Foods for Foodservice & Manufacturing

These companies manufacture foods for foodservice, or process, pack and otherwise manufacture freefrom foods. If you are looking for suppliers for eateries, or for a company to start making your freefrom products, please search below. If your company would like to be listed here, please email us.


Healthy Baker Ltd
A purpose built bakery in Wellingborough, with a 14000 sq ft production site to batch manufacture gluten free cakes. The site has the latest bakery equipment including 4 rack ovens, depositing, melting and wrapping. All equipment is stainless steel and they comply with all food standard requirements.



2 Sisters Food Group

A Little Bit EF, GF, NF, WF
"A Little Bit are creators of a range of gluten free products all made in the UK using Fresh British Herbs and contain no artificial ingredients. Our ranges include a Tomato & Rosemary Ketchup, 3 Fresh Herb Pasta sauces, 4 dressings that can also be used as marinades and 3 Fresh Herb ambient dips. Available mail order, from various online shops and in a fast growing number of UK independent Farm Shops and Delis. Also available in Food service Quantities."

Adelie Foods Group
Sandwiches, wraps, pastries.


Alberto Gelato
Alberto Gelato provide you with the product, the machinery, the assistance to serve dairy and lactose free gelato: ready to use Liquid Gelato Mix, Automated Batch Freezer with Preservation/Storage function and showcase to keep the gelato always at its best, and you prepare the Italian Gelato, fresh, delicious, healthy and refined, in front of your customers, anywhere you want.

Suppliers of high-quality pasta, cured meats, cheeses, seafood and other Italian specialities that are free from gluten, even lactose, along with being a UK certified organic food & wine supplier.

American Muffin Co
Cakes, muffins.

Food Solutions

Aulds Delicious Desserts

Avondale Foods

Badgers Dairy Free
Coleslaw, potato salad, 'egg' mayonnaise.

Bell's of Lazonby
Cakes, bars, puddings, Christmas goods,.

Big Oz Organic

Bistro Express
Ready meals.

Dairy free, organic, gluten and soya free Ice Cream and Chocolate Truffles. The delicious award-winning range includes flow-wrapped Two Truffle Packs designed for on-the-go self-treating, 110ml single-serving pots and 2 litre catering size tubs of dairy free ice cream. Silver Winners in the Innovation Challenge at the UK's flagship food-to-go trade show lunch! 2016.

Central Foods
Savoury products, pizzas, bread, individually wrapped cakes & slices, Swedish tarta, scones.

Chef In A Box
Making breakfast and lunch solutions such as Lunch Packs with diet request labels, and breakfast products, they have been making sandwiches for over 15 years and supplying Universities, Hotels and Business and Industry. In 2013 they launched “We Love” Sandwiches and new range into foodservice. Sandwiches are hand-made to specification consistently and they’re simple to deal with, on the phone or by email to people who know who you are, and have one clear ordering time each day.

Country Range Group
Grocery, frozen.

Crazy Jane
Manufacturers of ENERGY BARS, PROTEIN BARS and NUTRITION BARS, whose client base includes several significant brands, high street stores, as well as a large number of smaller brand owners.

Crown Foods
Providers of meal solutions including frozen poultry, meat, fish, vegetarian, party food, snack food and ambient meals.

Doves Farm
Flours, pasta, baking ingredients, flapjacks, cookies, cereals, equipment and books.

Dr Schar

Emerald City Cupcakes

Free World Foods

Ginger Bakers

Glebe Farm Foods
Cereals, mixes, beers.

Batter mix, curry sauce, breadcrumbs.

Greencore Grocery

FreeFrom catering products, and foods to go.

Impress Sandwiches
12 gluten-free products across a range of sandwiches, wraps, sub and deli rolls, supplying to the Food To Go and Airline Catering industries.

JJ Food Service
GF chip range.

Chutneys, pickles, curry pastes, marinades, sauces and jams

Katie's Free From Kitchen

Kent & Fraser

Kent's Kitchen

LDH (La Doria Ltd)

Lifestyle Catering

London Falafel
London Falafel® is 100% vegan as well as gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, egg-free, soy-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and free from all artificial ingredients and additives. Their most popular range for food trade has been half-cooked, then frozen, falafel of 25g/30g in 1kg sealed food service trays. They also have a ready to eat option.

Manufacturer of gluten-free, coeliac society approved, some vegan, vegetarian and Halal stocks, bases, pastes, powders, gravies, international marinades, seasonings, ethnic pastes, jus, Pan-Asian broths and fruit bases. Available online for foodservice and for retail.

Naturally Good Foods
Baking ingredients, cereals and flakes as well as well known brands and organic options for freefrom life. Here you can browse many gluten-free and also dairy-free products. We are keen to ensure that those with allergies and intolerances can continue to eat a healthy and varied diet, with an occasional treat too.

