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If you do not have a local supplier, Amazon stock a good range of gluten-free products and a reasonable range of other freefrom foods.

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Alpro DF, NF, EF, GF, WF
Belgian based company supplying very wide range of soya products which are free from dairy and lactose. Products include custard, vanilla, chocolate, caramel and dark chocolate desserts, milks, single and long life creams and yoghurts in a variety of flavours. They also make a junior milk alternative. Available from most supermarkets and independent health food shops nationwide and online.

Artisan du Chocolat DF, NF, WF
Makers of a range of speciality, fairtrade chocolates, including dairy, wheat, sugar, alcohol and nut free and vegan chocolates. The dairy free range includes black cardamom, tobacco, orchid & orange blossom, Haiti dark as well as coated wasabi peas and coffee beans. Available online.

Beenies GF, NF
These sweets from Beenies are available in Berry Explosion and Hawaiian Splash, and are gluten, nut, fat, gelatine free, kosher, suitable for vegetarians and GMO free. Available online

BiaNua DF, EF, GF, NF, WF
A range of naturally gluten-free flours, flour mixes (milled and blended on a nut free site) and baking ingredients such as baking powder and xanthan gum, plus tested recipes. Ready-baked goods available include Raspberry Crumble Slice, Chocolate Chip Shortbread and Luxury Mince Pies. Available from delis and health food shops.

Big Oz - Highly commended, Nut free category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of organic gluten, dairy, yeast and wheat free cereals, some of which are low in fat or free from malt and barley. Cereals include puffed buckwheat, brown rice puffs and puffed corn. Available from various stockists and online.

Billy Goat Stuff DF, EF, GF, NF, SF, WF
Milk chocolate made with goat's milk, the range includes fondant chocolates in mint, lemon, mocha, orange, strawberry and violet flavours. They make violet creams, fun shaped chocolates for children and St Valentine's Day chocolates, as well as dipped honeycombs, ginger chocolates, and milk, dark or white chocolate. Available from various stockists nationwide and online.

Blackberry Cottage DF, EF, GF, NF 
Produces wonderful moist round Christmas puddings that are gluten, egg, dairy, nut free with no added refined sugar.  Using rice or gram flour they also produce every day cakes with secret ingredients…. (Vegetables).   Available online, at various independent shops and farm shops in the Berkshire/Oxfordshire area.

Cocoa Libre DF, LF, EF, GF, NF, WF
Cocoa Libre hand-make dairy, nut, wheat, egg and gluten free artisan chocolates that are suitable for vegans and coeliacs. The milk chocolate alternative is made with rice milk for a creamy chocolate taste, and is sustainable and therefore better for the planet. Products available throughout the UK and online soon to be stocked at Holland and Barrett online.

D & D Chocolates - Highly commended, Nut free category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
D & D Chocolates make a range of dairy and gluten free chocolate and dairy, gluten and no-added-sugar carob products, filled chocolates, moulded Father Christmases, Easter eggs, bunnies and other animals. Available online.

Doves Farm Foods - Highly commended, Nut free category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Millers of organic speciality wheat and gluten free flours and gluten free baking requisites, breakfast cereals and pasta shapes. Doves Farm fairtrade, organic cookies, flapjacks etc are made in a UK bakery which does not use wheat, nuts, milk, peanuts, sesame, egg or soya. Products are available online and from major supermarkets and independent healthfood shops nationwide.

Drossa Limited ?F
Drossa imports a wide range of gluten-free products from all over the world, from brands including Mixwell, Finax, Bakery on Main, Farabella, Perry Court, Natco, Fibrex, as well as manufacturing a few own brand products such as mustard and peppercorns. Imported products include flour mixes, breads, pastas, condiments, baking aids, cereals, snacks, cake mixes and store cupboard items. Drossa have a prescription ordering service for the Finax and BiAlimentia products. Available online.

EnerG EF, GF, NF, SF, WF, YF
Producers of foods for dietary restricted individuals, including ready made foods and mixes: breads, cookies, donuts, pasta, cheese and baking products such as bread crumbs, rice bran, egg replacer, xanthan gum. Available from major supermarkets, health food stores, on prescription and online.

Eskal - Winner, Nut free category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Manufactured by Trialia Foods in Australia, Eskal has a gluten free range with products such as ice cream cones & waffle bowls, pretzels, biscuits, crackers, pasta and noodles; a nut free range with satay sauce and 'freenut' butter; a dairy free range and a reduced sugar range with chocolate, chocolate spread and biscuits. Available from Auravita and various shops nationwide.

