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Gluten free 'weetabix'-style breakfast cereal

Nutribix have launched a gluten free breakfast 'bix' cereal made with sorghum, which contains fibre, protein and vitamins. Nutribix is available in a 24-pack from Tesco, Sainsbury, Ocado, costing approximately £3.79.
30th September 2015


'Wulfstan', a new GF blonde beer

Coori, the artisan freefrom brand, have recently launched an organic gluten-free Pure Blonde beer, brewed and bottled in the UK.
29th September 2015

Morso Food

'Restaurant quality' GF risottos in minutes!

Morso Food have launched new gluten free risottos in three flavours: mushroom, pancetta and fennel and prawn and leek. Morso risottos are available for £5.99 from Selfridges.
28th September 2015

Culinary Cauldron

Raw, frozen vegetable, fruit & herb lollies

Juice lollies are a new generation of ice lollies made from vegetables, fruits and herbs, freshly pressed and frozen within a few hours. Available online.
24th September 2015


Freego bringing in more 'freefrom' foods

Having got themselves well established with the coeliac community, Freego are now broadening their reach to include offer more 'tried and tested' freefrom foods for everyone.
22nd September 2015

Mr Organic

Mr Organic's DF Red Pepper Pesto

Mr Organic has brought out a vegan red pepper pesto, available from Amazon and other online stockists, as well as various health food shops, a 130g jar costs approximately £2.99.
18th September 2015

Eat Natural

Eat Natural has launched a new, naturally gluten free, ‘Super’ Granola with Buckwheat, Seeds and Honey. Available from Waitrose costing £3.25 for a 425g box.
16th September 2015


Calbee UK have launched Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks, a high fibre nut & dairy free baked snack made from green peas. Available online, the introductory promotion offers 8 packs for £4 or 24 packs for £10.
15th September 2015

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