Ready-meals, pies, pizzas, sausages, pasties...

Gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, egg-free, soya-free, nut-free ready meals (fresh, frozen and ambient), pies, pizzas, pasties, sausages etc, meat and fish based and vegetarian

Buying FreeFrom products

If you do not have a local supplier, Amazon stock a good range of gluten-free products and a reasonable range of other freefrom foods.

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Adam's Very Clever
Homemade gluten and mostly dairy free ready meals, including Mexican Spicy Bean, Mediterranean Veg, Moroccan Spiced Vegetables, Indian Dahl, English Country Veg, Tuscan Bean and a selection of gluten free vegetarian pates. Available from Booths in the North and other local stockists.

Afia’s - Commended, Ready Meals category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Afia’s make halal, gluten and wheat free samosas, pakoras, chutneys and Indian pickles (achaar), chapatties, batter and flour mixes, all organic where possible. Available online, fresh cooked or frozen uncooked.

Amy's Kitchen - Winner, Veggie Ready Meals, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Amy’s Kitchen produce meals for health-conscious people with organic ingredients: they contain no meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanuts. All products are vegetarian with options for gluten free, dairy free and vegan diets.  Amy’s Kitchen offers a range of canned soups and frozen ready meals. Find them in the free-from section in supermarketand health food shops nationwide.

Asda DF, EF, GF, NF, WF, ?F
Asda's free from range offers foods which are gluten, wheat, egg, dairy or nut free. Products include children's foods, frozen foods, ambient ready meals (soups, curries, stews, bolognese), breads, teacakes, muffins, biscuits, pasta and soya sauce. Available from Asda stores nationwide and online.

Bannisters’ FarmCommended, Veggie Ready Meals category, 2016 Free From Food Awards
Bannisters' Farm is a Yorkshire farming family brand on a mission to bake the tastiest spuds in the land! Their range of gluten-free potato products are traditionally baked then frozen to lock in the flavour until you need them. Product range includes Ready Baked Potatoes, Farmer's Roasting Potatoes, and Baked and Filled Potato Skins. Available from supermarkets and independent shops across the country.

Barkat DF, EF, GF, NF, WF, YF ?F
One of the gluten-free ranges produced by Gluten Free Foods, includes biscuits, cookies, breads, cakes, cereals, crackers and crispbreads, flours, pasta, snacks, wafers, waffles and ice cream cones. Egg free range includes baking powder, rice bread, pizza base, pasta and muffin mix. Available online and on prescription.

BigFish Brand Winner of Meaty ready meals FFFA2016
"BigFish Brand™ Salmon with Garden Mint: Two healthy and delicious boneless salmon fillets are flavoured with a natural garden mint marinade and the clever packaging means they can be cooked straight from frozen in just 4 minutes! No fuss, no smell, no mess - just delicious salmon every time." Available online, from independent stores and Ocado.

Bionita GF
Bionita Gluten Free Gnocchi are delicious Italian dumplings, that are lovingly made in the sun soaked region of southern Italy. Expertly crafted from the finest potatoes, rice and corn flour to bring you the traditional taste and texture of gnocchi... just without the wheat! Available from Ocado.

BistroExpress DF, GF, NF
The ‘home of ambient meals’, Bistro Express make a range of ready meals, some of which are halal, gluten, nut or dairy free, or a combination of all. The range includes vegetable chilli, sweet and sour chicken, chicken korma, chicken tikka masala and red Thai chicken. Available online.

The Black Farmer - Highly commended, Meaty Ready Meals category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Award winning gluten-free British Freedom Food, outdoor bred, premium pork sausages and chipolatas - plus gluten-free burgers, meatballs, back bacon, organic, free range and corn fed chicken, cheese and free range eggs. Available in supermarkets and online at Ocado.

Butterfly Snacks GF
Gluten free halal foods and party snacks such as samosas, spring rolls, kebabs, rotis, sizzlers – all gluten free. Available online.

Christine's Puddings - Highly commended, After Dinner category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Christine’s award-winning artisan gluten and wheat free range includes puddings, sweet and savoury tarts and pastry. Christine also supplies her unique recipe pastry and pastry cases to the catering trade, making it easier for chefs catering for customers on special diets. Available at food fairs, online and in a number of outlets in Dorset.

