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Gluten-free, wheat-free, oat-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, nut-free breakfast cereals

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If you do not have a local supplier, Amazon stock a good range of gluten-free products and a reasonable range of other freefrom foods.

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Alara/Of The Earth -
Commended, Breakfast category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Alara makes organic porridge, muesli and granola for coeliacs, vegans, and vegetarians. Food lovers will find their heart’s desires in the range, with ancient grains and Superfoods. Alara make breakfast cereals in the heart of London in a ZeroWaste factory that runs off renewable energy! Available online and at various independent shops nationwide.

Amisa GF
Amisa is one of the Windmill Organics brands, and makes organic, gluten-free food for consumers with special dietary needs. Amisa make spelt cookies, muffins, crispbread, crackers, breakfast cereals, melba toast. Available online and at stockists around the UK.

Bakery on Main (US website) GF
Producers of gluten-free granola breakfast cereal and bars. Cereals include nutty cranberry maple granola, extreme fruit & nut granola, apple raisin walnut granola, cranberry orange cashew granola and rainforest granola. Available online, from Ocado and at independent shops nationwide.

BFree - Overall Winner, 2017 FreeFrom Food Awards
Bfree make a range of 14 allergen-free, yeast free bakery products suitable for coeliacs and those with other food intolerances. Wraps, Loaves, Rolls, Sandwich Rolls, Pitta Breads and Bagels, and Oaty Loaf - a soda bread type loaf. Available online and from various stores across the UK and Ireland.

Big Oz DF, GF, WF, YF
A range of organic gluten, dairy, yeast and wheat free cereals, some of which are low in fat or free from malt and barley. Cereals include puffed buckwheat, brown rice puffs and puffed corn. Available from various stockists and online.

Biona DF, GF, NF, WF
An organic, dairy, wheat, gluten, yeast-free range from Windmill Organics. Some products are vegan, cane or beet sugar free. Products include amaranth, brown rice syrup, corn cakes, bread, cereals, macaroons, fruit spreads, sauces, sweets, coconut oil, pastas, nut/seed butters & vinegars. Available online and at various stockists nationwide.

Bob's Red Mill GF
American brand Bob's Red Mill includes gluten free cereals, granola, flour mixes, grains, beans, seeds, oats all prepared in a 100% gluten free facility. Available from Lavida Food, who also import Bakery on Main and Molino di Ferro gluten free products.

Bodymatter WF
Makes an organic wheat-free breakfast cereal, oat crunch original, with no refined sugars, no salt & no dairy. Available online and at independent stores nationwide.

Brook Farm GF
Made in Australia and exported worldwide, in the UK you can find their gluten free cereal, cereal bars and porrij (sic) in Carluccio’s restaurants.

Buy Wholefoods Online
A UK based online retailer, set up by two cousins who still run the business today, Buy Wholefoods Online stock a range of health and wholefoods, with a variety of organic & free from foods which includes gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and more. They stock these free from foods in both their own brand, as well as well-known brands such as Dove, Bounce, Amisa and more.

Crayve's GF, WF
Organic, handmade loaf cakes, muffins, biscuits, brownies, muesli and cakes - all wheat, gluten, dairy, soya and yeast free, with many also sugar free. Available online.

Delicious Alchemy DF, GF,
Delicious Alchemy make dairy and gluten free cake & bread mixes and breakfast options. The Delicious Alchemy range is also free of artificial colours, flavours and GM ingredients. Specialising in breakfast cereals and baking mixes and are available from supermarkets, local independent stores and from their online shop.

Designed2Eat Ltd DF, GF, WF, CF, EF, SF
Designed2Eat's grain free granola, RAWnola, is full of spices such as cinnamon and allspice. Suitable for Paleo, Vegan, Diabetic, Coeliac and Athletes and are available to order online as well as from various cafes and farm shops.

Doves Farm Foods - Winner, Breakfast category, 2013 FreeFrom Food AwardsMillers of organic homebaking, bread and ancient grain flours, plus a large range of speciality wheat and gluten free flours. Products also include gluten free breakfast cereals and pasta shapes. Products are available online and from major supermarkets and independent healthfood shops nationwide.

