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If you do not have a local supplier, Amazon stock a good range of gluten-free products and a reasonable range of other freefrom foods.

Click here to get to the Amazon UK gluten-free shop and then use the search facility to access other freefrom products.

If you are in the US, click here for the US Amazon gluten-free shop and, again, use the search facility to find other freefrom products.

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Click here for a review of the beers available in the UK in 2009.

The Gluten Free Passport also gives a list of GF beers available in both Europe and the USA.

A run down of north American beers from Carolyn Smagalski, BellaOnLine's beer and brewing editor...

An article on sulphite-free wines here, on dairy and egg in wine here on on yeast-free wine here.

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Ambar GF
The Ambar brewery in Spain makes Ambar Cerveza, a light lager, and Ambar 0.0 Alcohol Free, a 0% ABV lager, both made from barley. Available from The Gluten-Free Shop.

Autumn Brewing Co
Autumn Brewing Co. in N.E England makes a range of naturally-GF beer. Alt Brew No. 01 is a Bavarian-style pilsner; Alt Brew No. 02 an English Pale Ale, both brewed from rice and quinoa. Available from @coppersgosforth and  Gluten-Free Beer Store.

Bellfield Brewery - Gold, 2017 FreeFrom Food Awards
Bellfield Brewery in Edinburgh is a brewery dedicated to producing GF beer from barley. Bohemian Pilsner is a classic Czech pilsner-style; Lawless Village IPA a traditional American IPA. Available from The Gluten-Free Shop and Gluten-Free Beer Store.

CELIA lager - Highly commended, Beer category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
is a Czech pilsner and Celia Dark (Commended 2016 FFFAwards) a dark, malty lager. Both are made from barley and brewed in the Czech town of Žatec. Available from OcadoGluten-Free ShopVinceremos and pubs, bars, restaurants.

Daas Beer - Highly commended, Beer category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Daas makes a range of organic, top-fermented, bottle-conditioned beers brewed in Belgium. All are made from barley. Daas Blond is a strong, golden beer with aromas of spice and honey. Daas Ambre (Highly commended 2015 FFFAwards), a rich, complex, amber ale with mellow malt flavors. Available from Planet Organic.

Daura Damm - Winner, Food Service, 2015 FreeFrom Eating Out Awards
The Damm brewery in Spain makes Daura Damm, the world’s first GF lager, and now Daura Märzen (Winner 2016 FFFAwards), a strong double-malt beer. Both are made from barley. Available from most major supermarkets, The Gluten-Free Shop and Gluten-Free Beer Store, and pubs, bars, restaurants.Available in Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Asda.

First Chop
Manchester brewery First Chop’s entire output is GF. Brewed from barley, their 10 ‘modern British ales’ range from Grapefruit Saison to Black Jaggery IPA, and come in cans, bottles and barrels. Available online from First Chop.

Glebe Farm GF
Glebe Farm in Cambridgeshire brews two traditional real ales from barley. Night Mission is an English bitter and Wellington Bomber a porter. Available from Glebe Farm Foods.

Green's - Gold, 2017 FreeFrom Food Awards
Green’s is the UK’s longest-established GF brewer and makes a wide range of GF beer from its Dry Hopped Lager (naturally GF) to Tripel Ale and Dubbel Ale (both naturally GF and bottle-refermented). Available from major supermarkets and Green's Beers.

Hambleton's Ales GF
Nick Stafford’s Hambleton Ales in Yorkshire brews a range of barley-based GF beer available in bottle and cask. GFA (ale), GFL (lager) and As Good As Gold (golden ale) come in bottles and Stud Blonde (blonde ale) in cask. Available online at Hambleton Ales.

Hop Back Brewery - Commended, Beer category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Hop Back Brewery in Wiltshire brews a barley-based beer, Crop Circle. A flax-coloured, fruity beer with a crisp flavour, it’s available in bottle at most of the brewery’s 10 pubs and online from Hop Back Brewery.

