Product updates

Freefrom condiments from Dr Will's

25th May 2017
Dr Will's
make gluten free, additive free, preservative free, dairy free and vegan condiments, currently including tomato ketchup, beetroot ketchup and BBQ sauce. Available online and from independent stores nationwide, Revital, Selfridges at the end of June and As Nature Intended in July. They cost between £3.50 and £4.50 for a 250ml bottle.

24th May 2017
Flora has launched a new milk-free spread made with vegetable oils and suitable for vegans. Available from various supermarkets nationwide, costing approximately £1.70 for a 500g tub.

23rd May 2017
Major, the chefs base, manufacture of gluten-free, coeliac society approved, some vegan, vegetarian and Halal stocks, bases, pastes, powders, gravies, international marinades, seasonings, ethnic pastes, jus, Pan-Asian broths and fruit bases. Available online for foodservice and for retail.

22nd May 2017
Angels and Cookies
allergen-free gourmet cookie dough in Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip and Ginger Spice comes in ready-to-go tubs. The cookie dough is free from hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients and refined sugar. Available online costing £7.99 for a 350g tub.

17th May 2017
MOR gluten, milk and wheat free sausages are made with British meat, vegetables (lentils, spinach, peppers, onions, peas, tomatoes, cauliflower, chickpeas... more veg than meat...), and fragrant and exotic blends of herbs and spices. Currently available from Tesco at £3.00, on offer for £2.50 for six fat sausages or 10 chipolatas. Also available elsewhere...

12th May 2017
Heavenly Organics' gluten, dairy & soya free chocolate discs filled with raw white honey come in ginger, mint, almond, peanut, pomegranate and original double dark. Available online, from Amazon & Panzers Deli, Mimosa Deli and The Happy Apple.

11th May 2017
The Paleo Foods Co
's newest flavour is chia & hemp. Their grain, guten and wheat free granolas are suitable for those on a paleo diet, and are naturally free from dairy & milk. Available from various stockists, including Ocado.

10th May 2017
Troo Granola offer gluten-free granola kits and freshly made granola - delivered to your door - in fruity, seedy and nutty varieties. Prices vary, available online.

9th May 2017
Made from cashews (one flavour is made with macadamia), these milk & dairy free cheases come in jars as creamed chease, in rounds fit for a chease board and include Ethipian spice, Za'atar spice, garlic, pink peppercorn and more - available from various stockists and online, prices vary.

8th May 2017
So-called because you can eat it 5 different ways (granola, porridge, toping, bircher and smothie) Nutri-brex's new gluten-free 5 Ways comes in two varieties: Honey, Almonds & Seeds and Haxelnut, Coconut & Quinoa. Costing £3.49 for 450g, 5 Ways Granola is available online and from various stockists.

4th May 2017
introduces two new flavours to its milk and gluten-free range: two new protein soups, Black Bean & Chipotle and Broccoli Pea Basil - and here is a picture of one of their freefrom food-to-go soups complete with tasty sprinkles! Available online, from Ocado and from various stockists nationwide.

2nd May 2017
 is a gluten, dairy and nut-free soya-based alternative to meat range that is resource efficient, climate conscious, rich in protein, fibre, iron and folic acid. The range of seasoned and plain products is suitable to grill, boil, sauté, deep-fry or heat over an open fire. The Pure Oumph! range comes in three varieties: The Chunk, The Strip and The Filet. Spicy Oumph! is seasoned with Thyme & Garlic, Kebab Spiced, Salty & Smoky and Grill Spiced and more. Oumph! is available from Totally Swedish.

27th April 2017
FreeFrom Food Awards 2017
 silver winner The Free From Fairy's rice & gluten free plain flour is an innovative blend of wholegrain teff, buckwheat and sorghum with tapioca & potato starch. Along with the self-raising version the blends can be used to create consistently good results in bread, cakes, biscuits, pastry and even pasta. Available on Amazon and various stockists. £5.99 for 750g.

24th April 2017
Made using Stevia, Candy Shack's old-fashioned sweets such as sherbert lemons, cola cubes, mint humbugs and rhubarb & custard are gluten, milk and nut, sugar-free and vegan friendly. Available online, from Amazon & various health food stores, costing approximately £1.99 for a 120g bag and £4.99 for a 250g Victorian jar.

21st April 2017
's new snack range includes a mix of healthy options including freeze dried fruits, nuts and berries, fruit strips and fruit crisps, as well as meat and fish jerky. These Rock n' roll balls - are spheres made of raw fruits, nuts and seeds are gluten-free (not GF certified), and suitable for Paleo, Raw and Vegan diets. With no added sugar. Available online and from Amazon.

19th April 2017
Easy Bean has launched two new flavours of their gluten-free chickpea crispbread - Seaweed & Sesame and Cheddar Crunch - find them at various stockists or try them at the Farm Shop & Deli Show next week!

7th April 2017
Now in six glorious flavours, including the FreeFrom Food Awards 2017 bronze winner Lemon Curd; as well as White Chocolate & Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Triple Chocolate, Blueberry and Coffee Caramel: available online & at Selfridges, Wyevale, farm shops & independents across the UK.

17th March 2017
What's hot and new in freefrom - find out in our report on the Allergy & FreeFrom Show in Glasgow 11/12 March! And be sure to get your tickets for the London Show - 7-9th July, Olympia.

14th March 2017
A new category in 2016, 'Best Product from a Start-Up' is designed to encourage small start-up companies. The winner will benefit from mentoring from Tesco's technical and marketing experts: as a result there were lots of entries! See the shortlist for what's new in freefrom.

8th March 2017
When we introduced 'No Top 14' to the FFFA we never dreamed we would get such a wide variety of quite so many excellent, completely allergenfree foods! But we did, so check them out. Sponsored by ilumi, all products entered must be free of all 14 EU-listed allergens.

3rd March 2017
What fantastic creations 2016 has brought! The Innovation Award shortlist, sponsored by Food Matters Live, showcases what is newest in #freefrom - including #glutenfree haggis, black & white pudding, #grainfree flour, and protein noodles!

2nd March 2017
Sponsored by Lucy Bee, we're delighted to announce our shortlist for the FreeFrom Superhero Award: a one-off award to celebrate the FreeFrom Food Awards' 10th birthday. To be give to the person that has done most to develop, expand and popularise freefrom over the last 10 years.

1. Adrian Ling - Plamil Foods
2. Angela Mumby – Mrs Crimbles
3. Chris Hook – Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons
4. Clare Marriage – Doves Farm
5. Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne – Genius Gluten Free

8th February 2016
Bigger, better, with new, exciting categories for 2017, the FreeFrom Food Awards continue to lead the freefrom sector to ever greater heights of excellence! Most products are free of gluten, wheat or dairy (cow's milk) and many are free of many more of the major allergens.

17th January 2017
As well as running the Food and Drink Innovation Network successfully, with 8 seminars a year, Jeffrey Hyman, who died suddenly last week, was an invaluable contributor to the FreeFrom Food Awards over the years, and we will so very much miss his laugh and twinkly eyes at the judging sessions next week. Here, Michelle remembers him.

13th January 2017
Italian cook and recipe creator Anna Del Conte has turned her hand to freefrom - we're very excited to annouce the publication in paperback and kindle editions of her gluten, milk and lactose free recipes! Not just about pasta, the recipes include rice and pulse-based dishes too. Supported by Sacla', some of the recipes include their freefrom sauces and pesto.

12th January 2017
Premier Foods
launch new vegetarian and vegan Bisto Gluten Free Gravy in 1.9kg catering tubs making 25litres of gravy! Perfect for chefs catering for freefrom customers, the tubs are available to buy online.

10th January 2017
It's never too soon to look back and assess the highs and lows of the year - here is Alex Gazzola of Allergy Insight's review of the best and worst in freefrom for 2016!

