Chemical regulations and the modern mattress: the stuff of nightmares

Modern mattresses are made with a cocktail of toxic chemicals, especially the waterproof mattresses for babies and children, which cause harm to developing children. Even though people are beginning to wake up to the need for non-toxic and organic materials, it can be difficult to know whom to trust as many manufacturers do not admit to using toxic chemicals. Barry Cik, a certified Environmental Engineer and founder of Naturepedic in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, was appalled when his wife sent him to buy a crib mattress for their first grandchild, and knowing what he did about toxic chemicals, set up a company making non-toxic and organic mattresses for babies and children. However, as a matter of course they are more expensive than ordinary mattresses, so Crik has written about his experience as a way of garnering support for the new legislation being considered by Congress.

The new legislation, called the Safe Chemicals Act in the Senate and the Toxic Chemicals Safety Act in the House, will require manufactures to show that their products are safe before they end up in products we use in the home. This legislation will mean that manufacturers like Barry Crik know that the materials they source for their products are of assured quality and safety.

Source: GreenBiz

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First Published in August 2010

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