Frebaco Kvarn NF
Frebaco have been making nut free cereal in Sweden since 1981, including two porridges and two mueslis. Frebaco's Oat & Barley and Oat & Fruit porridges are available from Tesco.

Freedom Confectionery DF, GF, NF
Gluten, dairy, nut and gelatin free marshmallows, made with all natural colours and flavours. Available online.

Goody Good Stuff DF, GF, NF
Vegetarian, nut free, dairy free, halal, kosher, gelatin and additive free gummy sweets for children. Flavours include strawberry cream, cheery cherries, tropical fruit, koala gummy bears, and sour flavours include cola breeze, summer peaches, sour mix and match and sour fruit salad. Available online and from independent shops nationwide.

GoodnessDirect ?F
GoodnessDirect have a choice of products specially selected for those avoiding nuts. Nut free confectionery and no-nut butters are among the favourite free from products.

Goodness Grains GF, WF, DF, EF, NF
Goodness Grains range of Fresh Breads, Bagels, Muffins, Brownies, Tartlets, and Danish Pastries are all produced in a Nut Free Environment.  Produced in a dedicated gluten free bakery in Ireland, all products are available to buy online and available throughout Ireland in various retail outlets, including Tesco, Dunnes Stores and SuperValu.

Gourmelli DF, EF, GF, NF, SF
Gourmelli import 'rare and exquisite' products, including nut, egg, soya, dairy and gluten-free chocolates. Available online.

The Heavenly Cake Company DF, EF, GF, NF, SF, WF
A range of homemade, vegan delights that are free from egg, dairy, wheat, soya, nuts and GM-ingredients. The cakes are made with coconut oil and either a gluten free flour mix or spelt flour. Available online.

Humdinger Foods DF, EF, GF, NF, WF
Producers of the Dairy-Free range of dairy free chocolate goods including white chocolate and chocolate buttons and an Easter bunny. Available from supermarkets and independent shops nationwide, as well as online.

Ilumi - Winner, Nut free category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
ilumi is a County Durham based brand that has teamed up with celebrity chefs and qualified nutritionists to create milk, gluten and nut free dishes. The products range from Middle Eastern and gastropub meals, to soups and Chinese banquets. The products come in a convenient pouch format that takes less than 3 minutes to cook. Available online.

Iswari Ireland
A superfood company that sources high-quality, organic superfoods, guided by our principals "Health, Taste & Wisdom". Iswari's range of delicious Instant breakfast Mixes, Snacks, and Superfoods provide super-healthy food choices in a convenient and accessible format, that lead the way in feeding the modern human.

It's Nut Free EF, NF
Maker of cakes, flapjacks, chocolate, fudge and cereals, which are not only nut free but manufactured in a nut free environment and for which all suppliers have given written confirmation that their products are nut free at source. It's Nut Free products are also seed and egg free. Available in Sainsburys & Morrisons nationwide and many delis & health food stores in the north. Range of savoury nut free products on their way.

Just: Gluten Free Bakery WF, GF, DF, EF, NF, SF
Just: Gluten Free Bakery creates bakery products suitable for people who need to avoid certain ingredients and all products are free from all the 14 major food allergens and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. They are available for purchase on the website or from Wholefoods Market and Real Foods.

Just Love Food Company - Highly commended, Nut free category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Make a range of guaranteed nut-free cakes, including princess cake, monster cake and more to come soon such as Christmas cake and a silver football cup cake.

Kealth Foods Ltd DF, NF, EF, GF, SF, WF
Produces a range 'Allergy Aware' ready meals, all free from egg, gluten, wheat, dairy, soya and nut-free ready meals, such as chicken curry, fish in Mediterranean sauce and beef and vegetable casserole. Also creates ready meals for people with Dysphagia. Home delivery service available.

Kinnerton Confectionary - Winner, Chocolate & Confectionery, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
The largest independent UK company operating in the field of children's and adult confectionary novelties, and the first confectioner to offer chocolates that are manufactured in a Nut Free Zone. Also dairy-free chocolate. The range includes chocolate bars and lollipops. Available from supermarkets and online.

Kirsty's - Winner, Innovation Award, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of award winning healthy ready meals that are gluten, wheat and dairy free including: Slow Cooked Beef, Beef Lasagne, Spanish Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Cottage Pie, Malaysian Butternut Squash Curry, Pork and Herb Sausages with Sweet Potato Mash. Look in the chillers of major supermarkets and online retailers.

