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FreeFrom Food Awards 2017 - the results are in!

BFreeFoods is the WINNER of the FAIR Trophy at the 10th annual FreeFrom Food Awards for their allergen-free Sweet Potato Wraps! #FFFA17

Angels & Cookies

14 allergen-free cookie dough from Angels & Cookies

Angels and Cookies allergen-free gourmet cookie dough in Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip and Ginger Spice comes in ready-to-go tubs. The cookie dough is free from hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients and refined sugar. Available online costing £7.99 for a 350g tub.
22nd May 2017


Gluten-free bean chips from Beanito's

Beanito's are allergen-free bean chips made with pinto beans, haricot beans or black beans and a little rice, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and low GI. Costing approximately £2.85 for a 100g bag, Beanito's are available in Whole Foods, Co-Op and Selfridges.
19th May 2017


MOR Sausages

New exotic, herby gluten-free sausages from MOR...

MOR gluten, milk and wheat free sausages are made with British meat, vegetables (lentils, spinach, peppers, onions, peas, tomatoes, cauliflower, chickpeas... more veg than meat...), and fragrant and exotic blends of herbs and spices. Currently available from Tesco at £3.00, on offer for £2.50 for six fat sausages or 10 chipolatas. Also available elsewhere...
17th May 2017

Heavenly Organics

Heavenly Organics gluten & dairy free choclate honey patties

Heavenly Organics' gluten, dairy & soya free chocolate discs filled with raw white honey come in ginger, mint, almond, peanut, pomegranate and original double dark. Available online, from Amazon & Panzers Deli, Mimosa Deli and The Happy Apple.
12th May 2017

The Paleo Foods CoNew flavour of grain-free granola from The Paleo Food Co

The Paleo Foods Co's newest flavour is chia & hemp. Their grain, guten and wheat free granolas are suitable for those on a paleo diet, and are naturally free from dairy & milk. Available from various stockists.
11th May 2017

Troo Granola

Make your own gluten-free granola kits from Troo!

Troo Granola offer gluten-free granola kits and freshly made granola - delivered to your door - in fruity, seedy and nutty varieties. Prices vary, available online.
10th May 2017

Tyne Chease

Fine vegan chease from Tyne Chease

Made from cashews (one flavour is made with macadamia), these milk & dairy free cheases come in jars as creamed chease, in rounds fit for a chease board and include Ethipian spice, Za'atar spice, garlic, pink peppercorn and more - available from various stockists and online, prices vary.
9th May 2017

Nutri-brex 5 Ways Granola

New gluten-free granola from Nutri-brex!

So-called because you can eat it 5 different ways (granola, porridge, toping, bircher and smothie) Nutri-brex's new gluten-free 5 Ways comes in two varieties: Honey, Almonds & Seeds and Haxelnut, Coconut & Quinoa. Costing £3.49 for 450g, 5 Ways Granola is available online and from various stockists.
8th May 2017

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