28th December 2016
With sales of vegan food up by 1500%, what better time to bring a vegan food event to the UK! VeggieWorld London, 8/9 April 2017, will be packed full of food stalls, as well as makeup, beauty products, fashion, vegan caterers, plus talks on vegan nutrition and lifestyle, as well as cookery demos from leading vegan chefs.

17th December 2016
Freaks of Nature
, creators of specialist plant-based gluten, egg, soya & milk-free desserts, is opening a blending facility in Wakefield with a view to creating up to 80 jobs to make 125,000 pots of pudding a day! Freaks of Nature is due to open in Spring 2017...

Marnie Searchwell's range of Christmas cakes include marzipan, Jamaican and fruit cakes, variously gluten-free & dairyfree, and even a new vegan, glutenfree cake, available to order without alcohol if you hurry! Prices vary depending on the size, which starts at £24 for a 4 inch round (400g) cake.
4th December 2016

23rd November 2016
have created some Christmas foods for their Deliciously FreeFrom range: milk, gluten & wheat free mince pies, both iced and un-iced, costing £2.25 for four, and a large (948g) Christmas cake for £10. They also have cocktail sausages, mini chocolate logs and other useful tasty freefrom Christmas foods.

15th November 2016
's new 'Just' Chocolate range is dairy, egg, gluten and nut-free, and includes a mint chocolate box with 27 dark, minty discs and smaller snack bars in Florida orange and delicious dark chocolate. Available in Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda, the mint box costs £5, the chocolate bars 65p.

14th November 2016
Tesco Free From
have got your freefrom Christmas covered with a very large festive selection this year: Party Food, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Desserts, and Tesco finest Free From cookies & chocolates to take over to your relatives!

11th November 2016
Green's Bluten Free Beers
have relaunched their website with an emphasis on naturally gf beers, using entirely gluten-free ingredients and focusing on getting them into a store near you!

8th November 2016
D&D Chocolates
have produced their own dairy-free & gluten-free Advent Calendar and this week till next Saturday it is on offer at 10% off. Available in dairy-free chocolate or carob, D&D have a few other Christmas lines on offer this week so why not visit and stock up!

7th November 2016
New store Sweet Victory Products sells all manner of gluten & dairy free, low sugar jams, cookies, sweets, chocolates and more - with autistic, coeliac, and diabetic-friendly products.

28th October 2016
has six golden rules - no gluten, dairy or refined sugar, and no unhealthy gums, starches and fats, which can counteract the benefits of a gluten free diet. The cakes, coconut breads (see picture), artisan breads and 'just add' products are also vegan, low calorie and carb free, and can be ordered online.

26th October 2016
Northamptonshire-based artisan bakery Most Marvellous Baking is celebrating after scooping the 'savoury snacks' category win in the national Good Choice! Quality Food Awards with its Marvellously Munchable Multiseed Crackers with Cracked Black Pepper and Sea Salt Flakes. Available online costing £3.45 per pack.

20th October 2016
Quaker Oats
has launched two new gluten free oat products: Gluten Free Rolled Oats costing £2.49 for 510g, and Gluten Free Oats So Simple 10 Sachets costing £2.99. Ethos Foods in London are currently showcasing with some tasty vegan gluten-free recipes! Available from Tesco & Asda, and Sainsbury's from Hallowe'en!

17th October 2016
Creative Nature
has launched two allergen-free, superfood chia & cacao brownie and chia & mulberry muffin mixes costing £5.49 each or £9.98 for both. Available online.

14th October 2016
Tesco Free From
have been listening to their freefrom customers requests for lunchtime variety! And in response have launched sandwich thins (seeded and white with a sourdough culture), Smaller Batch seeded and white loaves for those who prefer a smaller loaf, and seeded and white rolls with an improved, softer texture. All products are gluten, wheat & milk-free, high in fibre, available online and instore, costing £1.60 for the thins, £1.75 for everything else.

13th October 2016
Over 100 Waitrose stores now stock The Gluten Free Kitchen's apple crumble, egg custard tarts and chocolate tarts - you can find them in the frozen dessert section costing £2.00 for two tarts, and £2.29 for one 180g apple crumble.

12th October 2016
Evexia Thrive's
new range of gluten-free pasta includes spinach & ricotta and tomato & mozzarella tortelloni - as well as gluten, dairy & egg-free chickpea fusilli and penne pasta. These fresh pastas will sit in the chilled aisle and the tortelloni take just one minute to cook! Now available in Sainsbury's for £2.50/£2.00 per pack - currently on offer for £1.50/£2.00 - they will soon be available in other retailers.

11th October 2016
has added gluten-free Quiche Lorraine, Chicken Pie, Steak Pie, Sausage Rolls, and Pork Pies to their FreeFrom Range - all available in store and online from £2.20 for a pork pie.

7th October 2016
Matthew Walker
, famous gluten-free Christmas pudding maker, has launched two gluten-free sponge puddings: syrup & chocolate! Available in Waitrose and Morrisons, puddings cost approximately £1.50 each for a 110g pud.

5th October 2016
Lucy Bee
are collecting the profits from their Amazon shop to support a Love Support Unite project in Malawi. Meg from Lucy Bee will be flying off to Tilinanu for ten days to volunteer for the Little Blossoms Project (RCN 1162406).
Says Lucy “We’ve donated some of our coconut oil for baby massage and it has also helped to prevent and treat ringworm in children, which causes infection and scarring; we’ve sponsored 5 children in the orphanage; we, along with several of our partners, have donated funds to build homes for teachers".
See Lucy Bee's Instagram, Twitter & Facebook for Meg's updates!

4th October 2016
Gluten Free Meister
make gluten-free noodles including ramen & udon, as well as fettucine & spaghetti. They also supply concentrated soup bases made with gluten-free tamari - all available at The Japan Centre in London and from the website.

3rd October 2016
We've decided to champion some of the fantastic, innovative freefrom food and drink that we have found at various shows, but that are not yet available in the UK: Quinoa Beer. Cashew Camembert. CONTACT THEM DIRECT TO GET THEM TO THE UK!

30th September 2016
Dr Oetker Ristorante
has launched two brand new gluten-free pizzas: the Pizza Mozzarella & Pizza Salame on thin and crispy bases. They cost approximately £3.50 and will be available from Iceland Warehouse stores from September and Tesco from October 2016.

29th September 2016
The roll-out of Sainsbury's Deliciously FreeFrom range, with a total of 140 freefrom products, is now complete: key allergen information is displayed on front of packs, and products have taken into account customers need for nut, gluten, wheat, milk, egg, soya-free foods - see their new chilled aisle (7 new dairy-free cheeses), freefrom freezers (gluten-free chicken kiev) and store cupboard goods (gluten & dairy-free sticky toffee puds) across store now! Look out for the pale green colour instore... and don't miss the wheat, gluten, milk and nut free chocolate cake!

28th September 2016
makes a range of lactose, gluten & soy-free and vegetarian superfood protein blends and superfood infused boosters, with the HEALTH blend and booster being vegan. Available online, prices start at £3 for a 40g sample.

27th September 2016
The Gluten Free Flour Co
are asking (a la Amanda Palmer) you to buy their "wonderful gluten free flour!" And they're offering you the FREE recipe to make flatbreads, plus the FREE link to the You Tube video to show you how to make them.

26th September 2016
The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co
have a range of freefrom (only allergen is possibly crustaceans) seaweed seasonings made from iodine-rich seaweed which will bring a depth of flavour to your meals! Available online, prices vary.

23rd September 2016
See what freefrom foods we found at lunch! 2016 in London on 21st-22nd September

21st September 2016
Wow Cake Company
's gluten-free Ultimate Carrot Cake Mix has been officially shortlisted for the Good Choice! Quality Food Awards 2016, sitting alongside products from Tesco and Coop in the running to win!

20th September 2016
The Gluten Free Pie Co's
Pork, Black Pudding and Caramelised Red Onion Pie has been named Britain's Free-From Bakery Product of the Year at the Baking Industry Awards 2016. Made with seasoned local pork, gluten-free black pudding and sweet caramelised red onion, encased in allergy-free hot water pastry, this pie (and 8 others!) is available online.