Clive's Pies DF, EF, GF, SF, WF, YF
A range of pies, pasties, quiches, dips, award-winning cakes, flapjacks and a veggie sausage roll, all free from various allergens. Available from health food shops, fine retailers and organic shops, and online from Goodness Direct.

Cloughbane Farm GF
Producers of their own farm-raised meat products, including gluten free beef and pork sausages, steak burgers and shepherds pie. Available from their farm shop and online.

Cookroom GF, WF
With a focus on baked goods, Cookroom provide a range of gluten and wheat-free products including traybakes, minibites, cakes, tea loaves, biscuits, scones, celebration cakes, Christmas foods, tarts, pies, puddings, quiche, savoury pies, sausage rolls, pizzas, a vast range of finger foods for parties, as well as a catering service. Available online and at various independent shops, eateries and farmer's markets nationwide.

The Co-operative DF, GF, WF
Stock a range of own brand freefrom products including Christmas foods, breakfast cereals, biscuits, rolls, pasta, muffins, pitta bread, teacakes, cookies and morning goods. They also sell Genius breads, Mrs Crimble's cakes, Eat Natural snack bars, Alpro desserts and Doves farm flours. Available from their stores and online.

Country Range Group Ltd DF, GF, NF, WF
Makers of gluten and wheat free beef burgers and sauces for the catering industry, including jalfrezi curry sauce, tikka masala curry sauce, rogan josh curry sauce, Bolognese and many more. All products have easily accessible information about their ingredients. Available wholesale online.

Debbie and Andrew's DF, GF, WF
Established in 2000 by the original Debbie and Andrew, now produced by renowned sausage specialists, W.A. Turner, who have a 150 year history in sausage making and use the highest quality meat from Red Tractor British approved farms. All their 6 pack premium sausages are gluten, wheat and dairy free, available from Amazon, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury's and Tesco, with the exception of Buttered Onion & Mustard Sausages which contain Dairy.

Dees - Commended, Ready Meals category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Dees create meals free from meat, soya, dairy, salt, wheat, gluten and sugar, including organic omega burgers and spicy bean burgers containing whole grains, beans and seed, veggie sausages and a range of one-pot meals. Available online.

Dell'Ugo - Winner, Innovation Award, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Makers of organic gluten free fresh chickpea fusilli pasta, available from Waitrose, Costco and selected delicatessens nationwide.

DS gluten free GF, WF
DS Gluten Free range includes gluten free cereals, breads, biscuits, crackers, pasta, frozen meals, pizzas, pies, sausage rolls, cornish slices, pastry and yorkshire puddings. Available at supermarkets, on prescription and online nationwide.

Doves Farm Foods DF, GF, NF, SF, WF, ?F
Millers of wholemeal and organic flours plus a large range of specialist non wheat flours and gluten free flours with Xanthan gum. Also make gluten free biscuits, cookies, cereal bars, breakfast cereals, pasta, batter mix, biscuit crumb, custard mix, sponge mix, baking equipment and freefrom cookbooks. Available online and at various different supermarkets and independent shops nationwide.

Droppa and Droppa DF, GF, WF
Produce an extensive range of freshly baked gluten, wheat and dairy free food. Their range includes interesting breads, pastries, pies, tarts, cakes, muffins, ready meals and soups, as well as Christmas products. Available online.

Drossa Limited ?F
Drossa imports gluten-free products from all over the world, from brands including Mixwell, Finax, Bakery on Main, Farabella, Perry Court, Natco, Fibrex, and a few own brand products such as mustard and peppercorns. Imported products include flour mixes, breads, pastas, condiments, baking aids, cereals, snacks, cake mixes and store cupboard items. Drossa have a prescription ordering service for the Finax and BiAlimentia products. Available online.

Easy Bean DF, GF
Make gluten and dairy free one pot meals in a range of flavours: African palava, Spanish puchero, French cuisinées, Indian sambar dhal, New Mexican chilli and Moroccan tagine. Available online and from independent food shops.

Easyglut DF, GF, WF
Gluten and dairy free mixes for chocolate brownies, sponge cakes, pizzas, and chocolate cakes, creme caramel, breadcrumbs, bread, pancakes, sponge cakes, all available online from Alt Health.

