Wireless phones do have a biological effect on the brain

Medical researcher Fredrik Söderqvist, presenting his research findings in a new doctoral thesis at Örebro University, studied  blood samples from adults, looking at two so-called biomarkers to see whether wireless phone use has a biological effect on the brain.

One of these studies focused on a protein that exists in the so-called blood-cerebrospinal-fluid barrier, which is part of the brain's protection against outside influences. The study revealed an association between use of wireless telephony and increased content of the protein transthyretin in the blood.

Fredrik Söderqvist stresses that the increase as such does not have to be a cause of concern, but since it indicates that the brain is in fact affected by microwaves from wireless telephones, there may be other -- as yet unknown -- effects that may impact our health.

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First Published in November 2009

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