19th September 2016
White Rabbit Pizza Co
have launched a new vegan variety of their gluten-free pizza: with vegan pesto & mozzarella. Available from Planet Organic & Abel & Cole, a 10" pizza costs £5.99.

13th September 2016
Dr Schar
has launched two new gluten-free breads into Tesco: Wholesome Vitality Loaf (with quinoa, chestnut, sorghum and sourdough) and Seeded Ciabatta Rolls. Available from selected stores, costing £2.00 - £2.60.

9th September 2016
The Foraging Fox
has added a third ketchup to their range: gluten-free Smoked Beetroot Ketchup is made with oak-smoked beetroot to get a barbecue flavour - also suitable for vegans & vegetarians. Available online and from various stockists.

6th September 2016
Spread over three days with two floors filled with finest foods, The Speciality and Fine Food Fair this year hosts more speciality freefrom foods than ever! See our report...

5th September 2016
Mr Lee's Noodles
are gluten-free, gourmet noodles in a cup. Soft rice noodles in various imaginatively named broths, they are also low in fat, salt and sugar. With Dragon Fire Mushroom and Warrior Fighting Shrimp scoring three chillis, and Shaolin Monk Vegetables being chilli-free, two flavours are also suitable for vegans. Available online and in some supermarkets, prices vary.

1st September 2016
Mrs Crimble's
Home Bake range
launches in time for GBBO season, with new improved multipurpose gluten-free blends: Pancake, Batter & Yorkshire Pudding mix, Stuffing Mix and Pastry Mix. Available online and from various retailers nationwide. Coming soon: Ready to Use gluten-free Breadcrumbs.

24th August 2016
New company Love Liberto has created a range of gluten-free, vegan & organic pulse-based pastas, pasta sauces and pâté... Currently available at Amazon and soon to be in Holland & Barrett and Ocado.

23rd August 2016
has launched a new range of dairy & gluten-free yoghurts - Go On - in three flavours: mango, passionfruit and blackcurrant. Each 150g pot has yoghurt layered on top of a fruity base, and costs 60p. Available in Sainsbury's and Tesco.

22nd August 2016
Newburn Bakehouse
have just launched a freefrom crumpet, with holes, into Tesco and Sainsbury's. A pack of four costs just £2.00, and you can read more about them from What Allergy?...

15th August 2016
Planet Organic
is adding Good Grain Bakery's organic, gluten-free, vegan, soy, egg & nut-free range of bread, including brown, seeded and caraway loaves to its free-from bakery department. The range is available instore and online for delivery costing £3.25 for a 450g loaf, currently on offer at 20% off.

5th August 2016
Gluten free and vegan
, OMNI Superfood can be blended into smoothies for a nutritious shake - suitable for raw foodies too - OMNI Superfood comes in specifically tailored two varieties - for Women & for Men - and is availble online costing between £20-£59 for 1 week - 4 weeks' supply.

3rd August 2016
winner The Alford Arms is OPENING again after a fire ruined the top two floors in January - they'll be throwing their doors open on 22nd August - book now.

2nd Aug 2016
Made in their gluten free kitchen in the heart of Cornwall, The Good Food Bakery make proper Cornish pasties, only these are gluten free, in Steak (also dairy free), Veggy (also vegan) and Cheese varieties. Costing from £3.90 per pasty, they're available online.

1st Aug 2016
Made from organic lentils and chickpeas, Explore Asian's pastas are gluten free and vegetarian or vegan, and come in six varieties; chickpea fusilli and spaghetti, green lentil lasagne and penne, and red lentil penne and spaghetti. Available for £3.29 for a 250g pack from Asda, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Planet Organic.

31st July 2016
has developed a range of products sweetened only with dates and whole date nectar, including bars, muesli and date hearts. Available from Asda, Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

29th July 2016
's freefrom baking kits are also vegan, contain all you need and come in a pretty pack that you can use as a gift box if your heart is broad enough to give the scrumptious cookies away! Available online, prices start at £11.95.

28th July 2016
make dairy & gluten free chocolate using coconut nectar and cacao butter, as well as buckwheat 'buckinis' and cereals, cacao and coconut butters and low GI sweeteners. Available online.

27th July 2016
Ooo ooo Vitalite!
It's back and it's dairy, gluten & soya free, available from Tesco for £1 for 500g, and can be used in frying, baking and for spreading like butter.

26th July 2016
A selection of, variously, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg & nut free pies are hand-baked to order in a dedicated gluten free facility by the Gluten Free Pie Co - including a Full English Breakfast Pie and a Beetroot & Goat's Cheese Pie! From £2.50 a pie, available online.

25th July 2016
Organic Wine Club
is the UK's first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines, including 'sulphite-free' vegan friendly and low alcohol wines. They hold wine tasting events, wine courses and offer club cases and membership savings.

22nd July 2016
Nosh Detox
have launched a new Raw Fruity which contains Carrot, Orange and Ginger as part of their Nosh Raw Smoothie range - a 100% raw smoothie using cold press technology known as High Pressure Processing (or HPP). Available from Ocado costing £2.29 for a 250ml bottle.

21st July 2016
The Free From Fairy
's rice & gluten free flour is now available online following a successful launch at the Allergy & FreeFrom Show. Made from a blend of wholegrain teff, buckwheat and sorghum with a little tapioca and potato starch, it can be used in all baking from bread to cake and biscuits to pasta. Costing £4.99 for 750g from Honest Eats.

19th July 2016
Is FODMAP a familiar acronym but you have no idea what it means? Well, FODMAP foods are coming! Fodify Foods, Slightly Different Foods, and Lauren Loves.

18th July 2016
has teamed up with restaurant-finding app Kafoodle to create the UK's first allergen friendly food festival, Battersea Park, 30 and 31 July.

13th July 2016
Have a look at our FreeFrom report on some of the very latest that was showcased at the Allergy & FreeFrom Show - and check out Michelle's blog for all the gossip!

5th July 2016
Gluten-free Weetabix-style Nutribix
has rebranded as Nutri-Brex to coincide with the launch of a new flavour: Coconut & Crispy Rice is available in most supermarkets costing £3.79 for 24 biscuits.

4th July 2016
are launching gluten-free hobnobs, both the original and milk chocolate varities, available from the end of July - we'll let you know where ASAP!

30th June 2016
Butchers Sundries
new freefrom range includes gluten, dairy and egg free stuffing mixes, spice mixes, and sausage mixes. Available online costing £2.75 for a 110g pack.

28th June 2016
has launched four varieties of freefrom bakes and burgers made with vegetables, pulses, herbs and spices. Available from Tesco, costing £2.50 for 250g.

27th June 2016
Chocoful are gluten-free biscuits covered in milk chocolate - now available in Sainsbury's costing £1.50 for 5 biscuits.

23rd June 2016
Wild West Deli's
two new flavours of gluten-free beef jerky are Chilli & Lime, and Thai spice. Available online, a 50g pack costs £2.50.

22nd June 2016
Maria Lucia Bakes
' range of gourmet gluten-free granolas is now on breakfast menus at the majority of Clayton & Maldron Hotels across Ireland & the UK.

21st June 2016
has brought out two gluten-free varieties of their pies, and their gluten-free goat's cheese & spinach Heidi just won first place in the Free From Class at the 2016 British Pie Awards! Available online.

20th June 2016
Lifefood UK
has launched the 'Rawsage' a raw, organic and gluten-free vegan sausage, made from Brazil nuts and sundried tomatoes, seasoned with a balanced mix of herbs and spices. Available online costing £1.49.

17th June 2016
Pizza Express
has launched its gluten-free pizza into Sainsbury's. Made in their bakery, certified by Coeliac UK, the 310g pizzas are available at Sainsbury's costing £4.00.