Dr Gaye Super-Shake - Commended, Breakfast, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Dr Gaye Super-Shake is a range of 100% raw, organic, gluten, dairy, sugar, and grain free, unprocessed food and drink products. The range includes: Super-Shake, Super-Blend, Super-Porridge and Super-Spoonful. The products aim to deliver a source of micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Visit their website for more information and to buy online.

Drossa Limited ?F
Drossa imports a wide range of gluten-free products from all over the world, from brands including Mum's Mill, Mixwell, Finax, Bakery on Main, Farabella, Perry Court, Natco, Fibrex, as well as manufacturing a few own brand products such as mustard and peppercorns. Drossa have a prescription ordering service for the Finax and BiAlimentia products. Available online.

Eat Natural EF, GF
Using no additives, as the name suggests, Eat Natural produce gluten-free cereal bars, including the 'lunchies' kids range and a mini range, breakfast cereals, and the 'nibble' range. There are eleven cereal bar varieties including a muesli bar, five cereals, and two lunchies. Available from supermarkets and independent shops nationwide

EnerG EF, GF, NF, SF, WF, YF
Producers of foods for dietary restricted individuals, including ready made foods and mixes: breads, cookies, donuts, pasta, cheese and baking products such as bread crumbs, rice bran, egg replacer, xanthan gum. Available from major supermarkets, health food stores, on prescription and online.

Esgir GF
Gluten free cornflakes, choco sticks and crunchy crumb – a coating of breadcrumbs which do not require egg to stick. Available from the FreeFromStore.

Essential Trading DF, GF, SF, WF
Creators and purveyors of a vast range of organic wholefoods, including some own-brand dairy and wheat free products. The Essential range includes vegan and gluten free soups, yeast extract, flapjacks, tamari sauce, cereals, vegan pestos, mustards, chocolate spread, available from many independent health food stores and online.

Frebaco Kvarn NF
Frebaco have been making nut free cereal in Sweden since 1981, including two porridges and two mueslis. Frebaco's Oat & Barley and Oat & Fruit porridges are available from Tesco. GF, NF, SF
An online supermarket with a good range of gluten, sugar and nut-free products from various different manufacturers. Brands include It's Nut Free, Meridian, St. Dalfour, Nairn's, Wallaby Bar, Whole Earth and much more. Available online.

GFFDirect DF, EF, GF, SF, WF, YF
With some 400 gluten, wheat, soya, yeast and egg free products from various manufacturers, including Il Pane di Anna, Mrs Crimble's, Trufree, Orgran, Hale and Hearty and more. They also make their own brand of Feel Free savoury pies with chicken and leek, beef and mushroom, pork pies and Cornish pasties. Available at Budgens stores nationwide, plus a few others and online.

Glebe Farm DF, EF, GF
Gluten, wheat, dairy and egg-free flours, bread, cereals and cake mixes. Available from independent shops, delis and health food shops and online.

Global Bounty GF
The Global Bounty range of Gluten Free Oat Breakfast Cereals includes 100% Pure Oat Flakes, Pure Oat Muesli with Vine Fruits and Almond flakes, Pure Oat Muesli with Cranberries and Pure Oat Muesli with Prunes.  They are made with delicious creamy gluten free oats which are safe for Coeliacs.  Available from Health Food Stores including Grape Tree.

GoodnessDirect ?F
Gluten & wheat free cereals galore with great options from Perkier, Big Oz, Orgran, Nature's Path, Doves, Biona, Barkat and Amisa. Available online

Grains2Mill GF, WF
Providers of fresh whole food alternatives which includes gluten-free corn bread mix, corn porridge, cereals, corn muffins, oat groats and oats. The site also provides information on coeliac disease. Available online.

Groovy Food Co DF, GF, WF
The Groovy Food Company make cereals, nutritional oils and agave nectar sweeteners. Available from health food stores and online.

