Food Standards Agency updated lists of manufacturers who do NOT use the colours associated with hyperactivity.


The Food Standards Agency has updated its list of product ranges that do not contain the six food colours, identified in a Southampton University study financed by the Food Standards Agency, as being associated with possible hyperactivity in young children.

The list includes manufacturers, retailers and caterers whose product ranges have never contained the six colours and whose product ranges have been reformulated to remove the colours.

The offending colours are:
sunset yellow FCF (E110)
quinoline yellow (E104)
carmoisine (E122)
allura red (E129)
tartrazine (E102)
ponceau 4R (E124)

The Agency publicises the product ranges to encourage the food industry to participate in the voluntary ban which was agreed by Ministers in November 2008. However, concerned consumers should continue to check labels, especially in the case of products with a long shelf-life, where the availability of reformulated products may vary.

Any food manufacturer, retailer or caterer wishing to notify the Agency that their brands or products are free of these colours, should email the details to Benedict Duncan at the FSA.

Follow these links for the lists:

Manufacturers with product ranges free from the six colours
Retailers with product ranges free from the six colours
Caterers and restaurants with product ranges free from the six colours

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First Published August 2010

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