Eat Water GF
Eat Water's Slim Range of gluten-free, low calorie pasta, rice and noodles aids weight loss. The range consists of Slim Pasta®, Slim Noodles® and Slim Rice®. Each product contains a natural blend of Konjac vegetable flour and oat fibre. Available online.

Essential Trading DF, GF, SF, WF
Creators and purveyors of a vast range of organic wholefoods, including some own-brand dairy and wheat free products. The Essential range includes vegan and gluten free soups, yeast extract, flapjacks, tamari sauce, cereals, vegan pestos, mustards, chocolate spread, available from many independent health food stores and online.

FEEL FREE for gluten free - Highly commended, Veggie Ready Meals, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
The Feel Free range includes savoury and sweet bakery products, Eastern inspired savouries, and a range of wholesome pies. More products are coming to the Feel Free range including some fish options and fun for kids. All their products are gluten & wheat free. Available online and from various stockists.

Fletchers of Auchtermuchty WF
High quality wheat free venison sausages, free of sulphites. Available online.

Foodamentalists - Commended, Meaty Ready Meals, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Gluten and wheat free, home-baked breads & bread mixes, rolls, muffins, cakes, batter mix, Yorkshire pudding mix, vegan pastry mix, spice mixes, savoury quiches and pork pies. Some products are egg or dairy free. Available online and from various stockists.

Freedom Deli - Winner, Ready Meals category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Gluten and wheat free meals and snacks, including beef lasagne, fish pie, shepherds pie, scotch eggs, mushroom stroganoff, chicken and leek pie, sweet pastries, pork sausage rolls and cheese and spinach pastries. Available from Ocado, various local stockists and online.

Genius Gluten Free DF, GF, WF
The Genius Gluten Free range includes bread loaves and rolls, pitta, naan, bloomer, teacakes, croissant, pain au chocolat, pancakes, mince pies, fruit loaf, chicken & mushroom pie and cheese & onion slice. Available from supermarkets nationwide and online.

Georgia's Choice - Winner, Ready Meals veggie category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of ready meals free from gluten and wheat including Chicken Bites and Chicken Grill. Available from Tesco and Asda. Red House Foods also produce a foodservice range.

GFree GF, WF
Home-baked gluten and wheat free breads, cakes, pastry, scones, cupcakes, sweet pies, pasties, pies, sausage rolls, quiches and pizzas, some of which are vegetarian. Includes their Baked to Taste range. Available online and at delis and farmshops nationwide.

Glu-2-Go DF, EF, GF, WF
Gluten, wheat, egg and dairy free batter mix developed by the Scottish fish and chip shop of the year in 2005. Glu-2-Go also make gluten free products such as curry sauce, bread crumb coating, beef gravy, Southern friend chicken marinade and seasoning, mash munchie mix and a gluten free malt vinegar. Go to Falkirk to taste their fish and chips, and the products are available at shops and eateries nationwide and online.

Glutafin GF
Glutafin is a specialist manufacturer of coeliac foods, with a range of fresh brown and white breads and rolls, as well as flour mixes, pasta, pizza bases, sweet and savoury biscuits, and partly-baked breads. The site also offers information on coeliac disease and gluten allergy. Available on prescription.

Gluten Freedom GF, WF
Two young bakers who have created a range of gluten free pastriesincluding black cherry pie, apple, cinnamon and raisin crown, apple turnovers, ready rolled sweet and savoury pastry, bacon and tomato slice, lots of pasties and sausage rolls. Available from various retailers as well as Goodness Direct.

The Gluten Free Kitchen DF, EF, GF, SF, WF
Home-baked, gluten, wheat, egg, soya and dairy-free breads, cakes, puddings, savoury tarts & pies, pork pies, sausage rolls, burgers, black pudding, and frozen pastry. Available from Booths, National Trust properties, independent shops and health food shops.

Gluten Free Meister
Gluten-free Ramen, Udon, Spaghetti and Fettucine noodles as well as soup-bases all available from The Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus as well as online.

Gluten Out
Available from GFF Direct, Gluten Out is an Italian range of gluten-free pastas and pizzas. Includes tortellini, ravioli, gnocchi and gnocchi ripieni. Gluten Out also makes GF tiramisu and profiteroles!

Goodlife DF, EF, GF, V
Creators of delicious veg-based sausage and burger style products. Offering interesting combinations of flavours to create a unique taste. Four vegetarian sausages containing dairy, spicy bean and garden vegetable quarterpounders and nut burgers do not contain dairy and the nut burgers are also gluten free. Available in Waitrose, Booths, Goodness Direct and Ocado.

