Chocolate and confectionery

Dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, soya-free and sugar-free chocolate, confectionery and snack bars

Buying FreeFrom products

If you do not have a local supplier, Amazon stock a good range of gluten-free products and a reasonable range of other freefrom foods.

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Acti-Snack GF, DF, CF, WF
Acti-Snack is a range of supercharged dried fruit and nuts snacks, packed with carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Available in five varieties of mixes and three different packs formats (Impulse, Multi and Share packs), the range is dairy, wheat and gluten free and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Available to buy online at, from Ocado and via various retailers nationwide.

Adonis Foods GF
Adonis creates innovative, 100% natural, low sugar snacks, so low in sugar to aim to not cause a blood sugar spike. Our products have only 1-2g of naturally occurring sugar, no refined or fruit sugar. They are also low in impact carbs, 2g, vegan, gluten-free and paleo. Available online.

All Things Liquorice
All Things Liquorice has a GF section, including Italian brand Amarelli, renowned for the purity of its liquorice products and collectible tins.

Allergy Essex ?F
A small family run company based in Colchester dedicated to allergy free foods with Surf Sweets from the USA as well as Yummy Earth, Zero Zebra ,Allergy Grocer and the Miss Roben's range of mixes, cookies, confectioner's sugar (corn and aluminium free) and buttercream frostings. Available online.

Allergycare ?F
Produce free from ingredients such as goat's milk powder, xanthan gum, whole egg replacer, egg-free omelette mix, gravy powder, flours, buckwheat flakes, stuffing mix, pre-bread mix, baking powder and Whizzers 'chocolate' beans and eggs. Available from Naturally Good Food and Goodness Direct.

Ananda Foods DF, EF, GF, WF
Ananda creates gourmet gelatine-free marshmallows, chocolate marshmallow teacakes and Round Up! gelatine, dairy & gluten-free Waggon Wheels – and they also sell dairy free chocolate as well as a few other eco products and kitchen gadgets. Also available is a dairy-free soya condensed milk - perfect replacement for making toffee, fudge etc. Available online.

Artisan du Chocolat DF, NF, WF
Makers of a range of speciality, fairtrade chocolates, including dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol and nut free and vegan chocolates. The dairy free range includes black cardamom, tobacco, orchid & orange blossom, Haiti dark as well as coated wasabi peas and coffee beans. Available online.

Bakery on Main GF
Producers of gluten-free granola breakfast cereal and bars. Cereal bars include peanut butter and jelly bars, apple cinnamon bars, chocolate almond bars and extreme trail mix bars. Available online, from Ocado and at independent shops nationwide.

Beenies GF, NF
These sweets from Beenies are available in Berry Explosion and Hawaiian Splash, and are gluten, nut, fat, gelatine free, kosher, suitable for vegetarians and GMO free. Available online

Be Fruity GF
Gluten-free fruit bars and fruit and nut bars for children and adults, including cranberry, fig and nuts, mixed nuts and apple, cinnamon and nuts. Children's range includes fruit bars made with apricot, fig and strawberry. Available at Waitrose and Holland and Barrett.

Bianca Marton DF
Organic, vegan handmade truffles. Available online.

Biona DF, GF, NF, WF
The Biona range, from Windmills Foods, is organic and GM free, and sourced from farmers who use sustanable farming methods. The range includes freefrom confectionery, condiments, coconut products, fruit & vegetable juices, dried fruits, gluten free foods and more. Available from shops nationwide and online.

Billy Goat Stuff DF, EF, GF, NF, SF, WF
Milk chocolate made with goat's milk, the range includes fondant chocolates, violet creams, fun shaped chocolates for children, Christmas and St Valentine's Day chocolates, as well as dipped honeycombs, ginger chocolates, and milk, dark or white chocolate. Available from various stockists nationwide and online.

Biscru WF
Organic, wheat free, sugar free, GMO free and additive free raw biscuits, snacks and chocolate. They are made from organic raw vegetables and fruit dehydrated and pressed together with grains and seeds – but grains which do not include wheat. Available from Goodness Direct and Raw Living.

BoojaBooja - Highly commended, Chocolate category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Makes a range of dairy-free, organic, gluten free and soya free Alternative to Dairy Ice Cream and chocolate truffles. They also make two chocolate truffle flavours that are 100% raw the Dark and Raspberry Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffles. Available at independent shops nationwide and online.

Bounce DF, GF, WF
A range of naturally sweet, low carb, gm free, gluten, dairy and wheat-free snack balls. The range includes peanut protein balls, spirulina ginseng balls, almond protein balls, cashew and pecan balls, coconut & macadamia balls, apple & cinnamon balls and the cacao mint balls. Available online and from independent shops nationwide.

Brook Farm GF
Made in Australia and exported worldwide, in the UK you can find their gluten free cereal, cereal bars and porrij (sic) in Carluccio’s restaurants.