16th June 2016
Coconut experts Koko Dairy Free
have launched a dairy & soya-free original plain yoghurt alternative made from coconut cream with non-dairy yogurt cultures. Available in Morrisons costing approximately £1.80 per 500g pot. Free from animal fats, dairy, lactose, soya, cholesterol, gluten, artificial flavourings, preservatives & colourings, and suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and those with nut allergies.

15th June 2016
Gelatine-free Naturelly Jelly Juice
is now available in over 250 Boots stores across UK and Ireland. Find your nearest Boots stockist.

14th June 2016
The Free From Fairy, blogger and mum to a coeliac has developed the first wholegrain gluten, wheat & rice-free flour blend which can be used to create bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries and pasta. She will be selling trial batches on stand A301 at the Allergy & Free From Show in London 8 - 10 July.

13th June 2016
Lucy Bee
has topped the table of 16 UK brands of coconut oil in the Ethical Shopping Guide for 2016 with the highest ranking of 17 out of 20. It's now certified as Best Buy, Fair Trade and organic. The Best Buy label means that you're buying the best, most ethical coconut oil on the market, available to buy nationwide.

8th June 2016
Seamore Foods
has launched a tagliatelle-like seaweed 'pasta': 'I Sea Pasta' is gluten free, organic, vegan & sustainable. 'I Sea Pasta' is available online and at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

2nd June 2016
Oh So Lean
now deliver their range of gluten-free meats to UK mainland, including Mexican turkey burgers, chicken curry sausages and the maple steak burger. Available to order online.

31st May 2016
launches the JUST range of dairy, egg, gluten and nut free chocolate, including the re-designed large bar - the 85g bar is available now costing approximately £1.50 from Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda. Further products will be available in September...

23rd May 2016
's renamed GoFree range have two new additions: gluten free rice pops and coco rice are both fortified with B-vitamins, folic acid and iron, available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado, costing approximately £2.49 each.

20th May 2016
Rebel Kitchen
has launched a dairy-free coconut yoghurt made from organic young green coconuts with live vegan yogurt cultures, in original, cacao, coffee and vanilla flavours from Ocado and in Wholefoods Markets, costing approximately £2.49 per 125g pot.

17th May 2016
Dairy free organic cream casheese
from Gozo Deli launches in Selfridges, in smoked paprika, basil pesto, French herb and chive varieties. Each jar costs £4.99.

14th May 2016
Squeeze Wheatgrass
’s new 3 x 60 ml blended wheatgrass with juice shots come in orange & lemon, pear & apple, and beetroot. Available to buy online, at Yumbles,, EAT17 Hackney, costing £2.70

13th May 2016
's new Easy Oats gluten free porridge (in a single serve sachet) is combined with chia or flaxseeds, offering a rich source of Omega-3 and fibre. Costing £1.45 to £1.79, Easy Oats are available from Holland & Barrett, whole food and independent health food stores.

10th May 2016
New online shop Honest Eats launches today, with over 600 freefrom products, many of which are not yet available widely in the UK.

6th May 2016
GOOD. Full Stop
's six nutritious gluten free snack bars are made with dates, date syrup, nuts, fruits (and chocolate), suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Available from Holland & Barrett and independent health food stores, delis and farm shops nationwide costing approx 65p each.

4th May 2016
Simply 7
make gluten free Lentil Sea Salt and Hummus Roasted Red Pepper Crisps, available from Waitrose and Ocado costing £2.29 per pack.

28th April 2016
make alternative dessert bars that can be heated up! 5 flavours - Apple Pie, Banana Muffin, Choco-Walnut Brownie, Coconut Macaroon and Lemon Cake. The sugar and gluten-free bars are available online and from health stores worldwide.

21st April 2016
Besos de Oro
(golden kisses) is a dairy, lactose & gluten-free vegan liqueur made from the milk of the chufa or tiger nut, horchata, which is popular in Spain. This is mixed with a brandy to make a creamy alcoholic treat! Available online now for £15.60 a bottle ABV 18%.

14th April 2016
Raw cake company Honey & Date launches in Selfridges, with gluten, dairy and refined sugar free desserts, packed with super foods including acai berry, maca, baobab, lucuma and spirulina. Each cake costs £4.99.

11th April 2016
GABA rice is germinated and dried to capture the vitamins, nutrients and amino acids such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Available from Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Revital priced £5.99 for 500g.

29th March 2016
Morrisons has signed up to Coeliac UK's Gluten-free Guarantee, and now stocks eight staple gluten-free items in all its stores across the UK.

23rd March 2016
Delicious Alchemy
's new Charitable Foundation, launching 18th April, aims to improve the lives of people on restricted diets by donating gluten free food to food banks, contributing to scientific research and more... Do have a look and get ready to contribute!

22nd March 2016
Following on from their gluten free pizza bases, and use of gf flour to remove contamination risk, Pizza Express are offering gluten free doughballs as well!

18th March 2016
Follow Your Heart's
vegan egg from the US is available now online, costing £6.99, and you can even make scrambled eggs with it!

10th March 2016
Booja Booja's
new packs of their dairy, gluten and soya free truffles come in Fine de Champagne, Hazelnut Crunch and Almond Seasalt Caramel. From £1.19 for 2 truffles.

4th March 2016
introduce new gluten and lactose free Mini Salami Sticks, available from Sainsbury's & Tesco stores costing 99p for a pack of four.

27th February 2016
Lovemore FreeFrom Foods'
gluten & dairy free products, as well as being available in the NHS and Ocado, are now available in up to 486 Morrisons stores across the UK: including apple pies, gingerbread men, mince pies and rich fruit cake with port and brandy.

23rd February 2016
Mighty Bee
has a new range of raw, organic, vegan jerky, made from young Thai coconuts. The jerky, in Spicy BBQ, Teriyaki & Chocolate & Hazelnut, is gluten, refined sugar, dairy & preservative free. Available from Wholefoods, BarreCore, and independents for £2.99 for 30g.

14th February 2016
Rana's Artisan Bread
make 6 bread mixes (needing just water) that are easy to make at home. All mixes are suitable for vegans, and are free from all 14 major allergens. Available online from £3.99 per pack.

5th February 2016
dairy-free icecreams are now available from 310 Co-operative stores nationwide, in Lemon & Vanilla and Coconut flavours, costing £5.25 for a 500ml pot.

2nd February 2016
Mara Seaweed's
wild harvested and farmed seaweeds, which are the most highly mineralised vegetable on Earth, are available as seasoning sprinkles: shony, kombu, even smoked applewood dulse to brighten up your scrambled eggs! Prices from £5.49 to £19.99.

11th December 2015
A mum's quest for the perfect gluten-free loaf changed her family's life; when Valeria Mizuno-Turner's son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she didn't realise it would eventually lead her to start an award-winning bakery... The Incredible Bakery

3rd December 2015
Eat Grub
are running a Kickstarter campaign to launch their gluten, nut & dairy free cricket flour bar with mango and dark chocolate into the air!

27th November 2015
RawcoFood's soy-free, gluten-free and wheat-free coconut amino sauce is made from the sap of the coconut tree, blended with sea salt. Ideal for salad dressings, marinades, stir-fries or dipping. Available online and from various stockists, costing £7.95.

23rd November 2015
Gluten Free Baking and Living
are raising funds on Indiegogo to create their own range of gluten free flour blends, tried and tested on the baking courses that they run. With great perks available to backers including recipe downloads, books, and the flour itself.

2nd November 2015
Cruga, Wild West
and Texas Joe's no added MSG biltong contains no gluten either. Available from lots of stockists nationwide, each pack has an approximate price of £1.99.

28th October 2015
MOMA (Making Oats More Awesome) have launched four gluten free porridge pots: plain, plain (no added sugar), golden syrup and cranberry & raisin. Available online, the pots cost £14.99 for 12.

28th October 2015
Cauli Rice have launched four flavours of gluten free low carb alternative to rice: original, lemongrass & chilli, Mediterranean and Indian pilau. Available in most supermarkets, Cauli Rice costs approximately £1.99 for 200g.