GoodnessDirect ?F
GoodnessDirect offer 'free-from' shopping for every kind of food, and all diets. You can choose from 1000's of special diet foods plus allergenic or natural toiletries, gentle natural feminine hygiene and free from food supplements. Special Diet hampers and gift service all year round.

Graig Farm Organics GF
Graig Farm make an organic, additive and gluten free sausage, chipolata size. Available online.

Granovita DF, GF, NF, WF
Specialising in organic, free-from, vegetarian and vegan products, our appeal extends to those seeking a healthier lifestyle and differing dietary needs. Our extensive portfolio includes: dairy-free drinks, vegetarian main meals/ snacks, free-from sauces, vegan pâtés, seeds & grains, organic oils and juices. Available in selected multiples, independent health food stores & online.

Great Food UK - Highly commended, Food-to-go & Vending, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Great Food is a range of vegetarian snack foods, which are also suitable for Coeliacs, are gluten and dairy free and Halal and Kosher.  The products, which include vegetarian cocktail sausages, falafel, pakora, burgers and bhajis, are baked. The foods, which take inspiration from around the world, can be eaten as snacks , in wraps, with a salad or as part of a larger meal. Available from various supermarkets nationwide.

Hale & Hearty - Commended, Pasta & Pizza, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Hale & Hearty produces a range of gluten free foods including pure oats, flapjacks, breakfast cereals, pasta, cakes, cake mixes, breadsticks, crisps, falafel mix, cassava crisps, breadcrumbs, fritter mix & bread mixes. Most products are organic and many are suitable or can be adapted for dairy free diets. Available at major supermarkets and health food shops, as well as online.

Hare's Moor GF
Gluten-free curry kits with all the basics - spices, fresh garlic, ginger, curry leaves and chillis, just add meat or fish. Including rogan josh, korma masala, madras, timatar masala, fish/prawn, pilau rice and a tikka BBQ kit. Available online.

Holle DF, GF, WF
Range of gluten and dairy free organic foods from infant and follow on formulas, goat's milk products, grain and milk porridges, jar meals for babies and juniors. Available from Ulula.

Honeybuns DF, GF, WF
Gluten, wheat and some dairy free cake, brownies, flapjacks, shortbreads, cookies and savouries including goats cheese & mushroom tarts and cheddar, red onion and tomato tarts. Available online and at various independent shops, delis, cafes and farmshops nationwide.

Hotch Potch - Highly commended, Food-to-go & Vending, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Hotch Potch make bite-size gluten free scotch eggs & pies, with a variety of other surprises and delights inside – all gluten free, and some dairy or egg free. Available online.

Ilumi - Winner, Meaty Ready Meals, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
ilumi is a County Durham based brand that has teamed up with celebrity chefs and qualified nutritionists to create milk, gluten and nut free dishes. The products range from Middle Eastern and gastropub meals, to soups and Chinese banquets. The products come in a convenient pouch format that takes less than 3 minutes to cook. Available online.

Indian Coeliac - Winner, Food Service category, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
The Indian Coeliac produces a range of gluten free Indian foods including breads: roti, paratha, samosa, pakora, spring rolls, puris, methi roti, makki roti, chutneys and sweets including halwa, ladoo and coconut dreams. Available to order online.

Intolerable Food Company DF, GF, WF, ?F
Gluten, wheat & dairy free frozen ready meals and desserts, including pastry tarts, apple crumble, pecan and toffee tart, blueberry and almond, dark chocolate truffle, cottage pie, chicken tikka masala, Moroccan spiced vegetables with roast potatoes, mushroom stroganoff, and Thai green vegetable curry. Available online at Stratford Fine Foods and at various independent shops nationwide.

James Doherty Meats Ltd GF, WF, DF
The sixth generation of the Doherty family make the Gluten Free Wheat Free Dairy Free Range, consisting of Pork & Cocktail Pork Sausages, Beef Meatballs and Seasoned Beefburgers. Unique family recipes, and a strict attention to quality of ingredients and processing systems have enabled the Doherty Brand to survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive retail environment. Dohertys products are on sale in Asda, Tesco NI, and from Food Service providers Central Foods.