Buy Wholefoods Online
A UK based online retailer, set up by two cousins who still run the business today, Buy Wholefoods Online stock a range of health and wholefoods, with a variety of organic & free from foods which includes gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and more. They stock these free from foods in both their own brand, as well as well-known brands such as Dove, Bounce, Amisa and more.

Calsway DF, GF
Makers of the Eat Right snack range which includes a mix of healthy options including freeze dried fruits, nuts and berries, fruit strips and fruit crisps, as well as meat and fish jerk: their rock n' roll balls are spheres made of raw fruits, nuts and seeds are gluten-free, and suitable for Paleo, Raw and Vegan diets. With no added sugar. Available online and from Amazon.

Candy Kittens GF
Gluten-free gourmet chewy sweets in sour watermelon, fresh raspberry, fresh strawberry, sour blueberry, sweet pineapple and Eton mess. Available from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Selfridges and TopShop!

Canesmith GF
Gourmet sweets for grown-ups with inspiration from modern trends and childhood favourites: gluten-free caramels and taffy, as well as sherbert dippers! Available online.

Castus GF
Castus make the Be Fruity natural and gluten-free fruit bars made with dates, in three flavours - fig, apricot and strawberry. Available from supermarkets, independent health food stores and online.

Cavalier Sugar-free
No added sugar Cavalier chocolate is sweetened with Stevia, and comes in a variety of flavours including white chocolate with mango & raspberry, dark chocolate with berries and milk chocolate with hazelnuts, as well as a chocolate box assortment and seashells! Made in Belgium, Cavalier is available from Budgens and Ocado.

Celtic Chocolates - Highly commended, Innovation Award, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Range of dairy, wheat and egg-free, no added sugar chocolate bars, mints and filled chocolates. They also have an organic fairtrade range with Easter eggs, chocolate bars, a chocolate assortment box and chocolate mints. Other seasonal products include freefrom Christmas advent calendars. Available online and at various shops nationwide.

Choc Chick DF, GF, SF
Raw chocolate making kits for gifts and parties, Choc Chick supply these sugar free kits which include raw cacao powder, extra virgin raw cacao butter and a low Glycaemic natural sweetener. Available online.

Chococru GF
Vegetarian chocolates including truffruta, cocoa, bouchées and mejewels, made with mostly raw, or otherwise gently processed ingredients to maintain high nutritional levels. Available online and at Selfridges, London

Clearly Scrumptious
Vegan, vegetarian dried fruits, with no gluten containing ingredients. Available online.

Cocoa Libre DF, LF, EF, GF, NF, WF
Cocoa Libre hand-make dairy, nut, wheat, egg and gluten free artisan chocolates that are suitable for vegans and coeliacs. The milk chocolate alternative is made with rice milk for a creamy chocolate taste, and is sustainable and therefore better for the planet. Products available throughout the UK and online soon to be stocked at Holland and Barrett online.

Conscious Chocolate DF, GF, SF, WF
Organic, raw, vegan, dairy, gluten and soya free chocolates, available in a range of strange and wonderful flavours including mint hint, cherry Christmas, chilli hot, essential orange, goji and coconut, love potion no. 9, plain, pure, nutty and wild at heart. Available online and at various stockists nationwide.

Conscious Food - Highly commended, Store Cupboard category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of sweet and savoury vegan power snacks, made with millet, rice, nuts and seeds using unusual spices and herbs sourced from small organic farms and smallholdings in India. Also coconut jaggery, a mineral-rich alternative to sugar. Available online and from various stockists nationwide.

Creative Nature - Commended, Food-to-go & Vending, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Supplying premium quality, ethically sourced superfoods directly from the farmers and growers from around the world, Creative Nature have a range of raw superfoods & superfood snack bars that are raw, cold pressed, vegan, dairy-, soya-, lactose- & wheat-free and contain no added sugar, syrup, preservatives, sweeteners or honey. Available online and from selected health food stores.

Crobar GF, DF, SF
Crobar is an all natural energy bar which contains protein- rich cricket flour: high in protein and iron, and contain all essential amino acids. Apart from cricket flour, Crobar energy bars contain nuts, dates and seeds, and they are gluten and dairy free, as well as free from added sugar. There are two flavours available; Cacao & Chia and Peanut Crunch. Available online.

D & D Chocolates DF, GF
D & D Chocolates make a range of dairy and gluten free chocolate and dairy, gluten and no-added-sugar carob products, filled chocolates, moulded Father Christmases, Easter eggs, bunnies and other animals. Available online.

Decadently Pure DF, WF, GF, EF, SF
Decadently Pure offers four flavours of raw chocolate bar, children’s chocolate lollies, and seasonal creations for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter. All are dairy, wheat, gluten, egg, soya, refined sugar, sulphites free. Available online and other retailers.