Hale and Hearty - Commended, Breakfast category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Hale & Hearty produces a range of gluten free foods including pure oats, flapjacks, breakfast cereals, pasta, cakes, cake mixes, breadsticks, crisps, mixes, cassava crisps, breadcrumbs. Most products are suitable or can be adapted for dairy free diets. Available at major supermarkets and health food shops, as well as online.

Iswari Ireland
A superfood company that sources high-quality, organic superfoods, guided by our principals "Health, Taste & Wisdom". Iswari's range of delicious Instant breakfast Mixes, Snacks, and Superfoods provide super-healthy food choices in a convenient and accessible format, that lead the way in feeding the modern human.

Juvela focus on gluten-free foods on prescription, and their range includes cereals, breads, rolls, pasta, pizza bases, biscuits, crackers and flour mixes. Available online and on prescription.

Kallo Foods DF, GF, WF
Kallo Foods make four free-from and organic brands: Free to Enjoy, Kallo Organic, So Good and Whole Earth. Products include soya milk, rice cakes, breakfast cereals, rice milk, stock cubes and bread sticks, and some are vegan and vegetarian. Available at major supermarkets and some health food shops.

Kelkin GF, WF
Kelkin produces a range of wheat and gluten free goods including bread, biscuits, cookies, muffins, pasta, crackers, pizza bases, jam tarts and marshmallow teacakes, as well as cereals. Available online and at various retailers nationwide.

Lavida Food GF, WF
Lavida Food sell gluten and wheat free brands Bob's Red Mill, Le Veneziane, Molino di Ferro and Bakery on Main whose products include baking aids, bread mixes, breakfast cereals, flours, pasta andpolenta and sauces. Available online.

The Living Food Kitchen DF, GF, SF, WF
Raw, gluten, wheat, soya and dairy free desserts, pesto, milks, hummus and granola. Available online and at various independent shops nationwide.

Mini Magoos DF, GF, WF
A variety of organic cereal combinations some of which are free from oats, gluten and wheat, including cornflakes with fruits, granola and muesli, or granuesli for those who can’t decide, and porridge. Available at Planet Organic and online.

MOMA’s full range of instant porridges are gluten free with a growing dairy free and vegan friendly family including 2 porridges and a Bircher Muesli (overnight oats) dry mix.
Available online and at various retailers nationwide.

Morrisons DF, GF, WF
Morrisons have a wide range of own label and branded freefrom products from everyday essentials to delicious treats. Available in stores nationwide and online.

Most Marvellous Baking GF
Most Marvellous Baking offers a range of gluten-free products, developed by a professional baker with coeliac disease, including gluten-free mixes for bread, pasta, cakes, brownies, biscuits, cookies, pizza and pastry (many of which can also be made dairy-free), breakfast cereals and an artisan flour blend.  Available online.

Nairns - Winner, Food Service, 2015 FreeFrom Eating Out Awards
Nairns make gluten free porridge oats and muesli as well as the traditional savoury Scottish oatcakes. Apart from a history of the oatcake their site also contains an update on the latest thinking on oats and coeliac disease. Available online and at Tesco and independent health food stores nationwide.

Nature's Path - Commended, Breakfast category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
A North American company producing organic wheat and gluten free cereals in a range of products that use a very wide variety of nourishing grains. Their brands include EnviroKidz. The cereal range includes maple sunrise, mesa sunrise, whole 'O's, crispy rice and munch. Available from supermarkets nationwide and online.

Nutri-Brex DF, GF
"Nutri-Brex is a gluten free product range designed to keep your tummy happy and your body healthy. A delicious capsule range of sorghum ‘bix’ style cereals and granola, Nutri-Brex is dairy free, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and proudly accredited by Coeliac UK. Available from supermarkets, health food stores and online."

Orgran DF, EF, GF, WF, YF, ?F
Wide variety of dried gluten, dairy, yeast, egg & wheat-free pastas, bread, crispbreads, soups, breakfast foods, biscotti, cookies, bread and flour mixes, fruit bars, snacks, pastry and pizza mixes from Australia. Available in supermarkets and health food shops across the UK, and online from Naturally Good Food.

