bag Pork!

The Black Farmer has brought out a gluten-free roast in the bag sage & onion pork loin joint. Currently on offer in the Co-operative costing £7 for 2 joints, and going into Budgens 16th November at £4.50 a joint.
12th November

Borough 22

Gluten, dairy, soya AND egg free donuts! Don't lick your lips...

Borough 22 have launched a gluten, egg, soya and dairy free donut. Available online and from Selfridges London, each donut costs £2, in flavours such as nutella, sugared, vanilla glazed, raspberry pistachio & salted caramel.
8th November 2015


Naturally freefrom biltong

Cruga, Wild West and Texas Joe's no added MSG biltong contains no gluten either. Available from lots of stockists nationwide, each pack has an approximate price of £1.99.
2nd November 2015


New on-the-go winter breakfasts

MOMA (Making Oats More Awesome) have launched four gluten free porridge pots: plain, plain (no added sugar), golden syrup and cranberry & raisin. Available online, the pots cost £14.99 for 12.
28th October 2015

Cauli Rice

Is it a cous cous? Is it a rice? NO!

Cauli Rice have launched four flavours of gluten free low carb alternative to rice: original, lemongrass & chilli, Mediterranean and Indian pilau. Available in most supermarkets, Cauli Rice costs approximately £1.99 for 200g
24th October 2015

Proper Pops

Popped chip snack made from casein

Proper Pops have launched a gluten & lactose free popped chip snack, made from casein, a slow-release protein derived from milk. In three flavours: lime, lemongrass & garlic, lemon & chilli, and paprika, Proper Pops can be bought from Sainsbury’s and Marigold Health Foods Ltd for approximately £1.39.
22nd October 2015

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