Diablo Sugar Free
Low sugar and suger fre confectionery, including lemon creams, strawberry creams and mint creams. Available online.

Doves Farm Foods DF, GF, NF, SF, WF, ?F
Millers of wholemeal and organic flours plus a large range of specialist non wheat flours and gluten free flours with Xanthan gum. Also make gluten free biscuits, cookies, cereal bars. Available online and at various different supermarkets and independent shops nationwide.

Duffy’s Fine Chocolate DF, SF
Makers of fine bean-to-bar dairy and soya free chocolate in many different and exciting flavours such as the Honduras Indio Rojo, which contains such flavours as balsamic, raisin, biscuit and liquorice! Base ingredients for the dark chocolate are cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter and sunflower lecithin. Available online and from independent shops nationwide.

Eat Allergy Safe DF, EF, GF, NF, WF
Eat Allergy Safe is an online supplier of allergy safe snacks, chocolates and baking supplies: including vegan gluten free chocolate truffles, flapjacks and wonderjacks with more free from goodies on the way. Available from Amazon.

Eat Natural EF, GF
Using no additives, as the name suggests, Eat Natural produce gluten-free cereal bars, including the 'lunchies' kids range and a mini range, breakfast cereals, and the 'nibble' range. There are eleven cereal bar varieties including a muesli bar, five cereals, and two lunchies. Available from supermarkets and independent shops nationwide.

Elements for Life DF, GF, WF
Raw, vegan, no refined sugar, cacao chocolate making kits, suitable for vegans, people with lactose intolerance, gluten allergy and diabetics. Easy to make and super nutritious, these make good alternative presents. Also sell superfoods such as lucuma, maca, chia seeds, silicone moulds and more. Available online, at farmers markets and from independent retailers, and from Raw Living.

Emily Fruit Crisps DF, GF
Emily Fruit Crisps is a vegan & vegetarian, Kosher & Halal Certified range of crunchy real fruit snacks that are low in fat and calories and free from additives and preservatives, which retain the flavour and fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants of fruit. Available to buy at Whole Foods, Selfridges, Sourced Market and a growing list of retailers across the UK.

Esgir GF
Gluten free cornflakes, choco sticks and crunchy crumb – a coating of breadcrumbs which do not require egg to stick. Available from the FreeFromStore.

Eskal Health - Commended, After Dinner category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Eskal Health has a guten free range with products such as waffle ice cream bowls and ice cream cones, pretzels, biscuits, crackers, pasta and noodles; a nut free range with satay sauce and 'freenut' butter; a dairy free range with chocolate and shortbread, and a reduced sugar range with chocolate, chocolate spread and sugar free biscuits. Available from Auravita.

Essential Trading DF, GF, SF, WF
Creators and purveyors of a vast range of organic wholefoods, including some own-brand dairy and wheat free products. The Essential range includes vegan and gluten free soups, yeast extract, flapjacks, tamari sauce, cereals, vegan pestos, mustards, chocolate spread, available from many independent health food stores and online.

Fabulous Fudge Factory DF
Makers of dairy free fudge, either plain or with cranberries, and coconut ice. Available online and from independent retailers.

Feeding Your Imagination DF, GF Makers of gluten and nut free vegetarian Christmas puddings. The range includes Chrimbo pud in a box and Old Mother Hubbard everyday fruit pudding. They also make a vast range of subtly flavoured chocolate bars to suit any mood. Available online.

FEEL FREE for gluten free GF
Unique and delicious products created with love, care and attention with locally sourced ingredients that give people variety, quality and ultimately brings food choice to a gluten free lifestyle. The range includes savoury pastry, classic desserts, eastern delight, Italian cuisine, dried pasta and Christmas. Available to buy online.

Fini Liquorice Blacks GF
Gluten free, vegan friendly liquorice, free from the 14 allergens, and no 'may contain' warnings are on pack either. Liquorice extract content not provided, but may also be quite low. Available from Amazon, and in the UK sold by Real Foods.

Freedom Confectionery DF, GF, NF
Gluten, dairy, nut and gelatin free marshmallows, made with all natural colours and flavours. Available online.

Get Fruity GF, DF
Get Fruity bars are made with real fruit, fruit juice, virgin coconut oil and gluten free wholegrain oats, and come in three flavours, Scrumptious Strawberry, Moist Mixed Berry and Apricot, Orange & Ginger. All products are suitable for vegans. Available from, Amazon, Eden Project and various retailers nationwide.

Global Bounty GF
Global Bounty make four gluten free flavours of Chimes Ginger Chews – Original, Peppermint, Mango and Orange.  Made from 100% Indonesian Ginger which is renowned for being the best Ginger in the world, they contain no additives or preservatives and are totally gluten free.  Available from Health Shops including Grape Tree.

Go*Do DF
Dairy-free organic chocolate bars, in 60% cocoa, Sicilian almond and espresso flavours. Available online and from independent shops nationwide.