Perk!er - Highly commended, Breakfast category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Perkier make gluten and wheat-free porridges, crusty white and seeded multigrain breads, and chocolate brownies, tiffin and rocky road treats. Available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide and online.

Pertwood Farm WF
Pertwood Farm is a GM FREE! organic farm in Wiltshire. 100% of cereals used to create granola, porridge oats and mueslis are grown on their lands. Available online.

Primal Joy Foods - Winner, Breakfast category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
A small company producing snacks and foods that compliment the paleo/ primal lifestyle – never using grains, dairy, seed oils or refined sugar, but based around nuts, seeds, fruit and coconut oil. Snacks include energy bars, date & nut snack balls, chocolate brownies and grain free granola.

Primrose’s Kitchen GF
A range of naturopathic products including: raw carrot, apple & cinnamon muesli, raw beetroot & ginger muesli, superfood energy, cleanse and brain powder mixes, super organic beetroot LSA, and organic raw almond & hemp and almond & chia butters. Available online and from various stockists nationwide (and in Paris!).

Raw Nibbles CF, DF, EF, GF, SF, WF
Raw goodies handmade from superfoods, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and natural sweeteners, including various types of raw chocolate, brownies, slices, chocolate-treats, fruit & nut balls, muesli, seed mixes, nut butter and cakes. Available online and from independent health food stores. Also available wholesale.

Roleys GF, WF
Roleys specialise in gluten-free, organic cakes made from teff, a traditional Ethiopian grain which is naturally gluten free. Their range includes teff flour mix, bread mix, puffed teff fruit breakfast cereal, cookies and a variety of breads. Available online by mail order.

Rosies DF, GF
Rosies produce organic and non-organic cereals for people with allergies, such as gluten and milk. Rosies has created exiting new flavours in authentic recipes for you. Indulge yourself with any of our irresistible, delicious breakfast products. Available online.

Rude Heath - Highly Commended, Breakfast, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Independent food brand Rude Health make a range of gluten-free cereals, snacks and dairy-free drinks containing no artificial ingredients or refined sugars. Available to purchase online and from supermarkets and independent shops nationwide.

Rule of Crumb - Winner, Food Service, 2015 FreeFrom Eating Out Awards
Rule of Crumb provides a wide range of gluten free products some of which are gluten and dairy free. The range covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and a coffee break. For breakfast the range includes cornflakes or Choc balls. These breakfast cereals are in 40 g portion packs which avoids cross contamination and wastage. Available online and from various independent shops nationwide.

Sainsbury's - Winner, Chocolate & Snack bars, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Sainsburys were the first major supermarket to introduce an own label free from range back in 2002 and continue to bring new products to the market. They complement their own label by stocking a large range of branded freefrom products. Available in stores nationwide.

Sharpham Park
Many people who cannot tolerate normal processed wheat flours find they can tolerate spelt. Sharpham Park make spelt products including flours, porridge, granola, muesli, sweet and savoury biscuits, and 'Speltotto' spelt risotto packs. Available online and at various stockists nationwide.

Simply Free GF
Good range of gluten-free products, including breads and bread mixes, biscuits, cereal bars, cakes and cake mixes, breakfast cereals, flours, baking products, coatings and stuffings, pasta, crackers, condiments, gravies, stocks and spreads. Available online.

Spoff GF
Owned by Oatmeal of Alfords, the Spoff gluten free cereals range includes date, walnut and sunflower seed, pineapple and ginger and porridge. Available online.

Tesco - Winner, Retailer of the Year, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of more than 200 products that are free from gluten, wheat and/or milk, from everyday essentials and indulgent treats to delicious prepared meals and frozen pizza. The range now also includes a chilled dairy offer with all products being free from cows, goats, sheep and buffalo milk as well as being free from gluten and wheat. Available at stores nationwide and online.

The Food Doctor DF
A range of cereals, one pot meals, cereals bars, rye crackers, nut and seed snack blends, not gluten free but suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Available online.