Little Pasta Organics GF, NF
Little Pasta Organics specialises in premium quality organic pasta sauces for toddlers and children. Our unique range of pasta sauces are 100% organic, gluten free, contain no added salt or sugar and are full of super food ingredients.

Mannys Sauces DF, NF, EF, GF, SF, WF
"We create and manufacture a range of cooking sauces, marinades and piri piri, some of them voted the best in the UK, including a recently launch of a peanut free Satay. Available online, in independent stores, delis, Amazon, and food markets."

Marthomi Allergy Free Foods DF, EF, GF, NF, SF
Make the ZeroZebra range of Fairtrade dairy free rice milk chocolate bars with crispy rice pops and in strawberry flavour, and the Safari Party range of chocolate animal shapes. Available online.

Matthew Walker DF, GF, NF, WF
Produces a nut, dairy and alcohol-free Christmas pudding, and supplies the major supermarkets with their nut-free Christmas puddings: Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury's, Co-operative.

Nut Free Chocolate People NF
Nut Free Chocolate People is a small business set up by a nut allergic family, producing delicious chocolates without any nuts or nut traces. Hand Made to order.

Nut Free Chox GF, NF
A family run nut and gluten free chocolate company supplying nut free chocolates, truffles and more online or Amazon. We supply delicious Belgian chocolate products for children and adults alike, all year round and seasonal specialities.

Orgran DF, EF, GF, WF, YF, ?F
Wide variety of dried gluten, dairy, yeast, egg & wheat-free pastas, bread, crispbreads, soups, breakfast foods, biscotti, cookies, bread and flour mixes, fruit bars, snacks, pastry and pizza mixes from Australia. Available in supermarkets and health food shops across the UK, and online from Naturally Good Food.

Pizza Hut GF, NF
The nationwide restaurant now offers a gluten-free pizza – available from all its outlets. Pizza Hut are also nut-free.

Plamil DF, NF, EF, GF, SF, WF
Makes a range of egg free mayonnaises, in either plain, garlic, tarragon or chilli varieties. Plamil also has a range of other soya and vegetarian products, such as dairy free chocolate in many flavours, no added sugar chocolate and chocolate spread, a soya milk and carob products. The site is also nut free. Available from independent shops across the UK, and online.

Provamel DF, NF, EF, GF, WF
A range of dairy free soya based desserts with no wheat starch thickener, including caramel, chocolate, vanilla and cappuccino flavours, as well as chocolate and vanilla custard. Provamel also make soya yoghurts, soya milks (plain and flavoured) and rice milks and a cream. Available from Holland & Barrett and other health food stores and online.

Rizopia pasta CF, DF, EF, GF, NF, SF, WF
Organic, nutty brown rice pasta in many different shapes including lasagne, fantasia (for kids), spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli, penne and elbows. Rizopia products are also sodium, cholesterol and additive free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Available from supermarkets and independent shops across the country, and online.

Sweet Freedom CF, DF, EF, GF, NF, WF
Natural sweetener made from apples, grapes and carob: Fruit Syrup Original and Fruit Syrup Dark. It is low GL, suitable for diabetics, GM free, gluten free, vegan and nut free. Sweet Freedom also make liquid chocolate Choc Shots, a dairy-free alternative to traditional chocolate. Available from Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, health food stores nationwide and online.

The Frank Food Company DF, EF, GF, NF
Delicious, naturally sweetened fruit and oat snack bars, topped with a layer of dairy-free chocolate blended with coconut cream. Free from gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs & additives. Available in 5 flavours: Strawberry & Chocolate, Blueberry & Chocolate, Orange & Chocolate, Oat & Chocolate, Double Chocolate. Available online from Goodness Direct, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended.

Venture Foods DF, GF, NF, WF
Various nut-free (satay sauce), dairy-free (chocolate) and gluten free sauces, chutneys, under the Geo Organics, tastes of the East, Vegan Organica and Rain Tree brands.

Wowbutter NF
The no nut peanut butter that tastes like the real thing. Great as a spread or for use in recipes for satay or dressings or marinades. Full of Omega 3 and on sale in 500 grm jars, crunchy and smooth. Available from Booths, Holland & Barrett and Wholefoods. Email for general information or for bulk purchases for manufacturing.

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