Juvela EF, GF, ?F
Gluten and egg-free fresh white bread rolls, fresh fibre bread rolls and fibre penne pasta as well as all purpose mixes for bread, cake, pastry and biscuit making, available on prescription.

Kealth Foods Ltd DF, NF, EF, GF, SF, WF
Produces a range 'Allergy Aware' ready meals, all free from egg, gluten, wheat, dairy, soya and nut-free ready meals, such as chicken curry, fish in Mediterranean sauce and beef and vegetable casserole. Also creates ready meals for people with Dysphagia. Home delivery service available.

Kents Kitchen GF
Producers of a wide variety of meal kits, they have created several gluten free risotto mixes, bbq sauces, marinades, glazes, gravies, stocks, as well as some herbs and pepper mixes. They do not use unnecessary preservatives or additives. Available online.

Kirsty's - Winner, Innovation Award, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of award winning healthy ready meals that are gluten, wheat and dairy free including: Slow Cooked Beef, Beef Lasagne, Spanish Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Cottage Pie, Malaysian Butternut Squash Curry, Pork and Herb Sausages with Sweet Potato Mash. Look in the chillers of major supermarkets and online retailers.

Laverstoke Park CMF, GF, WF
Producers of buffalo milk products. Their range includes mozzarella, chocolate, a blue cheese, a hard cheese and a smoked cheese, fresh custard, ricotta cheese, and natural buffalo milk. Their buffalo meat is gluten free, as are their sausages and burgers. Available online and from Waitrose stores around the UK.

Little Pasta Organics GF, NF
Little Pasta Organics specialises in premium quality organic pasta sauces for toddlers and children. Our unique range of pasta sauces are 100% organic, gluten free, contain no added salt or sugar and are full of super food ingredients.

Livwell DF, GF, WF
An extensive range of gluten, wheat and dairy free breads, cakes and biscuits as well as hot cross buns for Easter. Breads include baguettes, seeded breads, ciabatta, flatbreads, crumpets, fruit loaf, naan, pizza bases, bagels, scones. Cakes include pancakes, sponges, muffins, fruit cake and Christmas cake. Available from some supermarkets in the UK and Ireland, on prescription and online.

Lovemore FreeFrom Foods DF, GF, WF
Lovemore products are free from milk and gluten, and include bread, cakes, savoury and sweet biscuits and cookies, frozen pastry, sausage rolls and a Christmas range. Lovemore also do food–service lines for caterers. Available online.

Mamma Cucina - Commended Ready Meals category FreeFrom Food Awards 2013 (judges' comments)
Mamma Cucina make dairy, wheat and gluten-free cheesecakes in mango & passionfruit or strawberry flavour, as well as, amazingly, an egg and gluten free vegetable quiche and dairy, wheat and gluten free pizzas in either vegetable or Margherita varieties. Available online from many independent health stores.

Marks & Spencer ?F
The 'Made without Wheat' range includes bread, cakes, sandwiches, caramel crunch squares. muffins and chocolate brownies. The 'Super Soya' range makes meat free ready meals. The Marks and Spencer website can flag up all products free from a specific allergen, or from two allergens. Available from stores nationwide.

Mash Direct - Highly commended, Veggie Ready Meals, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
An independent, family owned farming and food production enterprise making vegetable and potato dishes ranging from traditional accompaniments of mashed potato and champ to complete ready-meals. The range is steam cooked and suitable for microwave or oven heating.  It is gluten free, free from artificial flavourings, preservatives and colourings. Available from various supermarkets nationwide.

Morrisons DF, GF, WF
Morrisons have a wide range of own label and branded freefrom products from everyday essentials to delicious treats. Available in stores nationwide and online.

Mr Lee's GF,
Makers of gluten-free noodles in a cup, ranging from the very chilli-hot vegan Dragon Fire Mushroom and Warrior Fighting Shrimp to the chilli-free vegan Shaolin Monk Vegetable and others, these are low in fat, salt and suagr, and available online and from some supermarkets.

Mrs Crimbles GF, WF
Mrs Crimble's says "deliciously gluten free products don't compromise on taste. A Choc Macaroon is eaten every second worldwide!" Cheese Crackers, Cheese Bites, Macaroons, Jam Rings and Cake Slices. Their Gluten Free… and Good for Me range offers a balanced choice including low fat Pasta with Sauce and high fibre oat/fruit Cereal Bars at 150 calories.