Good Rich Goods DF, GF, SF
Good Rich Goods produce hand-made, raw food, dehydrated snacks, which are gluten, dairy and soya free, are nutritious, and made with high quality ingredients and natural sweetner. Their snacks include Banana Brittle, Made With Love Macaroons, and Maple Kissed Walnuts. Available on-line and at local markets and events.

GoodnessDirect CMF, DF, EF, GF, WF
An entire sweet shop to choose from if you search for dairy free chocolate at Dairy free, nut free and free-from confectionery of all types and brands are available.

Goody Good Stuff DF, GF, NF
Vegetarian, nut free, dairy free, halal, kosher, gelatin and additive free gummy sweets for children. Flavours include strawberry cream, cheery cherries, tropical fruit, koala gummy bears, and sour flavours include cola breeze, summer peaches, sour mix and match and sour fruit salad. Available online and from independent shops nationwide. (guilt-free organic eating) DF, EF, GF, NF, SF, WF
" hand craft a delicious selection of raw, organic chocolates and truffles. The whole range is made using pure superfoods and nothing else; no added sugar or sugar substitutes, no preservatives, colourings or flavourings.’s rich, indulgent chocolates and truffles are suitable for vegans, diabetics, coeliacs and paleo diets." Available at,,,,

Goupie DF, EF, GF, NF, WF
"Goupie is a devilishly moreish, chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch, hand-made to a genuine family recipe. Goupie comes in 16 different varieties including 12 vegan friendly and 6 of which are gluten-free flavours. For more information you can visit our website where you can also buy online and find a map of independent stockists."

Gourmelli DF, EF, GF, NF, SF
Gourmelli import 'rare and exquisite' products, including nut, egg, soya, dairy and gluten-free chocolates. Available online.

Happy Jellies
Gluten-free, organic, vegan candy - coming soon!

Humdinger Foods DF, EF, GF, NF, WF
Producers of the Dairy-Free range of dairy free chocolate goods including white chocolate and chocolate buttons and an Easter bunny. Available from supermarkets and independent shops nationwide, as well as online.

iQ Chocolate DF, GF, NF, SF
iQ Superfood Chocolate is made from 72% single-origin organic Peruvian cocoa beans and comes in six flavours. The chocolate is free from gluten, soya, dairy, lecithin & nuts. Available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Real Foods & Harvey Nichols, iQ Superfood Chocolate costs approximately £2.99 for a 35g bar.

Iswari Ireland
A superfood company that sources high-quality, organic superfoods, guided by our principals "Health, Taste & Wisdom". Iswari's range of delicious Instant breakfast Mixes, Snacks, and Superfoods provide super-healthy food choices in a convenient and accessible format, that lead the way in feeding the modern human.

Jealous Sweets GF
Gluten-free, vegan & vegetarian sweets including tangy worms, grizzly bears, sour beans, fizzy friends and more - available from various stockists including Ocado.

Kinnerton Confectionary - Winner, Chocolate category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
The largest independent UK company operating in the field of children's and adult confectionary novelties, and the first confectioner to offer chocolates that are manufactured in a Nut Free Zone. Also dairy-free chocolate. The range includes chocolate bars and lollipops. Kinnerton make a dairy free, nut free Christmas advent calendar. Available from supermarkets and online.

Lakrids GF
Imaginative, luxury and handmade gluten free liquorice products from Scandinavia, (typically around 6% liquorice, and raw) Lakrids use rice flour in place of wheat flour. Available online. In the UK, some products are stocked by Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, and Skandium.

Lakritsfabriken GF
Lakritsfabriken make gluten free liquorice in sweet, salt, extra salt, chocolate-coated and other varieties.  Available from Totally Swedish and All Things Liquorice.

La Red Club
Makers of organic low Glycaemic index chocolate sweetened with palm sugar, using single origin cocoa from Ecuador. Flavours include milk, milk hazelnut, milk hazelnut & raisin, dark, dark hazelnut, dark hazelnut& raisin. Available online.

Laverstoke Park CMF, GF, WF
Producers of buffalo milk products. Their range includes mozzarella, chocolate, a blue cheese, a hard cheese and a smoked cheese, fresh custard, ricotta cheese, and natural buffalo milk. Their buffalo meat is gluten free, as are their sausages and burgers. Available online and from Waitrose stores around the UK.

Liberty Cakes UK DF, EF, GF, SF
A growing range of RAW, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soya free and some sugar free delicious cakes, bakes and nut butters. From decadent RAW Chocolate Raspberry Tarts to homemade nut butter protein bars - now available online and various outlets in Somerset & Dorset.

Liquorice with a Twist GF
Liquorice with a Twist has a gluten free selection, including a selection of salty Dutch liquorice.

Liquorice World, GF
Liquorice World has a gluten free selection. They stock lots of different brands including Kinleys, Bubs, Joris Bel Canto, Lakrids and Amarelli.