Nutural World
Nutural World is an artisan producer of multi award winning nut butters based in London. In addition to offering to regular customers, they provide nut butters to caterers, ice cream producers, bakeries, hotels and restaurants. For details, please email or call on 07973 269 614.

Oast to Host
An exclusively gluten & wheat free kitchen preparing traditionally made savoury and sweet tarts including a Great Taste Award winning Walnut Tart, Biscotti and fresh pastry plus Free From Food Award 2016 (Food to Go) winner - QUONGO (Quiche on the Go) Leek & Onion(V). Other products include Belgian Chocolate Brownies, Millionaires, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Pastry Mix & more, for both food service and retail.

Pack'd provide free from Frozen Smoothie Kits for retail and foodservice. These kits contain the precise fruit, veg and botanicals to create the ultimate smoothie in under a minute.

Slightly Different Foods
Slightly Different Foods produce products that are all: gluten, wheat, soya, lactose-free, low fructose and some dairy-free, organic, vegan and vegetarian. Using only ingredients on the Low FODMAP List they cover diets for those with allergies, stomach disorders such as IBS and they use no onion or garlic. They also offer a buffet service, plus frozen and pre packed food products for caterers (Hotels, Pubs , Restaurants etc) and retail, and are aiming at making meals for schools, care homes and the NHS. Their launching product The Sweet Quebec Low FODMAP Sausage is certified Free From and bears the 'Crossed Grain' logo.

Smootheelicious offers a range of nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothies made for convenience. The frozen fruit is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF). In terms of nutritional value, freezing is the best way of preserving fruit, freezing arrests the product at peak ripeness, preserving the vitamins and minerals.  Smootheelicious pouches come in 120gm and 140gm sachets, and they also offer bespoke packing, recipes and branding into different size retail smoothie pouches to suit individual customer requirements.

Makers of high quality, multi-award-winning, ethically crafted freefrom chocolate couverture from bean to bar. Suppliers to chocolatier, coffee shops and cafes.

Street Eats Food
Street Eats is a range of both hot and cold, hand held food to go, made by one of the UK’s fastest growing foodservice businesses, Tasties of Chester. Sandwiches, hot wraps, soups, salads, filled naans, paninis, curries & rice, pasta & sauce, hot dogs, and much more make up the range available in universities and high street outlets up and down the country.

Stringers Brewery - Winner, Beer category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Stringers is a small, independent, renewably powered brewery in Ulverston, Cumbria. They currently brew two Gluten Free bottled beers: Outlook Golden (alc. 3.7% vol.) and Outlook Amber (alc. 4.9% vol.). Both beers are traditionally brewed with barley malt, but have gluten levels well below 20ppm. Each batch is tested using a competitive ELISA method appropriate for beer, before being released for sale. The beers are available wholesale on-line.

The Real Wrap Co
The Real Wrap Co is a high quality and innovative sandwich manufacturer, appealing to a student market, and so have concentrated on packaging their products in an eye catching and funky manner. They have developed unique products that no one else produces, which have been a huge success in the student market, and are now a major supplier to 10 universities in the South West and South Wales

Tiffin Sandwiches
FreeFrom sandwich makers, suppliers of food to go. Tiffin currently supplies a mixture of Universities, Colleges, Schools, Local Government and Councils, Hospitals and NHS Trusts, Railways, Airlines, Supermarkets and numerous Convenience Stores. Distribution ranges from the borders of Scotland down to London and from East to West Coasts, not yet delivering into customers below South London but if an opportunity did arise we would look at it.

Urban Eat
URBAN eat has a portfolio of over 100 products including sandwiches, wraps, rolls, pastries, salads and fruit, and their range has been specially designed to cater for the needs of the modern consumer covering a wide variety of budgets, tastes and different eating occasions. Their packaging draws consumers looking for lunchtime inspiration towards the chiller cabinet and creates that in store theatre that brings the cabinet alive. Consumers can easily get bored and so Urban Eats constantly refresh their range with new product launches at least three times a year. 


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Key to dedicated manufacturing sites.

Protocols for manufacturing free-from products are now very strict and sophisticated so that the risk of contamination, even in a factory handling both freefrom and non-freefrom lines, should be virtually non-existent.
Even so, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to create total separation between freefrom and non-freefrom products by manufacturing them on separate, dedicated sites. See below.
However, allergic consumers should not assume that because a product has been manufactured on a dedicated site it will always be totally safe as contamination, especially to packaging, can occur during transport or in store, long after the product has left the factory.

Producers operating from dedicated free-from sites are denoted by one or more of the following codes:

CF = Corn Free
DF = Dairy Free
EF = Egg Free
GF = Gluten Free
NF = Nut Free
SF = Soya Free
WF = Wheat Free
?F = Products made on multiple sites some of which are dedicated free-from. Where the ?F is brown, you can click through to the products allergen chart.


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