The Tiger Nut Company

Tiger Nut Co

The Tiger Nut Company are on a mission to bring their raw, unprocessed, sustainably grown tiger nuts into the mainstream. For those of you who haven’t been munching these delectable nuts for the past 4000 years, they are paleo, meaning our paleolithic ancestors may have eaten them during the stone age, as well as the ancient Egyptians. Not a nut, these are actually small root vegetables grown in a field and harvested like a potato. Gluten, lactose & nut free, vegan and raw, tiger nuts are high in fibre and vitamin E, and have the same benefits as olive oil. A great source of magnesium, tiger nuts help to control the blood pressure, blood sugar and are full of potassium. The very simple, groovy package designs are really appealing, in a Pink Panther-esque style! Tiger nut products include snacking nuts, both organic (with skins on) and non-organic; tiger nut flour for gluten free cooking and milled tiger nuts for sprinkling onto meals, into juices, smoothies, soups.

The Tiger Nut Company have many recipes for their use on their website, such as Horchata which is a traditional Spanish drink, an alternative to milk. When we made horchata, the tiger nuts looked unpromising sitting in water but once soaked, whizzed and strained they made a mild, slightly creamy liquid. The flavour is subtle and nutty - similar to almonds. The milk flavour is not overly strong but not bland either. The amount of sweetener suggested in the recipe was just right, making a mild and pleasant alternative to milk.

Blueberry Chia Pudding

Not as attractive looking as the picture on their website, but we liked it. Gloopy, a bit like cold rice pudding. Chia seeds retain a little crunch which stops the pudding becoming too pulpy. We enjoyed it both on its own and with some blueberries mixed in. Once you have made the 'Horchata' milk this recipe takes seconds to make. Not for everyone - some may find it a little slimy.

Amazing Gluten Free Baked Coconut Doughnuts

These little doughnuts are quick and easy to make. Dark in colour, the flavour of tiger nuts comes through clearly, but they are surprisingly light in texture and unusual but rather moreish! Have a mild graininess from the flour but this doesn't detract from the doughnuts. Unusual but nuttily tasty. Not like anything else we have tried so quite hard to describe! Certainly these compare favourably with a 'normal' doughnut.

Please see the website for more recipes. All tiger nut products are available through the website: the snacking tiger nuts are ?5.99 for 150g, with the 1kg bags of organic tiger nuts, tiger nut flour and milled tiger nuts all costing ?12.99. They also sell nut milk bags. There is currently a promotional offer of just ?1.00 p&p on all items delivered to the UK mainland.


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