Musks GF
Produces gluten-free sausages, substituting bread with rice. They make gluten free sausage meat and Newmarket sausages. Available online.

Nana’s Kitchen DF, GF, WF
Nana's Kitchen is a small catering business based in London, offering a wide variety of handmade, vegan, gluten, dairy, wheat and sugar free cakes, treats, ready meals and other baked goods. They can create custom-made sweet and savoury foods. Available online.

Oakhouse Foods GF
Oakhouse Foods provides a home delivered range of freshly frozen meals and desserts suitable for a range of dietary needs, including gluten free and diabetic. Every dish is made in Britain from good, wholesome produce and meals can be prepared in minutes in your oven or microwave. The range is free from MSG, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours and flavourings – good food without the fuss. Available online or for a free brochure call 0845 643 2009.

Oast to Host GF, WF
An artisan kitchen making quality gluten & wheat free products including the QUONGO (quiche on the go), sweet & savoury tarts, wward winning pastry, biscotti and walnut tart. Ready to roll pastry, dry pastry mix, sticky toffee pudding, millionaires, brownies and more. Many products are also dairy free and moving towards being totally palm oil free. Currently available via a phone call (01892 266331) with online shop due soon.

Panjaban DF, GF, NF, WF, YF
Indian curry sauce bases, free of all of the above as well as coconut, ghee and sugar. The sauces, made with pomace oil and suitable for vegetarians, come in authentic curry base mild, medium or hot, Bombay potato base, keema curry base and extra hot naga chilli curry base. Available online.

Pig & Co - Winner, Ready Meals category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of gluten free, 85% free range, rare breed pork gourmet sausages, including such exotic flavours as Cajun Crackers, Figgy Piggy, Hawaiian Hoggies, Hey Pesto! And Lucanian Roman. They also make very plain sausages. Available online.

Pipers Farm GF, WF
Gluten, wheat, barley and oat-free pork sausages and venison, lamb and steak burgers. The cuts of meat are gluten-free too, as they use no fillers or bulking materials. Pipers Farm make a range of gluten-free ready-meals for one and two people, including Thai green curry, ragu Bolognese, chicken with cashews and ginger, chicken korma, lamb with aubergine and Indian keemah. Available online.

Pyman Patés DF, GF, WF
Gluten-free award winning patés including chicken and duck liver, smoked mackerel and salmon, and wild boar. Also one dairy-free chicken liver paté. Available from independent stores, delicatessens and online.

Quinola Mothergrain - Winner, Store Cupboard, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Quinola Mothergrain Ltd. imports Peruvian organic, sustainable & fairtrade quinoa. The range includes gluten free, vegan white, red and black ancient grain in uncooked and pre-cooked blended forms, as well as quinoa and vegetable mixes, including Quinola Baby, Quinola Kids and Express Quinoa. As a high protein vegetable its carbon footprint is far lower than that of meat. Available from various stockists.

Red House Foods - Winner, Children's category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Producers of Georgia's Choice, a range of ready meals free from gluten and wheat including Chicken Bites and Chicken Grill. Available from Tesco and Asda. Red House Foods also produce a foodservice range.

Rizopia pasta - Winner, Pasta & Pizza, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Organic, nutty brown rice pasta in many different shapes including lasagne, fantasia (for kids), spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli, penne and elbows. Rizopia products are also sodium, cholesterol and additive free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Available from supermarkets and independent shops across the country, and online.

Rod and Bens’ DF, GF
Rod and Ben make organic seasonal soups, some of which are wheat and gluten free (winter: carrot & coriander, leek & potato, beetroot and cumin, spicy parsnip; summer:  pea & mint, cucumber & dill, chowder, chicken & vegetable) and one of which is also dairy free (tomato & basil), or just dairy free (gazpacho).  They also make chillis and baltis. Available online from Planet Organic, as well as independent shops nationwide.

Rule of Crumb - Winner, Food Service, 2015 FreeFrom Eating Out Awards
Rule of Crumb provides a wide range of gluten free products some of which are also dairy free. The range covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and a coffee break, and includes Chicken Goujons, Chicken Kiev, Breaded breast, breaded fish fillet and fish fingers. The chicken products are all full breast meat with no added water or brine and not processed. The fish is fillet of cod or Pollock, depending on the product chosen. Available online, at The Gluten Free Kitchen, and from various independent shops nationwide.