Lots of Little Sweets GF
Nanobytes are delicious chewy sweets available in 3 earth-shattering flavours: strawberry, bubblegum & cola. They're gluten-free, GMO free and suitable for vegetarians. These small sweets are available in 25g treat packs and larger, 65g space-age resealable packets for everyone to share, or to store for a later date. Available online.LoveRaw - Commended, Food-to-go & Vending, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
LoveRaw produces handmade raw 100% organic superfood products. Part our range includes LoveRaw Bars in 4 different flavours: Coconut & Chia, Rosehip & Lemon, Cacao & Maca and Cacao & Spirulina. Also, we have recently launched our LoveRaw Super blends: Alkaline Greens, Skin Food, Energise and Omega 3. Available online and at various stockists. Available online and at various stockists.

Lovechock DF, GF, SF
Lovechock is hand made from the best Ecuadorian organic raw cacao.  Ffree of milk, soy and gluten, sweetened with Coconut blossom nectar, the chocolate bars are available in 5 flavors: Pure/Nibs, Almond/Fig, Goji/Orange, Mulberry/Vanilla and Pineapple/Inca. Available online.

Love Popcorn DF, GF
Makers of gluten, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan popcorn, LovePopcorn keep processing to a minimum (to maintain the food?s nutritional value), using no additives or processing aids. Their popcorn is handmade using authentic kitchen cupboard ingredients. Available online, they also do own label bags.

Loving Earth DF, GF
Raw chocolate and drinking chocolate powder, Buckinis breakfast cereal, nut butters, superfood powders and other products. Available online and from various stockists.

Lyme Regis Foods DF, GF
Makers of a variety of brands of cereal and fruit bars, all free from certain allergens or organic. Some good for children, some for adults, including Seven Seeds Bars, Fruitus Bites, Grizzly Bars, Fruit Break, Fruit 4 U, Disney Bars and Marzipan Bars. Available from independent stores nationwide and online.

Marthomi Allergy Free Foods DF, EF, GF, NF, SF
Make the ZeroZebra range of Fairtrade dairy free rice milk chocolate bars with crispy rice pops and in strawberry flavour, and the Safari Party range of chocolate animal shapes. Available online.

MiiRO is the first RAW chocolate coated ice-lolly that is free from dairy, gluten, soya and refined sugar, and is rich in fibre and manganese. These creamy ice lollies are sweetened with grape and coconut sugar, and have around 160 calories. MiiRO is available at Whole Foods.

Moo Free Chocolates DF, GF, SF
Moo Free manufacture free from chocolates and have a range of dairy-free, vegan chocolates, including an Easter egg and Christmas advent calendar, chocolate drops, chocolate bars with bananas, cranberries and hazelnuts, and pralines. Available online and from various retailers, including Sainsburys, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and many independent stores.

Mortimer Chocolate Company DF, GF, SF
Producers of dairy, soya and gluten free chocolate powders in dark and white, for hot chocolate, recipes and fondues. Available in Waitrose.

Mrs Crimbles GF, WF
Mrs Crimble's says "deliciously gluten free products don't compromise on taste. A Choc Macaroon is eaten every second worldwide!" Cheese Crackers, Cheese Bites, Macaroons, Jam Rings and Cake Slices. Their Gluten Free… and Good for Me range offers a balanced choice including low fat Pasta with Sauce and high fibre oat/fruit Cereal Bars at 150 calories.

Mulu Organic Raw Chocolate DF, GF, NF, SF
Mulu make vegan dairy, refined cane sugar, soya, nut and gluten free chocolate buttons and big chunky blocks of chocolate. They also do a raw chocolate easter egg which made national press this year! Available online and from various retailers nationwide.

Munchy Seeds DF, EF, NF, WF
"Toasted seeds naturally crammed with real goodies like minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre. Nutritious nibbles to snack or sprinkle. Yum! Munchy Seeds are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten, wheat and yeast free and contain absolutely nothing artificial. Available in tubs and snack packs in 8 delicious varieties. The home of nutritious nibbling!"

Natural Balance DF, GF, NF, WF
Mainly raw, gluten, wheat and dairy free cereal bars and cookies including Trek, Nakd and Nakd Oatie brands. Flavours include berry delight, cashew, cocoa delight, cocoa mint, cocoa orange, ginger bread, pecan pie, apple pie, banana bread and many more. Available online and at various supermarkets and independent shops nationwide.

Nim’s Fruit Crisps DF, GF
Packets of dried fruit in combinations such as apple & strawberry, orange & melon and kiwi & pear, these are free from gluten and dairy, available from their website and at various stockists nationwide.

Nom Foods DF
Nom Foods is an organic foods company which manufactures nutritious, vegan, free-from treats. Nom bars are made with coconut oil and cacao, and without dairy and refined sugars. Nom Foods make a superfoods granola. Available online and from various stockists nationwide.

