Baby foods
Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, nut-free baby foods

Buying FreeFrom products

If you do not have a local supplier, Amazon stock a good range of gluten-free products and a reasonable range of other freefrom foods.

Click here to get to the Amazon UK gluten-free shop and then use the search facility to access other freefrom products.

If you are in the US, click here for the US Amazon gluten-free shop and, again, use the search facility to find other freefrom products.


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Babease make gluten & dairy free baby foods, a vegetable led range of recipes. Available online.

Bébé Mandorle
Milk, soya, gluten, dairy and palm oil free organic first infant formulas, suitable for babies from birth, with follow on formulas for babies aged six months and up, made from a partial hydrolysate of organic rice proteins. Also a range of cereals with a protein supplement, made with rice, millet & amaranth. Available online.

Buy Wholefoods Online
A UK based online retailer, set up by two cousins who still run the business today, Buy Wholefoods Online stock a range of health and wholefoods, with a variety of organic & free from foods which includes gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and more. They stock these free from foods in both their own brand, as well as well-known brands such as Dove, Bounce, Amisa and more.

GoodnessDirect CMF, DF, EF, GF, WF
GoodnessDirect supply Ella's Kitchen Baby foods, made only from the best quality organic fruit and vegetables. The range includes gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, wheat free varieties. Available online.

Goodness Gracious Foods GF
Baby food pouches formulated for 4 months and 7 months, in flavours with fruits and vegetables suitable for a variety of palates. Available online.

Holle DF, GF, WF
Range of gluten and dairy free organic foods from infant and follow on formulas, goat's milk products, grain and milk porridges, jar meals for babies and juniors. Available from Ulula.

Quinola Mothergrain - Winner, Store Cupboard, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Quinola Mothergrain Ltd. imports Peruvian organic, sustainable & fairtrade quinoa. The range includes gluten free, vegan white, red and black ancient grain in uncooked and pre-cooked blended forms, as well as quinoa and vegetable mixes, including Quinola Baby, Quinola Kids and Express Quinoa. As a high protein vegetable its carbon footprint is far lower than that of meat. Available from various stockists.

Ulula DF, GF, WF
Online baby food shop whose products are not only organic but biodynamic. Ranges include Werz, Holle and ErdmannHAUSER. Ulula has an Allergy Aware section as well as a gluten free section, with products that are also dairy and sugar free and useful for parents with recently diagnosed infants/children. Available online.

Werz DF, GF, WF
Range of gluten and dairy free organic foods suitable for older babies, toddlers and adults with a gluten intolerance. Products include biscuits, carob bars, rusks, marzipan, cereals and pasta. Available from Pure Nature.

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Key for dedicated manufacturing sites

Protocols for manufacturing free-from products are now very strict and sophisticated so that the risk of contamination, even in a factory handling both freefrom and non-freefrom lines, should be virtually non-existent.
Even so, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to create total separation between freefrom and non-freefrom products by manufacturing them on separate, dedicated sites. See below.
However, allergic consumers should not assume that because a product has been manufactured on a dedicated site it will always be totally safe as contamination, especially to packaging, can occur during transport or in store, long after the product has left the factory.

Producers operating from dedicated free-from sites are denoted by one or more of the following codes:

CF = Corn Free
DF = Dairy Free
EF = Egg Free
GF = Gluten Free
NF = Nut Free
SF = Soya Free
WF = Wheat Free
?F = Products made on multiple sites some of which are dedicated free-from. Where the ?F is brown, you can click through to the products allergen chart.


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