Sainsbury's - Highly commended, Ready Meals category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Large range of own label and branded freefrom products. The own label products include ready meals, pastas, cakes, soups, stews, sweet and savoury products. Some products can also be free of fish or shellfish, mustard or celery. Check for products free from specific allergens. Available in stores nationwide.

Sam's Pigs GF
Gluten-free and preservative free sausages in wild garlic, naga chili, honey & mustard, sea pepper. Available online.

Secret Sausages DF, GF, WF
Vegetables in Disguise... Revolutionary new vegetarian sausage packed full of fresh garden vegetables harvested from local farmers and smuggled inside a vegetarian casing where they are introduced to some fabulous natural flavours and spices. They're supplied chilled, ready to cook and the unique casing makes them cook like a traditional sausage. They're Gluten & Wheat Free, low fat (<4%), dairy free (excl Cheese & Spring Onion), approved by Vegetarian Society. Available online in 6 delicious flavours.

Sharpham Park
Many people who cannot tolerate normal processed wheat flours find they can tolerate spelt. Sharpham Park make spelt products including flours, porridge, granola, muesli, sweet and savoury biscuits, and 'Speltotto' spelt risotto packs. Available online and at various stockists nationwide.

SimplyCook GF
SimplyCook make cooking tasty, gluten free meals as simple as possible! Sold through their website, SimplyCook send their customers a box of 4 recipe kits every month. Each kit contains 3 pots of flavour ingredients blended by their Chef Karen plus an easy to follow recipe card with a tear-off shopping list of 5 fresh ingredients to be added to each kit to make a restaurant quality meal in under 30 minutes. Each kit caters for 2-3 people. All of the products are nut and gluten free. A monthly subscription costs £10. On average each meal works out at about £3-4 per person.

Smart Eats & Treats Ltd  - Winner, Bread category, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Specialising in baked goods, snacks & treats. All products are free from the 14 allergens, nuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, sesame, coconut, almonds, trans-fats, additives, preservatives, colouring and artificial flavouring. All products are suitable for home freezing and are available nationwide online.

Stewed! GF, WF
One-pot, fresh, gluten-free ready meals. Including Thai chicken stew, chorizo, chickpea and pork stew, chickpea, sweet potato and feta stew, Hungarian goulash beef stew, Moroccan chicken stew and Bob's British beef in ale. Available from Sainsbury's, Budgens and Waitrose, food halls and delis, and online.

Tesco - Commended, Meaty Ready Meals, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
A range of more than 200 products that are free from gluten, wheat and/or milk, from everyday essentials and indulgent treats to delicious prepared meals and frozen pizza. The range now also includes a chilled dairy offer with all products being free from cows, goats, sheep and buffalo milk as well as being free from gluten and wheat. Available at stores nationwide and online.

The Food Doctor DF
A range of cereals, one pot meals, cereals bars, rye crackers, nut and seed snack blends, not gluten free but suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Available online.

The Food Resource DF, EF, GF, WF
The Food Resource supplies a range of foods including some free-from ranges. Arnaboldi gluten-free pasta ready meals, gluten and dairy-free Wai Lana cassava chips and sugar, egg and milk-free biscuits from Novellini di Farro. Available online.

The Fruit Pig Company GF
Gluten free sausages and burgers from a rare breed pork butcher with some rare spice mixes. Available online.

The Good Little Company GF
Makers of good little and great big sausages, as well as Squasages and pork meatballs, all gluten free. The Good Little Co also have a Buy One Give One Free policy, whereby when you buy a pack of sausages, someone in Malawi receives a staple meal for a week. Available at Waitrose, and selected Spar and Tesco stores in Northern Ireland.

The LAB Pizza - Highly commended, Pasta & Pizza, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
LAB Pizza manufactures "healthy and gluten-free " pizzas, pizza bases and dough balls. A range of Neapolitan style gluten and wheat-free products with added special prebiotic fortified with GanedenBC30® Cultures ("beneficial bacteria"). The LAB Pizza products are high in fibre, low in fat and salt, no additive and preservative, no added sugar, egg free with added probiotics to improve digestion function. Available online.