Nut Free Chox GF, NF
A family run nut and gluten free chocolate company supplying nut free chocolates, truffles and more online or Amazon. We supply delicious Belgian chocolate products for children and adults alike, all year round and seasonal specialities.

Nutritious Delicious DF
Chocolate truffles packed with nutrients such as omega oils, magnesium, zinc and ginseng in lime, orange, almond, vanilla, raspberry and blueberry flavours. Available online and from selected retail outlets.

Orgran DF, EF, GF, WF, YF, ?F
Wide variety of dried gluten, dairy, yeast, egg & wheat-free, liquorice, pastas, bread, crispbreads, soups, breakfast foods, biscotti, cookies, bread and flour mixes, fruit bars, snacks, pastry and pizza mixes from Australia. Available in supermarkets and health food shops across the UK, and online from Naturally Good Food.

Makers of sweets, mostly liquorice flavoured, made with all natural ingredients. The flavours include plain, strawberry, cherry, blueberry and minty. The sweets do not contain eggs, gelatine, ingredients from pork, peanuts, nuts/almonds or soy. Available from many independent health food stores nationwide.

Natural gum and fresh mint makers, whose products use sustainably-grown chicle, gum from the sap of the Sapodilla tree rather than petro-chemical based polymers. They use mint from a small farm in Hampshire – mint being a traditionally English ingredient; Sicilian lemons, Australian eucalyptus and Finnish xylitol, a sweetener that is good for your teeth. Products available in supermarkets, independent shops and online.

Pimlico Sweets GF, NF
Makers of gluten, nut and gelatine-free sweets including sugar puff candy floss, fizzy bears, galactic mix, lollies & jelly animals. Available from Amazon & Tesco.

Plamil DF, NF, EF, GF, SF, WF
Makes a range of egg free mayonnaises, and other soya and vegetarian products, such as dairy free chocolate in many flavours, no added sugar chocolate and chocolate spread, a soya milk and carob products. Plamil also make a range of freefrom Christmas advent calendars. The site is also nut free. Available from independent shops across the UK, and online.

Pourtoi DF, GF ,WF
Pourtoi make gluten, lactose, dairy free and Kosher chunky cookies. The cookies come in original double choc chip, orange double choc chip, raisin double choc chip and orange double choc chip. The Artisan chocolatiers also make mendiants, bon bons, truffles and a luxury chocolate selection. Available online.

Primal Joy Foods - Winner, Breakfast category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
A small company producing snacks and foods that compliment the paleo/ primal lifestyle – never using grains, dairy, seed oils or refined sugar, but based around nuts, seeds, fruit and coconut oil. Snacks include energy bars, date & nut snack balls, chocolate brownies and grain free granola.

Pulsin' DF, GF
Makers of the Beond organic, raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free berry bars, in açai and chocolate. Pulsin’ also make energy bombs and protein bars, and supply raw cacao and maca. Available from independent health food shops and online.

Rawbite DF, GF
A Danish company making raw, organic, dairy & gluten free food bars iIn flavours including apple cinnamon, spicy lime, protein, cashew and vanilla berries, the bars contain dates, almonds and cashews and a variety of other ingredients. Available online and from Planet Organic.

The Raw Chocolate Company DF, GF, WF, SF
A range of raw chocolate products such as covered goji berries, mulberries and raisins, plus a selection of nutritious raw chocolate bars, all of which are vegan, lactose free, fairtrade and powered by sustainable sources. Available online and from independent health food shops.

Raw Chocolate Pie DF, GF
Raw Chocolate Pie is raw and therefore retains all its nutrients. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics & coeliacs but most people buy it because they like it. High in anti-oxidants, an energy boost and comes in a wide range of flavours.

Raw Health DF, EF, GF, WF, YF
An organic raw food range from Windmill Organics, Raw Health make chocolate, snack bars, crispbreads, sweet rolls, vinegar, sweeteners, oils, olives and crackers, as well as a super seed spread made from a combination of hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, golden flax and sesame seeds. They also make a raw brazilnut cacao spread - Bliss! Available online and from independent stores nationwide.

Raw Lisa DF, GF
Raw Lisa make gluten free, vegan raw products including Christmas puddings, breads, flatbreads and seed snaps. They also have a line in supplements. Available online.

Rawr DF, GF, WF
Rawr make and sell bars  of organic raw vegan chocolate with names such as Passion (with goji berries & vanilla), Zest (with orange zest), Gold (with coconut sugar & lucuma) and After Dinner (minty)… They also make up gift bar collections…. Available online and from various stockists.

Sainsbury's - Winner, Chocolate category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Sainsburys were the first major supermarket to introduce an own label free from range back in 2002 and continue to bring new products to the market. They complement their own label by stocking a large range of branded freefrom products. Available in stores nationwide.