Mongozo GF
The Belgian brewer Mongozo makes 2 organic, barley-based GF beers. Mongozo Gluten-Free Pilsner is an easy-to-drink-lager ; Mongozo Buckwheat White Beer a Belgian-style, white beer with a fruity aroma and slightly sour taste. Available from Cave Direct.

Monty’s Brewery GF
Monty’s Brewery in Montgomery, Powys makes 2 GF beers from barley. Masquerade is a golden ale with tropical fruit flavours, and Dark Secret a full-bodied, oatmeal stout. Available from the brewery and Best of British Beer.

St Peter's Brewery
The well-known St Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk has long-made 2 naturally GF beers. G-Free, (Commended FFFAwards 2016) is a straw-coloured ale with citrus, pilsner-style finish, G-Free Dark a copper-coloured beer with marmalade flavour and strong bitterness. Available in small retailers and from St Peter's Online Shop.

Quinoa Italia
Quinoa Italia is a cloudy, naturally-GF beer made from quinoa and brewed in Italy at an artisan brewery. It comes in a large 750ml bottle, suitable for sharing, and is available from Good Food and Gifts.

Stringers Brewery
Stringers brewery in Cumbria makes a range of barley-based GF beers. Outlook Golden is light, with a dollop of honey, Outlook Amber (Winner FFFAwards 2015, Highly commended 2016) rich with a toffee aroma, Outlook Dark a rich porter with a smoky finish. Available from The Gluten-Free Shop.

Van Bulck GF
Van Bulck brews Van Bulck Gluten Free Organic Lager, a barley-based GF beer in Belgium. This is a light, hoppy, beer with a touch of honey. Available from their Online shop.

Westerham GF
Westerham Brewery in Kent makes a large range of no less than 9 barley-based GF beers, from Bohemian Rhapsody (Czech lager), to rich dark Double Stout, available by the bottle, Minicask, or mixed case. Available in small retailers, at the brewery tap-room and online.

Wold Top Brewery - Highly commended, Beer category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Wold Top brewery in Yorkshire still makes one of the UK’s first GF beers, Against the Grain, a light, floral citrus bitter. Marmalade Porter is a complex, rich, dark porter with hints of bitter orange and chocolate. Both are made from barley. Available in small retailers and online from the brewery shop.

Wychwood brewery in Witney, Oxford, makes Gratis, a certified-GF golden beer made from barley. Available from the brewery shop in Oxford, and Classic Ales.

Wines - organic, natural, biodynamic and low/no added sulphite

Nota Bene

1. The fact that it is EU Certified Organic does NOT mean that a wine is low in sulphites as the use of sulphites for preservation purposes is permitted in EU Certified Organic wines. USA certified organic wines are not permitted to add any sulphites though.

2. It is the 'free' SO2 which triggers a reaction in sulphite allergics. So they need to know how much 'free' sulphur is in a wine (this is always listed on the lab analysis which is a requirement for all wines sold into the retail market), not what the total sulphur content may be. For most sulphite allergics the free sulphur content needs to be well below 50mg/litre to avoid triggering a reaction. EU Organic regulations only refer to the total sulphite content of a wine, and although the permitted amounts are a little lower than in non organic wines, the free sulphur content of EU certified organic wine can be just as high as in any other wine.

3. Current EU organic certification is quite lax so having EU organic certification does not guarantee that a wine is free of chemicals, sulphites or other additives.

For a really good, easy-to-read introduction into wine-making, and how natural wines come close to what those on restricted diets might call the 'freefrom' wines, have a look at That Crazy French Woman's website.

Corks Out
The wine specialist Corks Out stocks natural and organic wines from top wine growing regions across the globe. Wines including the Cuvee Florine Chardonnay and Mas de Daumas Gassac Blanc come with no or minimal sulphur, while the online wine merchant also stocks a wide range of organic wines free from chemical and technological interference. Corks Out allows customers to buy wine online and from their many stores across Cheshire, in Alderley Edge, Chester, Stockton Heath and more.

