Report on Secretin in the treatment of autism

The January issue of Latitudes, the newsletter for the Association of Comprehensive Neuro Therapy, carried an extensive review of Secretin a hormone which has recently been found to improve the symptoms of around 70% of the autistic patients who have taken it.

Secretin is a polypeptide containing 27 amino acids which is present in an inactive form, in the mucosa of the upper intestine and appears to have a significant effect on the pancreatic juices and blood serotonin levels. It is administered by an IV infusion (quick and painless).

Many autistic patients have severe and chronic diarrhoea or constipation. In the majority of patients both conditions have improved dramatically after the first infusion of Secretin. Over 70% of patients also experienced from 25%-75% improvement in their other autistic symptoms (inability to speak, socialise or relate to others, bad eye contact, tics or hand flapping,inability to focus or concentrate etc). Response times, however , varied from a dramatic improvement within 24 hours of the first infusion to a gradual improvement over 5 months and 5 infusions.

Patients varied from 2 years old to 43. Doctors working in the area point out that Secretin is a very new and as yet there has been time for little research or evaluation. They also point out that it will not help all autistic patients and should only be used as a tool incorporated into a comprehensive therapy . Nonetheless, it has to be seen as an exciting new avenue to be followed

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First Published in 1999

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