Scarlet Rosita ?F
A range of free from bars & squares, biscotti & cookies, cakes, chocolates, pastries & savouries. There is a range of raw products including onion bread, kale crisps, crispy spring greens and linseed crackers; a range of vegan products, and also a separate range of gluten free goodies. All products are available from the online shop.

Seed and Bean DF, GF, SF, WF
A range of high quality and unusual organic, fairtrade dairy, gluten, wheat and soya free dark chocolate. Flavours include chilli & lime, extra dark, coffee espresso, Cornish sea salt, pumpkin & hemp, mint and mandarin & ginger. Available from independent shops and health food stores around the country.

Sherriff's DF, GF, WF
Fairtrade, gluten-free sweet and savoury rice cakes and rice milks. Available from independent shops nationwide.

Simply Free GF
Good range of gluten-free products, including breads and bread mixes, biscuits, cereal bars, cakes and cake mixes, breakfast cereals, flours, baking products, coatings and stuffings, pasta, crackers, condiments, gravies, stocks and spreads. Available online.

Slim Fruits
Slim Fruits sugar-free sweets are the world’s first confectionery product to harness the satiety-giving properties of soluble dietary fibre; once eaten, they combine with water in the stomach to swell, leading to a feeling of fullness, helping to suppress hunger pangs. Soluble fibre also slows digestion and lowers ‘bad’ blood cholesterol. Available Holland & Barrett.

Solkiki DF EF WF - Commended, Chocolate & Confectionary, 2016 Free From Food Award
"Multi-award winning small batch, bean-to-bar, craft chocolate maker in Dorset, UK. Solkiki makes a range of white, milk and dark chocolate that is vegan, organic, dairy free and made with directly-traded, heirloom beans; the best in the world." Available online.

Sweet Revolution - Commended, Raw & Superfoods, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Sweet Revolution creates handcrafted raw chocolate, which is certified vegan and dairy, refined cane sugar, gluten and soya free.  Chocolate bars are available in seven flavours and also available is an Instant Hot Chocolate Drink using raw cacao, raw coconut nectar and vegan coconut milk powder. Available from selected stockists and online.

Sweet Sensations DF, SF, GF, WF, CF, EF
Raw chocolate workshops in the south east, and also an online shop selling raw chocolate and superfood ingredients, alternative sweeteners, raw chocolate truffles, chocolate making kits, recipe books, chocolate moulds and recipe e-books. Some free recipes to get you started are also available on the site.

Sweet Virtues DF, GF
Sweet Virtues make super food chocolate truffles. Each truffle contains more than five super food ingredients, all chosen for their nutrient profile and potential health benefits. The truffles are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan accredited. Available to buy in Planet Organic, Daylesford, Wholefoods, Harrods, and several other retailers.

Tasha's Dairy Free Delights DF, GF
Tasha's Dairy Free Delights is a small family run business selling Handmade Dairy Free Chocolates & Truffles suitable for those with an allergy to dairy, lactose intolerant people, vegans and vegetarians. They also sell dairy free/gluten free snacks & drinks plus gift bags, balloons and more. Please see the website for more information and to place your order.

Taste of Nature Organic Fruit and Nut Bar DF, GF
All-natural organic gluten free fruit and nut bars combine nuts, fruits and seeds and naturally sweetened with agave nectar. Bars are produced in small quantities and are a source of energy, fibre, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Available from Ocado and good health food stores.

Tesco DF, GF, WF
A range of more than 200 products that are free from gluten, wheat and/or milk, from everyday essentials and indulgent treats to delicious prepared meals and frozen pizza. The range now also includes a chilled dairy offer with all products being free from cows, goats, sheep and buffalo milk as well as being free from gluten and wheat. Available at stores nationwide and online.

The Chocolate Revolution DF, GF, SF
Ruth and Co at The Chocolate Revolution make vegan, gluten, dairy, sugar, soya free, raw chocolate goodies in amazing giant bee shapes (9 x 7.5cm each), upper case initials (3 x 5 x 2cm each), pretty gift chocolates, or a mixture. Available from Not On The High Street.

The Food Doctor DF
A range of cereals, one pot meals, cereals bars, rye crackers, nut and seed snack blends, not gluten free but suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Available online.

The Frank Food Company DF, EF, GF, NF
Delicious, naturally sweetened fruit and oat snack bars, topped with a layer of dairy-free chocolate blended with coconut cream. Free from gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs & additives. Available in 5 flavours: Strawberry & Chocolate, Blueberry & Chocolate, Orange & Chocolate, Oat & Chocolate, Double Chocolate. Available online from Goodness Direct, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended.

The FreeFrom Bakehouse DF, EF, GF, WF
Specialises in handmade sweet & savoury gluten free baked goods, including savoury muffins, bread rolls and Paleo bread sticks.  Many cakes are also dairy, cane sugar and egg free. Available online, in Fortnum & Mason, Whole Foods Market, The Natural Kitchen, Nutricentre and independent cafes, delis & restaurants throughout the UK.