Festival Wines
Festival Wines specialise in organic and bio-dynamic wines, most of which are also suitable for vegans. Organic wines will usually have about half the amount of chemicals used in many conventional wines, Many of their wines have little or no sulphur added. Organic wines from Festival Wines are available by mixed cases for delivery throughout the UK.

Good Wine Online - Commended, Innovation Award, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Natural red, white and sparkling wines - organic, biodynamic and either low sulphite or sulphite free - made with virtually no added sulphur or other chemicals. Order direct from their site - mixed cases available. Also online.

Organic Wine Club
"Organic Wine Club is UK's first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines. Selling organic wines, 'sulphite-free' wines, lower alcohol wines, vegan-friendly wines and local British wines. Wine gifts. Wine tasting events and wine courses. Club cases and memberships offer a significant saving. Drink less but better wine!" Order direct from their website.

Uva Wines
Uva Wines is an on-line wine company offering a range of French organic wines, sold under the Villa Noria label, which have proved to be suitable for those suffering from allergies;  they are not sulphite free, but the sulphite levels are 50-59% lower than the maximum limit allowed for organic wines.  They are, however, dairy free and have had no contact with grain (including enzymes, fermentation substrate, fining).  Neutral cross-flow filtration is used and fermentation and storage of the wine is in inert stainless steel.  Please visit their website for details.

Vegan Wines Online
Vegan Wines Online have almost 100 vegan wines: no animal products have been used to make these wines. Many non-vegan wines use animal products such as gelatin, isinglass (a form of collagen made from the dried swim bladders of fish) and egg white in the fining process. Most are certified organic. Vegan Wines sell wines either by the case or mixed case and distribute throughout the UK.

Vintage Roots - The Organic wine People
Vintage Roots have been importing and distributing organic and biodynamic wines, since 1986. They have a growing range of 'No Sulphur Added' wines and 'Low Sulphur' (LS) wines. Vegetarian and Vegan suitability also supplied. They also sell beers (including DAAS gluten free), ciders, liqueurs and spirits too. Available online or call for List on 0800 980 4992, also through selected independent stockists.


Click here for articles on yeast free champagne and dairy and egg additives used in wine.


Besos de Oro DF, GF
Besos de oro are golden kisses - the liqueur is a dairy, lactose & gluten-free vegan liqueur made from the milk of the chufa or tiger nut, horchata, which is popular in Spain. This is mixed with a brandy to make a creamy alcoholic treat similar to Baileys. Available online now for £15.60 a bottle ABV 18%.

Gingernut DF, GF, LF, NF, SF, WF
Scottish Liqueur 20% abv, potato vodka base with herbs & citrus peels, sweetened with agave & stevia. Drink on its own, in cocktails, or as a long drink topped with ginger ale. Suitable for coeliacs, vegans & vegetarians. Available from Amazon &

Soft drinks

Buy Wholefoods Online
A UK based online retailer, set up by two cousins who still run the business today, Buy Wholefoods Online stock a range of health and wholefoods, with a variety of organic & free from foods which includes gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and more. They stock these free from foods in both their own brand, as well as well-known brands such as Dove, Bounce, Amisa and more.

Coco Indulgence DF, GF
Coco Indulgence is a dairy and gluten free coconut milk-based drink that combines coconut milk and exotic fruit flavours: passionfruit & pineapple, lime & ginger, mango & banana, peach & apricot. Currently stocked by Planet Organic and Wholefoods.

Coco Mojo
"We are the producer of Coconut Milk/Water drinks, Coconut Oil, Flour & Sugar. Products are mainly gluten and dairy free and have no refined or added sugars. Our drinks are available online via Amazon and are available in many shops throughout Northern Ireland."