The Foods of Athenry GF, WF, DF, EF, SF
The Foods of Athenry are an Irish farm based bakery who handcraft an all natural, additive free range of crackers, cookies, flapjacks, cereals and Christmas foods. All products are GF, some are also DF and/or EF and/or Vegan. Available online and from Ocado,, and through Independents / Speciality / Fine Food / Farm & Health Stores.

The Living Food Kitchen
The Living Food Kitchen make raw, vegan products such as hummus, granola, pesto, plant milks and desserts. Available from independent shops and online.

The Paleo Food Co - Commended, Breakfast, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Grain free granolas with superfoods: berry & almond, honey & pecan, cocoa & hazelnut, available online and from various stockists.

The Raw Fix DF, GF
"The Raw Fix create inspiring trend leading health foods. Our range is designed to provide you with everything you want in an 'on the go' snack or breakfast pot. Organic, raw and vegan, all of our products are made using premium plant based whole foods, and are free from refined sugars, dairy, gluten, soya and peanuts. Available at Grace Belgravia, Yumbles and online."

Tilquhillie Fine Foods GF
Makers of cereals, cakes and puddings using gluten-free oats. The range includes apricot and almond dessert pudding, hazelnut and caramel dessert pudding, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate and orange pudding, as well as cakes such as date and walnut and rich fruit. They also make Christmas puddings, pure oat porridge flakes and mueslis. Available by phone or mail order, and from GFF Direct.

Tobia: The Cradle of Teff - Highly commended, Breakfast category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Teff is a gluten and sugar free grain which is extremely rich in iron and Vitamin B and has 17 times the calcium of any other grain. Tobia supplies teff flour (brown & white), a variety of teff breakfast cereals, a milk alternative and teff bread. Tobia teff products are available online and through health food shops.

Udi's - Highly commended, Breakfast category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of gluten free foods including bagels, toaster pastries, mince pies, muffins, crisps, granola, sweet treats and on-the-go foods. Available at selected Tesco stores nationwide.

Urtekram DF, GF, NF, WF
Many people who cannot tolerate normal processed wheat flours find they can tolerate spelt. Various organic, gluten, dairy and wheat free flakes, ricecakes and mueslis, available from Goodness Direct.

Village Bakery DF, GF, WF, YF, ?F
Wide range of wheat, gluten, dairy and yeast free organic baked goods including cakes, cereal bars, granola, oatcakes, breads, savoury and sweet biscuits. The website lists products that are gluten, wheat & dairy free, or just dairy free, or just wheat free, or with no added yeast. Available online and at supermarkets and various independent shops.

Waitrose LOVE life free from - Winner, Foods to go & Vending, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
The LOVE life free from range includes a variety of gluten free pasta, breads, breakfast foods, sweet treats and ready-made sandwiches, and branded gluten free products. Visit for more information about the range as well as meal plans, gluten free product lists and recipes.

Whole Earth DF, GF
Organic products including the gluten and dairy free SOcrispy range of savoury snacks, dairy free (and one gluten free) cereals, gluten free baked beans and sugar free peanut butter. Available online and at various supermarkets and independent stores nationwide.

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Key for dedicated manufacturing sites


Protocols for manufacturing free-from products are now very strict and sophisticated so that the risk of contamination, even in a factory handling both freefrom and non-freefrom lines, should be virtually non-existent.
Even so, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to create total separation between freefrom and non-freefrom products by manufacturing them on separate, dedicated sites. See below.
However, allergic consumers should not assume that because a product has been manufactured on a dedicated site it will always be totally safe as contamination, especially to packaging, can occur during transport or in store, long after the product has left the factory.

Producers operating from dedicated free-from sites are denoted by one or more of the following codes:

CF = Corn Free
CMF = Cow's Milk Free
EF = Egg Free
GF = Gluten Free
LF = Lactose Free
NF = Nut Free
SF = Soya Free
WF = Wheat Free
?F = Products made on multiple sites some of which are dedicated free-from. Where the ?F is brown, you can click through to the products allergen chart.


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