The Jelly Bean Factory GF, NF
Little gluten, gelatine and nut-free jelly beans in a very wide range of flavours! Available online and from various stockists nationwide.

The Protein Ball Co GF
The Protein Ball Co hand-roll all-natural, high-protein balls made of an assortment of healthy ingredients and superfoods. Currently, they have six flavours that cater for different dietary needs: Cacao + Orange, Coconut + Macadamia, Cherry + Almond, Goji + Coconut (vegan), Lemon + Pistachio (vegan) and Peanut Butter. Available online.

The Raw Fix DF, GF
"The Raw Fix create inspiring trend leading health foods. Our range is designed to provide you with everything you want in an 'on the go' snack or breakfast pot. Organic, raw and vegan, all of our products are made using premium plant based whole foods, and are free from refined sugars, dairy, gluten, soya and peanuts. Available at Grace Belgravia, Yumbles and online."

Tickety Boo Cakes (The Right Ingredient Cake Company) DF, GF, SF
Gluten, soya and dairy free everyday and bespoke celebration cakes, cupcakes, brownies and sweet snacks. Available online and at various independent shops.

Traidcraft plc GF
Traidcraft plc is one of the leading dedicated fair trade companies in the UK and sells a wide selection of fair trade and organic grocery products. Their gluten-free raw fruit and nut Geobar Fruity and Geobar Trail bars are available online as well as Tesco and independent shops nationwide.

Tunch Foods DF, GF
Pack tunch are gluten free, vegan, dairy-raw and 95% raw fruit and nut bars. They are available in lemon & lime, apple & cinnamon and pineapple & coconut. The bars are free from added sugars, preservatives, added colourings and flavourings. Available from various independent shops nationwide and online.

Udi's - Commended, Food-to-go & Vending, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Udi's manufacture a large range of gluten free foods including breads, rolls, muffins, bagel chips, crisps, toaster pastries, granola, snacks, seasonal foods and sweet treats. They have a whole community waiting to share stories, recipes and top tips on their website.

Urban Kitchen DF, GF, SF
A range of fresh, raw chocolate made from 100% all natural plant-derived ingredients. Free from dairy, gluten, soy, artificial additives and preservatives, and low in natural fats and sugars, the original plain Cocolat is made from just three ingredients: cocoa/cacao blend; coconut oil; and maple syrup.

Valpiform DF, GF, WF
French producers the Allergo range of gluten free foods, the range includes chocolate fingers (Stickochoc), madeleines, raisin cakes. Available from Ocado.

Village Bakery DF, GF, WF, YF, ?F
Wide range of wheat, gluten, dairy and yeast free organic baked goods baked in a wood-fired oven. Their products include cakes, cereal bars, granola, oatcakes, breads, savoury and sweet biscuits. The website lists products that are gluten, wheat & dairy free, or just dairy free, or just wheat free, or with no added yeast. They also list vegetarian products. Available online and at supermarkets and various independent shops.

Wellspring DF, GF
'PureBar' is one part of the 'Well-Being range' - a variety of healthy & nutritious snacks, for various NHS institutions to offer at canteens, shops, meal-times, vending sites, etc. The ranges are gluten/dairy free,  and we have a 'No Junk' promise (purely unrefined/raw ingredients with no added salt, sugar or syrups, is just one part of it) for vending-friendly & healthy solutions. Available online.

Winning Ways - Highly commended, Chocolate category, FreeFrom Food Awards
Dairy free fudge, old-fashioned coconut ice and chocolate-covered raisins, suitable for lactose intolerant people, vegans and vegetarians. Available online.

Yumpa DF, GF
"Yumpa is an exciting range of natural energy bars made with protein-packed cricket flour, nuts, dried fruit, seeds all served in fully compostable packaging. Yumpa is free from gluten, dairy, soya and sulphites with no added sugar and it’s high in fibre. Bars are available at local stockists online."

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Key for dedicated manufacturing sites

Protocols for manufacturing free-from products are now very strict and sophisticated so that the risk of contamination, even in a factory handling both freefrom and non-freefrom lines, should be virtually non-existent.
Even so, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to create total separation between freefrom and non-freefrom products by manufacturing them on separate, dedicated sites. See below.
However, allergic consumers should not assume that because a product has been manufactured on a dedicated site it will always be totally safe as contamination, especially to packaging, can occur during transport or in store, long after the product has left the factory.

Producers operating from dedicated free-from sites are denoted by one or more of the following codes:

CF = Corn Free
DF = Dairy Free
EF = Egg Free
GF = Gluten Free
NF = Nut Free
SF = Soya Free
WF = Wheat Free
?F = Products made on multiple sites some of which are dedicated free-from. Where the ?F is brown, you can click through to the products allergen chart.


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