24th October 2015
Proper Pops
have launched a gluten & lactose free popped chip snack, made from casein, a slow-release protein derived from milk. In three flavours: lime, lemongrass & garlic, lemon & chilli, and paprika, Proper Pops can be bought from Sainsbury’s and Marigold Health Foods Ltd for approximately £1.39.

22nd October 2015
BFree have launched new Stone Baked Pittas (£2.25), and a Quinoa & Chia Seed Wrap (£3.25) into Asda nationwide. BFree is also moving into Sainsbury’s with its Multigrain Wraps and Fajita Kits.

19th October 2015
Last year's FFFA Charity of the Year was Foodcycle, who have launched the Breadline Campaign to raise awareness of rising food poverty. How much harder is it to live off £2.86 per day when you have food allergies or intolerance?

12th October 2015
is adding to its collection of gluten-free popcorn with the launch Smooth Peanut & Almond flavour. Single serve and sharing packs are available online and from Ocado for approximately £0.90 and £1.69.

5th October 2015
Mrs Crimble's have launched two gluten free products: crispy cheese straws and special edition choc macaroons with stem ginger. Available online, the macaroons cost approximately £1.59 for 6, and the cheese straws are £1.99 a box.

30th September 2015
Nutribix have launched a gluten free breakfast 'bix' cereal made with sorghum, which contains fibre, protein and vitamins. Nutribix is available in a 24-pack from Tesco, Sainsbury, Ocado, costing approximately £3.79.

29th September 2015
Coori, the artisan freefrom brand, have recently launched an organic gluten-free Pure Blonde beer, brewed and bottled in the UK.

28th September 2015
Morso Food
have launched new gluten free risottos in three flavours: mushroom, pancetta and fennel and prawn and leek. Morso risottos are available for £5.99 from Selfridges.

24th September 2015
Juice lollies are a new generation of ice lollies made from vegetables, fruits and herbs, freshly pressed and frozen within a few hours. Available online.

22nd September 2015
Having got themselves well established with the coeliac community, Freego are now broadening their reach to include offer more 'tried and tested' freefrom foods for everyone.

18th September 2015
Mr Organic has brought out a vegan red pepper pesto, available from Amazon and other online stockists, as well as various health food shops, a 130g jar costs approximately £2.99.

16th September 2015
Eat Natural
has launched a new, naturally gluten free, ‘Super’ Granola with Buckwheat, Seeds and Honey. Available from Waitrose costing £3.25 for a 425g box.

15th September 2015
Calbee UK
have launched Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks, a high fibre nut & dairy free baked snack made from green peas. Available online, the introductory promotion offers 8 packs for £4 or 24 packs for £10.

14th September 2015
Eat Allergy Safe is an online supplier of gluten, wheat and nut free snacks, chocolates and baking supplies including Handcrafted Vegan Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Truffles, available from Amazon for £11.99 + P&P for a box of 8.

8th September 2015
Sacla' has launched three new gluten, dairy & wheat free vegan sauces: Free From Basil Pesto & Tomato Stir-In, Free From Creamy Tomato Stir-In and Free From Creamy Whole Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce. The sauces are available from Waitrose and Ocado, costing £1.89 for the stir in sauces (150g tub) and £1.99 for the pasta sauce (350g).

18th August 2015
The Paleo Foods Co have launched three wheat & gluten free Paleo Granolas - that's no grains (like wheat or oats) and refined sugar. The new cereal contains toasted nuts, crunchy seeds, berries, coconut chunks and a drizzle of honey instead. Available in three flavour variants - Honey & PecanBerry & Almond and Cocoa & Hazel - from Sainsbury's, Ocado, Selfridges, and in Waitrose from August for £5.75. It is also available from Wholefoods and quality independent stores. 

17th August 2015
makers of gluten free mixed seed energy bars, has a new logo, new packaging and a new focus - to give ‘good energy, twice’: providing super-seed energy to anyone who eats a 9BAR, and also giving good, sustainable energy to families in Africa through its partnership with SolarAid. 9BARS, with reduced sugar and reduced saturated fat, have made a few subtle changes to the recipes, and added a new flavour, Chia Berry bar. 9BAR make the Breakfast range and the Indulge range. Available online and from various shops nationwide.

15th August 2015
The Allergy & FreeFrom Show's Post-Show review is now out - more consumers and exhibitors than EVER before, with 95% of consumers buying products at the Show. Coming up: Allergy Show North in Liverpool, 7-8th November... And introducing the brand new Allergy Show Scotland!

13th August 2015
A new guide has been launched to support food manufacturers on the labelling of food products containing gluten. The Food & Drink Federation (FDF) has launched a new best practice guide to help manufacturers adhere to the Food Information to Consumers (FIC) Regulation and to provide consumers with clear and consistent allergens labelling. The FIC Regulation brought changes to the way allergen information is provided and emphasised on pre-packaged foods. ‘Gluten Labelling Best Practice: How to label pre-packaged foods which include cereals containing gluten’. The guide has been developed by the FDF with support from Coeliac UK, Anaphylaxis Campaign and the British Retail Consortium.

11th August 2015
Droppa & Droppa Specialist Foods
, the gluten, wheat and dairy free manufacturer and allergen training company, has closed their manufacturing arm in order to concentrate its resources on its allergen training customers, helping businesses get to grips with best practice procedures, due diligence, compliance and good old fashioned common sense.  They will continue to develop recipes suitable for gluten free diets, which can be cooked in any kitchen using 'easy-to-come-by' ingredients, as part of their KISS (Keep It Simple & Safe) Campaign.

10th August 2015
Mrs Crimble's
is helping to raise money for breast cancer research charity Breast Cancer Now with its gluten and dairy free Choc Macaroons. For every pack sold, 5p will be donated to Breast Cancer Now, meaning that enjoying one of Britain's favourite treats will be virtuous as well as utterly delicious! Available online and from various stockists nationwide.

6th August 2015
Ten Acre
have introduced two new flavours into their gluten & dairy free popcorn range: Lucia Popperley's Cappuccino Popcorn and Cousin Penelope's Strawberry & Cream Popcorn are also msg free, halal, vegan and kosher. Available online costing 69p for a 28g bag.

5th August 2015
Omission make both a gluten free lager and a gluten free pale ale, both 5.8% ABV, and both costing £2.50 for a 35.5cl bottle from Beer Merchants. Omission Lager is a refreshing and crisp beer, brewed in the traditional lager style. Amber in colour, Omission Pale Ale's floral aroma is complemented by caramel malt body, making for a delicious gluten-free craft beer.

3rd August 2015
The Protein Ball Co.
make high protein gluten, soya, wheat and GMO free snacks. Suitable for vegetarians, there are approximately 6 balls in each 45g bag providing on-the-go snacking, ideal for health conscious, fitness enthusiasts. Made with a range of organic proteins, the range offers a combination of vegan, whey and paleo protein balls in various flavours: Goji + Coconut (vegan ball), Sweet + Salty (Paleo Ball) and Coconut + Macadamia (whey ball).

1st August 2015
EHL Ingredients
has launched eight new organic blends with celery, sesame and mustard free varieties available - five seasonings and three stuffing mixes. The seasonings include Barbecue, Mediterranean style, Pepper, lemon and herb, Caribbean style, and spicy Mexican, which can be rubbed onto meat, sprinkled over vegetables, or added to burger mixes, coatings and breadcrumbs. The new organic stuffing blends are: onion and mixed herb; garlic, tomato and herb, and sultana, lemon and mixed spice - to add flavour and texture to traditional roast dinners and Mediterranean style dishes. Prices vary, available online.  

26th July 2015
Tasty Little Numbers have launched three 100 calorie gluten free biscuit bars in Belgian white, dark and milk chocolate varieties. Available to buy online, a box of 20 x 20g bars costs ?12, and they're available from Waitrose stores across the UK.

23rd July 2015
Aldi do not have an own brand freefrom range, but they do have two full guides for their products - one detailing gluten free products, and one listing lactose free products.