Granovita DF, GF, NF, WF
Specialising in organic, free-from, vegetarian and vegan products, our appeal extends to those seeking a healthier lifestyle and differing dietary needs. Our extensive portfolio includes: dairy-free drinks, vegetarian main meals/ snacks, free-from sauces, vegan pâtés, seeds & grains, organic oils and juices. Available in selected multiples, independent health food stores & online.

Halo Coco DF
"Halo Coco are on a mission to make healthy convenience choices easy with two delicious blends of Coconut Milk based fruit drinks. These mouthwatering mixtures contain ingredients that are all sourced from fruits and plants, they are Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free all with only 106 Kcal. Stockists on website."

James White Drinks
Beet It organic beetroot juice with apple and lemon – read more here. Free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides, the juice contains naturally high levels of dietary nitrate. Available from supermarkets and independent stores nationwide.

Fruit drinks that have only had mild pasteurization to keep the original nutrients as far as possible. The drinks are made with exotic fruits Guanábana, Mora (Andean blackberry), Lulo (with a taste a cross between lime and rhubarb) and mango. Available from stockists nationwide and online.

"A London-based startup, which sources its teas from its family farms and friends. Stocks a range of whole leaf teas in tea tents and loose-leaf teas with a Taiwanese tea base. Specialist in oolong teas. Blends include rose Lady Orient, lavender Emperor Grey, and English Beauty."

Nosh Raw GF, WF, DF, LF, SF, NF
Nosh Detox make raw smoothies, the raw fruity and raw detox wheatgrass shots, all of which keep their balance of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients because they have not been heat-treated. Available online and from selected stockists.

Rocks Organic DF, EF, GF, NF, WF, YF
Rocks Organic products are made with sugar, not artificial sweetener, and their fruits are carefully selected from Italy, Spain and other countries, shipped to the UK and squashed. Their blackcurrant squash is made from British blackcurrants, and they produce organic and non-organic cordials, squash, fruit concentrates, frusions and spring waters. All their products are free from gluten, dairy, yeast, egg, nut & wheat, and are vegan and vegetarian.

Sibberi sells birch, maple and bamboo waters. "Rather than making drinks, we bypass factories and we bottle water straight from trees. It is deliciously crisp and light with a delightful aftertaste of forest… and it's good for you! Sibberi stockists include Waitrose, Ocado, Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Vital Ingredient, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended, as well as a raft of independent food stores and gyms nationwide. Sibberi retails at £2.49 per 250ml bottle."

Squeeze Wheatgrass
Squeeze Wheatgrass produce a ready to drink wheatgrass shot with extended shelf life and full provenance and traceability – growing, harvesting, juicing, processing and packaging wheatgrass shots.   The wheatgrass is grown in Co Down in a hydroponics farm which means the grass can be cut closer to the roots, retaining more nutrients and a sweeter taste. The juice stays fresh for up to 12 weeks, but no additives and no preservatives are used at any point during production. Full accreditation from The Vegetarian Society. Available online, and from various retail outlets.



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Key for dedicated manufacturing sites

Protocols for manufacturing free-from products are now very strict and sophisticated so that the risk of contamination, even in a factory handling both freefrom and non-freefrom lines, should be virtually non-existent.
Even so, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to create total separation between freefrom and non-freefrom products by manufacturing them on separate, dedicated sites. See below.
However, allergic consumers should not assume that because a product has been manufactured on a dedicated site it will always be totally safe as contamination, especially to packaging, can occur during transport or in store, long after the product has left the factory.

Producers operating from dedicated free-from sites are denoted by one or more of the following codes:

CF = Corn Free
DF = Dairy Free
EF = Egg Free
GF = Gluten Free
NF = Nut Free
SF = Soya Free
WF = Wheat Free
?F = Products made on multiple sites some of which are dedicated free-from. Where the ?F is brown, you can click through to the products allergen chart.


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