The White Rabbit Pizza Co GF
Organic, hand-made, Italian style gluten-free pizzas with 6 different flavours in the range: Margherita, Vegetariana, Regina, Capricciosa, Americana and Italiana. Available online and in-store at Planet Organic.

Tideford Organics - Highly commended, Ready Meals category, 2013 FreeFrom Food Awards
Tideford produce organic soups, cooking sauces, and pestos.  All products are gluten free, low fat, low salt, and some are dairy free. The colours and flavours of our products come from using organic vegetable, herbs and spices which a slowly cooked in small batches. Available from Ocado, Waitrose, Booths, Tesco, Riverford, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and many local independent farm shops and delis.

Tiger Tiger GF, WF
Makers of the 'Easy Snax' range of gluten free one pot meals including jasmine rice with green curry sauce or sweet and sour sauce. Tiger Tiger also make various gluten free sauces for Indian cooking, including Lahori rogan josh, Kashmiri mild korma, Punjabi butter chicken and Peshwari Tikka Masala. Their range of gluten free takeaway style meal kits, plus other gluten free condiments and crackers are available from Sainsbury's.

Tom Hixson & Co - Commended, Ready Meals meat category, FreeFrom Food Awards
Tom Hixson & Co offer a range of premium gluten free sausages, including traditional pork as well as pork and herb. They also provide delicious meatballs, lamb and beef kebabs along with premium beef, chicken and delicious new breakfast burgers. Available online.

Ulula DF, GF, WF
Online baby food shop whose products are not only organic but biodynamic. Ranges include Werz, Holle and ErdmannHAUSER. Ulula has an Allergy Aware section as well as a gluten free section, with products that are also dairy and sugar free. A useful website for parents with recently diagnosed infants/children, with a helpful section on allergies. Available online.

Venice Bakery - Highly commended, Pasta & Pizza, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
Makers of freefrom pizza bases, large and small, herby and plain, as well as flatbreads. Created in the USA, these are thin and crispy pizza crusts, free from corn, egg, dairy, gluten, soya and wheat. Available online.

Voakes Free From - Winner, FAIR Trophy, 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards
Voakes Free From brings you delicious pies and pastry products from the heart of Yorkshire with all of the flavour, but none of the gluten! All products are handcrafted, using only the finest ingredients, including home reared pork. The ever-growing range includes pork pies, steak pies, chicken pies and quiches.
Available online, or from various stockists.

Waitrose LOVE life free from - Winner, Food-to-go & Vending, 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards
The LOVE life free from range was developed especially for customers avoiding gluten. There are a variety of gluten free pasta, breads, breakfast foods, sweet treats and ready-made sandwiches to choose from so, along with the branded gluten free products that we sell, we hope that shopping for a gluten free diet is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Visit for more information about the range as well as meal plans, gluten free product lists and recipes.

Weeks Foods GF
Makers of the very tasty Wicken Fen gluten free carrot and coriander vegetarian sausages. Available from various stockists nationwide and online from Goodness Direct.

Werz DF, GF, WF
Range of gluten and dairy free organic foods suitable for older babies, toddlers and adults with a gluten intolerance. Products include biscuits, carob bars, rusks, marzipan, cereals and pasta. Available from Ulula.

Young's Seafood DF, GF, WF
The maker of the first gluten, dairy and wheat free fish finger - widely available in supermarkets.


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Key for dedicated manufacturing sites

Protocols for manufacturing free-from products are now very strict and sophisticated so that the risk of contamination, even in a factory handling both freefrom and non-freefrom lines, should be virtually non-existent.
Even so, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to create total separation between freefrom and non-freefrom products by manufacturing them on separate, dedicated sites. See below.
However, allergic consumers should not assume that because a product has been manufactured on a dedicated site it will always be totally safe as contamination, especially to packaging, can occur during transport or in store, long after the product has left the factory.

Producers operating from dedicated free-from sites are denoted by one or more of the following codes:

CF = Corn Free
CMF = Cow's Milk Free
DF = Dairy Free
EF = Egg Free
GF = Gluten Free
NF = Nut Free
SF = Soya Free
V = Vegan/Vegetarian
WF = Wheat Free
?F = Products made on multiple sites some of which are dedicated free-from. Where the ?F is brown, you can click through to the products allergen chart.


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