20th July 2015
DS-gluten freeis rebranding as Schar, and the range will introduce nine new products alongside DS-gluten free's existing 27 products, including Italian frozen meal solutions, a caramel Chocolix bar, and oat-based Breakfast Bakes. The Schar range is available from their website and in all major supermarkets across the UK from September.

15th July 2015
Kennet and Avonhave brewed a new gluten free stout, Savernake, a full bodied very black beer at 5.3% ABV with aromas of licorice, roasted coffee, chocolate. This barley and oat brewed beer is certified as Gluten Free and is well below the required level of 20 parts per million. It is also unfined and therefore vegan. Stockists online.

13th July 2015
Crobar is a gluten, dairy, soya and added sugar free, all natural energy bar which contains protein-rich cricket flour. Crickets are very high in protein and iron, contain all essential amino acids, and are also more sustainable to farm than conventional livestock, as they need far less water and land. Apart from cricket flour, Crobar energy bars contain nuts, dates and seeds, and come in two flavours: Cacao & Chia and Peanut Crunch. Available online, a box of 8 bars costs £18.

11th July 2015
Chippa is launching a gluten and dairy-free condiment range to replace Tiger Tiger. The range, which contains seven condiments; May-O (gf, df, ef mayonnaise), Tomato Sauce, Brown Sauce, Salad Cream, Sweet Chilli, Worcestershire sauce and BBQ Sauce. Available from Sainsbury's initially, the sauces will cost from £1.29 for the Worcestershire sauce and £1.59 for the rest.

10th July 2015
The Groovy Food Companyis launching a range of gluten free marinades and salad dressings using their own sweet Agave Nectar, an organically grown natural sweetener from Mexico's Blue Webber agave plant, and combined with fresh ingredients. Marinades include: Balsamic with Garlic and Basil, Masala with Mango, and Chilli with Coriander and Lime all in squeezy bottles. Dressings include Creamy Balsamic with Basil, Classic Mixed Herb with Garlic, or Sweet Mustard with Chilli - all delicious and will spruce up any dish. The whole range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and available to buy from Ocado and online - costing approximately ?2.50 for a 250ml bottle.

11th July 2015
The Allergy + FreeFrom Show 2015

Cressida's report on over 50 new products she found at last weekend's freefrom food and skincare exhibition at Olympia.

15th July 2015
Sweet Freedom have launched two new Choc Shots to their range: GM free, gluten free, dairy free, soya free, egg free and refined sugar free liquid chocolate Choc Shot Orange Spice and Choc Shot Coconut. These can be stirred into hot milk or dairy free milk alternative, and drizzled over fruit, porridge, pancakes, yoghurt and ice-cream, added to shakes and smoothies, replacing chocolate spread on toast and for baking (use in place of cocoa and sugar in recipes) as well as for filling and topping cakes. Choc Shots are made with fruit syrup and cocoa. Costing ?3.50 for 320g, Choc Shot Orange Spice is now available in Tesco and Choc Shot Coconut in Holland & Barrett.

8th July 2015
Provamel have brought out two new nut drinks: gluten, dairy & lactose free macadamia drink and cashew drink, made with just water, agave, macadamias or cashews and salt. Available from Goodness Direct costing approximately £1.69 for 500ml, also available from Amazon.

7th July 2015
Stringers Brewery have created a gluten free Dark Porter. Stringers Outlook gluten free beers can be bought online from Gluten Free Shop approximately £15.12 for a case of 6. Stringers Outlook Dark: gluten free porter 5.1% ABV, darkest ruby, caramel, dried fruit, light smoke, nutty. The fermenting beer gets a dose of the 'magic' enzyme, which enables Stringers to produce a gluten free beer from traditional ingredients. Each batch is tested by an independent laboratory before being released for sale.

6th July 2015
Bionita make gluten free potato gnocchi, and they also make gluten free spinach gnocchi, and tomato gnocchi! Available from Amazon and Ocado, costing approximately £1.55 for 250g.

4th July 2015
The Dip Society make gluten and wheat free dips in varieties such as Wasapea: pea and chickpea with a hit of wasabi, and Sweetbeet: a sweet & fiery beetroot dip with mint and chilli. These and their other varieties of dip are available from Ocado, costing approximately £2.49 for 150g.

3rd July 2015
Doves Farm have redesigned their range of gluten free flours, with the new packaging including recipes with easy ingredient swaps for those avoiding eggs or dairy as well as gluten. The redesign includes:

  • Gluten Free Plain White Flour - alternative to everyday wheat flour, good for breadmaking. £2.19 for 1kg
  • Gluten Free White Self-Raising Flour - a store cupboard essential for anyone on a gluten free diet and can be substituted for everyday self raising flour. £2.19 for 1kg
  • Gluten Free White Bread Flour - ideal for those wanting to make their own gluten free white bread by hand or equally good with a bread machine. £2.19 for 1kg
  • Gluten Free Rice Flour - rice flour can be used to make savoury dishes and sweet treats, and for thickening both sweet and savoury sauces. £1.79 for 1kg
  • Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour - is a blend of naturally gluten free ingredients and natural gum for a tasty alternative to wheat bread flour. £2.35 for 1kg
  • Gluten Free Gram Flour - Gram, or chana dahl, is a member of the chickpea family commonly used throughout the Indian subcontinent and Middle East. It is popular in both savoury and sweet dishes and is a vegan egg substitute if mixed with equal quantities of water. £2.29 for 1kg

The Doves Farm flour range is stocked nationwide in health food outlets as well as most major supermarkets and online at Amazon, Ocado and Doves Farm.

29th June 2015
Yorkshire Provender have brought out a range of gluten free single portion soups in 380g pots: citrus herb broth with noodles & quinoa; pea & fresh spinach soup with fresh mint; and roast chicken soup & traditional vegetables. All soups are created using local produce where possible. Available from various stockists nationwide.

27th June 2015
Chika's make a range of gluten free snacks including chickpea crisps, in smoked chilli and lightly spiced flavours. Available from various stockists including WH Smith, Whole Foods, Amazon and Waitrose from July, costing between 1.19 - 1.80 for a 35g bag. Chika's toasted nuts cost between 1.19 - 1.80 for 45g bag, and almonds and cashews cost 1.79 - 2.19 for 45g bag.

27th June 2015
Louola's Superfood Quinola (Keen-ola) is a grain, dairy and refined sugar free quinoa-based superfood cereal. Available in three varieties: beetroot, cashew & coconut; banana, cacao & goji; and mixed nuts, cranberry & cinnamon online, prices start at £2.50 for a 40g pot, and £7.50 for a 200g pouch.

25th June 2015
Optima make a raw virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed and chemical free, certified organic and non-GM. Available online, from Planet Organic, various health food shops and Amazon.

24th June 2015
Munchy Seeds, makers of gluten free seed snacks and meal toppers, has launched into Sainsbury's stores nationwide.
Honey Seeds, Chilli Bites and Omega Sprinkles in 25g sachets – 69p each
Choccy Ginger and Choccy Apricot in 50g snack packs – £1.59 each
Honey Seeds in 100g tubs – £2.35 each
Chilli Bites and Omega Sprinkles in 125g tubs – £2.35 each
Munchy Seeds products are also stocked in Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco and Co-op, as well as on Amazon.

24th June 2015
Lakritsfabriken (Swedish for Liquorice Factory) make a wide range of gluten & gelatin free liquorice: sweet, salty, extra salty and sour liquorice, liquorice toffees, chocolate glazed liquorice and much more. Available from Totally Swedish and other retailers.

24th June 2015
Longtime purveyor of other people’s goods, Planet Organic have launched their own brand and amongst other things this includes hand-popped gluten & soya free, vegan, organic, popcorn made with coconut oil. Currently in three flavours: cheezy kale, Himalayan pink salt and sweet & salty. Available from Planet Organic online and in store, a 20-25g bag costs approximately 99p.

