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Calci-plus® Calcium supplements


The nutritional status of newly-diagnosed or established coeliacs is often one for concern. Wheat flour breads and wheat grain cereals are supplemented with nutrients such as iron and calcium as a matter of course these days, but there is yet no similar legislation for gluten-free foods.

Forum Health has just launched a new calcium supplement, Calci-plus®, containing vitamin D, magnesium, boron, zinc and manganese which are important for enhancing absorption and utilisation of calcium.

Calci-plus® supplements do not contain any wheat or gluten, but they do contain sucralose. There is as yet no statement on the packet saying they are free from gluten and wheat.

Two Calci-plus® tablets deliver 800mg of calcium, 5mcg of Vitamin D and 250mg of Magnesium. Calci-plus is available in boxes of 30 at a RRP of £4.99, and can be bought from pharmacies and health food shops or purchased direct from Forum Health.




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