23rd June 2015
BFree Ireland has announced the launch of its gluten and dairy free Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap made with Teff and Flax seeds into Tesco Ireland costing approximately €4.60 for a pack of 6. BFree has also partnered up with Costa Coffee using the BFree Multigrain Wraps to launch a gluten free Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap that will be included in 94 Costa Coffees in Ireland.

23rd June 2015
Nutiva O’Coconut Treats make lightly sweetened corn, soya and sugar free organic coconut flakes snack bags in classic or hemp & chia flavours. Available online.

22nd June 2015
Beond Organic raw, vegan, gluten, dairy & soya free Fruit Bars are now available in six flavours: acai berry, raw choc, blueberry, apple cinnamon, baobab pineapple and new sour cherry. Available online, from Amazon, and from various healthfood shops nationwide.

22nd June 2015
Free’ist has added gluten free popcorn, breakfast biscuits and marshmallows to its range. The four sugar & gluten free popcorn flavours include sweet & savoury, caramel crunch, lightly sea salted and nacho cheese (130g bags); the sugar & gluten free breakfast biscuits come in hazelnut & chocolate and cereal & mik varieties (300g packs), and the marshmallows are sugar, gluten, eggs, dairy and fat free.
Available from Tesco and Dunnes as well as Al Maya and LuLu, among the biggest retailers in the United Arab Emirates.

21st June 2015
ZooT is a new range of healthy, post work-out gluten free fruit & nut snack bars including ZooT Boost for energy lift, Cranberry Crush for a snack with added health benefits, Banana Choc Chip, and Choc ‘n’ Orange. All the bars in the BoosT range contain a small amount of Maltodextrin, a quickly digested carbohydrate that supplies the body with enough energy to engage in protein synthesis post-workout. Available online costing £8.99 for 9 bars.

20th June 2015
Costa is launching a new free range egg and slow roasted tomato vegetarian gluten-free wrap as a result of customer demand for a vegetarian gluten-free option. The wrap is baked in a dedicated gluten-free bakery with linseed, sunflower and millet seed, which gives it a slightly crunchy texture. The wrap, which is fully certified by Coeliac UK, joins the British Chicken and Basil Salad gluten-free wrap, gluten-free Cherry Bakewell and gluten-free Chocolate Brownie in Costa’s range of gluten-free options. The new wrap is available across Costa stores nationwide costing £3.75.

18th June 2015
Artisan chocolate maker NearyNogs has launched Northern Ireland’s first gluten-free bean to bar chocolate bar: the new stone & hand ground chocolate bar joins an existing range of over 30 handmade gluten free soft chocolates with flavours such as lemon and green tea, toasted walnut, mojito macha, almond nut buttercup and cardamom and clove.

17th June 2015
Mighty Bee organic gluten free and vegan coconut water and coconut meat is made from only Thai Nam Hom coconut.   The coconut meat has a unique texture and subtle flavour and can be blended, shredded, grated or straight out the bag, for use in smoothies, salad, coconut ice-cream and soup. Currrently available in Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason, the Grocery, Equinox, Lomax, Pomona Foods, simply fresh and, these products will soon be sold frozen in Wholefoods Market and Planet Organic. Prices vary.

17th June 2015
D & D Chocolate have launched their Everyday Range for Dairy Free Chocolate. Including a 100g bar of vegan chocolate, 160g of chocolate chips and chocolate animal shapes, all products are gluten and dairy free and vegan. Available to buy online, 100g bar is £2.45, 50g bar is £1.25, chocolate chips are £2.99, chocolate drops are £1.99 for 70g and the animal shapes are £6.89 for 120g of individually foil wrapped chocolate shapes.

17th June 2015
No Do gluten free crumble topping mix, shortcrust pastry mix and sweet pastry mix are all available from Olives et Al, costing £3.69 each.

17th June 2015
Kent’s Kitchen makes a range of gluten free meal kits, glossy gravies, sauces and stockpots - the meal kits include Thai Red Curry, Spicy Korma and Madras - there are six in total. The sauces include Peppercorn, Hollandaise and Lemon & Dill. All products from Kent's Kitchen are available online at Amazon and in delis, farm shops, food halls and butchers throughout the UK.

16th June 2015
Yum Yum Bros, the gourmet snacking company, have launched the Oh My Goodness range of nutritious gluten, wheat & dairy and dairy & nut free cereal bars. Also new are the Ndulge line of nut free cookies, in packs of four, in All Butter, Choc Chip and Stem Ginger varieties, available wholesale online, and from various cafes and food to go outlets. The Oh My Goodness! cereal bars are available from Holland & Barrett for 99p per bar.

16th June 2015
Denes produces a range of gluten free dog food, made from human grade meat and veg and seasoned with a selection of beneficial herbs, with no cereal fillers. Flavours include: Chicken & tripe, Chicken & vegetable, Chicken & Rabbit, Chicken, Lamb & Rice, Chicken & Liver, Turkey Rabbit & Rice, Turkey, Chicken & Rice (all with selected herbs). Some dogs, like some humans, require a gluten-free diet.  Available from Sainsbury's Ocado, Amazon, Waitrose Online and various petfood suppliers, costing approximately £1.20 for a 400g can.

16th June 2015
Nutriment make 3 ranges of gluten-free dog food: Nutriment (med/large dogs), Dinner for Dogs (small dogs) & Just (working dogs) are made from human-grade meat and vegetables, and metabolism-friendly superfoods (kelp, salmon & coconut oil, flax seeds..). The range champions a simple BARF philosophy (biologically appropriate raw food) that subscribes to feeding dogs top quality recipes that are in keeping with the sort of diet a dog would eat in the wild. Available in many different flavours, the ranges can be bought nationwide via home delivery or through a nationwide network of independently-owned stores. Dinner for Dogs costs between £1.05 - £1.25, Just £1.35-£1.50 and Nutriment - £1.45 - £1.85.

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15th June 2015
Bite UK Ltd make Kintaro pop rice clusters and nut clusters, which are gluten free, low in calories and fat, and with the exception of banana and chocolate pop rice, are also vegan and dairy free. Pop Rice Clusters are bite size morsels of popped rice with fruits and nuts in blueberry & cranberry, chocolate & banana, strawberry & gojiberry, and nut attack. Nut Clusters come in black sesame & cashew, almond, and hot & spicy. Available online, the clusters cost approximately £1.89 each.

14th June 2015
Sweet Virtues also make their superfood chocolate truffles as wedding favours, goodie bag treats or thank you gifts, in Ballotins (two-truffle box) or vibrant individually foil wrapped truffles. A minimum order of 50 Ballotins or 75 individual Truffles (single of mixed flavours) can be placed online, Sweet Virtues truffles are also now available in Selfridges.

13th June 2015
The Tiger Nut Company make tiger nut products including snacking nuts, flour and milled nuts. Tiger Nuts are high in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fibre. They are very nutritious containing more calcium than liver and as much iron as red meat. Naturally gluten free, they can also be used to make a milk alternative drink. All products are available online: the snacking tiger nuts are £5.99 with the 1kg bags of organic snacking tiger nuts, flour and milled (for smoothies, cereal etc) at £12.99. They are currently running a promotional offer of just £1.00 p&p on all items to mainland UK.

12th June 2015
Almond Breeze have just launched their dairy free Reduced Sugar almond drink, available from Waitrose (ambient £1.49) and Tesco (chilled £1.59). The Almond Breeze dairy free range also includes Original and Unsweetened. The Reduced Sugar Almond Breeze has just 38 calories per serving (200ml), compared with 75 calories per serving of skimmed milk and 48 calories per serving of Almond Breeze Original.

7th June 2015
Ombar has launched new dairy free Coco ‘Mylk’ Buttons, sweetened using organic sustainable coconut palm sugar. The raw cacao provides flavour, as well as a dose of friendly bacteria, which are shown to improve health and digestion. Available in 25g bags costing approximately £1.49 from Planet Organic, Wholefoods, independent health food stores and online at The Raw Chocolate Shop and wholesale from Tree of Life, The Health Store, Marigold, Infinity and Suma for £13.95 for a case of 15 bags.

6th June 2015
Jude’s, makers of ice cream, have launched a dairy free chocolate ice cream, made from single estate Colombian origin beans, and with no dairy or nut milk. Available in Waitrose, Jude’s Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream comes in a 500ml tub, costing approximately £4.69.

5th June 2015
Soulful Foods have launched a range of vegan, gluten free healthy soups in interesting flavours such as Malaysia Broth with Kelp noodles and beanshoots, Thai Chilli kale, Sweet potato with coconut and coriander. Available in bright, colourful packaging from cafes, delis and stores costing approximately £2.90 for a 600g tub.

4th June 2015
Easybean makers of gluten free one pot vegetarian meals and chickpea crispbreads, have added two new flavours to the crispbread range which now includes seeds & black pepper, moroccan spice and mung bean & chive. Available from various stockists.

4th June 2015
Clearspring have extended their sea vegetable range to include Seaveg Crispies – a light, thin, gluten free toasted nori snack made with four ingredients: nori, sesame oil, rapeseed oil and sea salt. They can be eaten on their own, with sushi or crushed up and sprinkled over salads. Available in independent health food stores, selected multiple retailers and online from Clearspring, costing approximately 89p per 5g pack. Click here for stockists.

3rd June 2015
First Great Western trains will soon be stocking products from Let Them Eat, makers of gluten and dairy free cakes made with vegetables like sweet potatoes, courgettes and butternut squash.

3rd June 2015
Orgran, who have been making vegan products that are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, egg, yeast and soya since 1984, have launched their new packaging this month. Orgran has over 80 products in the range, including FFFA15’s commended No Egg Natural Egg Replacer (£2.69), Apple and Cinnamon Pancake Mix  (£2.99) and Quinoa Penne (£2.25). The Orgran range is widely available across the UK in supermarkets and health food stores and online at Amazon and Ocado. Click here to get to the Amazon UK gluten-free shop and then use the search facility to access other freefrom products.

2nd June 2015
Shemins have launched a range of gluten & dairy free curry pastes. Costing £3.50 for a tub, 3 for £9.50 or 6 for £18, the pastes include Thai Green Curry, Mild, Medium or Hot Curry, and Seafood Spice Paste, and are available online and from various retailers nationwide.

1st June 2015
Pip & Nut make dairy free nut butters: Almond, peanut & coconut/almond butter – a squeeze pack taster pack costs £12 for 15 sachets, and a 3 jar taster pack (250g x 3) costs £10. Available online and from Selfridges, Partirdges, As Nature Intended & Sourced market.

30th May 2015
Wheaty make vegan, organic, dairy free, egg free and palm oil free alternatives to ‘well-known meat/animal-derived products’, such as ‘cheese’ slices, ‘salami’, ‘chorizo’, ‘sausages’, ‘hotdogs’, ‘steaks’ etc. Available online from Vegan Store and various stockists.

30th May 2015
RAW Roobar, makers of 100% raw, vegan, gluten & soya free superfood bars in various flavour including baobab ginger, mulberry vanilla and liquorice chilli, have also launched a new protein bar with brown rice and chia seeds, in either spirulina or cacao varieties. Available from Goodness Direct, Perfectly Paleo, the Amazon UK gluten-free shop and Planet Organic costing approximately £1.89 for a 50g bar.

26th May 2015
Doves Farm has launched two more gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya free cookies to join its lemon zest and stem ginger varieties: designed to be enjoyed at home or on the go, Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate cookies are available in selected health stores and supermarkets nationwide and online with a snack pack costing approximately £1.15 and a 180g pack costing approximately £1.59. The cookies are Fairtrade, Soil Association- Organic, Coeliac UK and Kosher certified. The range is also suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

25th May 2015
have launched a gluten free version of their Original granola. A 400g pack costs approximately £4.69, and is available from Asda and online from 1st June, and from Sainsbury’s in July.

23rd May 2015
Koko Dairy Free has launched a dairy free vegetable fat spread for consumers who are either avoiding dairy products or who are actively seeking products containing coconut based fats. The spread has added Vitamin D2 and B12 plus Vitamins A and E. The 500g tub is stocked in the Chilled aisle or Free From chilled section depending on the store and is available from various stockists nationwide, costing approximately £2.19.

23rd May 2015
‘Free from’ brand Free & Easy has a range of soups, sauces, ready meals, curry pastes and gravies, blending wholesome ingredients, spices and seasoning to create rich flavours for easy, nourishing and healthy meals. The range is available from: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons, Ocado, all good health food and fine food retailers, as well as good online retailers, priced from £1.11.

22nd May 2015
Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons has launched two free from artisan loaves, both gluten, wheat & dairy free: the Classic White Artisan Loaf and the White Sourdough Artisan Cob. The products are made in small weekly batches by bakers using traditional artisan processes such as hand-moulding the dough, and hand packing the finished product. The Classic White Artisan Loaf and the White Sourdough Artisan Cob are available as exclusive products in 121 Sainsbury’s stores for three months.

20th May 2015
High welfare pork producer Spoilt Pig (spoiltpig) has re-launched its sausages as gluten-free. spoiltpig sausages are made solely from outdoor-reared British pigs, with prime cuts of pork and seasoned with herbs and spices. Available to buy from selected Morrisons, Nisa, Ocado and Tesco stores, from £2.99 per pack.

19th May 2015
Vita Coco
is launching an organic, 100% raw and cold-pressed coconut oil for use in smoothies, baking, or frying. Health-minded fans of coconut oil use it to moisturise skin and hair, as an alternative to butter, and to promote gum health by ‘oil pulling’. Vita Coco Coconut Oil is available in three sizes: 250ml (approximately £5.99) and 500ml (approximalte £9.99) glass jars and a 750ml PET jar (approximately £14.50) Available online from Amazon, in store from Tesco and various other stockists.

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18th May 2015
New artisan freefrom company Coori offers dairy, wheat, gluten and nut free ready-to-eat dishes, treats and every day ingredients, with a focus on taste and texture so that those following a freefrom diet can enjoy all their favourite foods without compromising on quality. Coori’s ready-to-eat range includes gluten free ravioli made with rice and corn pasta and filled with fresh spinach and ricotta cheese, as well as tortellini and pies. Coori also offer monthly gluten free boxes containing 30 products and 10 recipe suggestions to help you create new freefrom meals.

10th May 2015
CELIA has launched gluten free CELIA Dark, a traditional dark Czech lager with a rich, dark flavour and burnt caramel aroma. CELIA Dark is available to buy online on Ocado or in-store at Oddbins, costing approximately £2.49 for a 330ml bottle.

9th May 2015
Barkat, one of the longest running gluten-free producers in the UK, has launched a number of new own-label gluten free products including gf lasagne sheets, pasta shells, all-purpose flour mix and chocolate hazelnut bar, and added more branded products to its online shop, prices vary.

8th May 2015
Dragonfly Foods make organic soysages, Tattys, vegetable burgers and marinated tofu blocks – gluten, wheat, dairy, and egg free vegetarian meat alternative products, in various flavours. The soysages come in original (with a hint of sage) and leek & potato flavours. Available from many stockists nationwide, prices vary.

7th May 2015
Hepworth Brewery have launched a range of gluten free beers including Iron Horse, a traditional premium bitter at 4.8%, Saxon, a full bodied lager at 4%, and Blonde, a crisp, fresh organic lager at 5%. Available online from the Real Ale Warehouse, Iron Horse costs £2.98 for a 500m bottle. The gluten free ales are also available from various public houses & inns – find a stockist near you.

6th May 2015
Primrose’s Kitchen raw vegetable mueslis in both the Raw Carrot & Cinnamon and Raw Beetroot & Ginger flavours are now available in 198 Waitrose stores across the UK, as well as other stockists, costing approximately £5.95 for 400g.

5th May 2015
Punch Foods Superseeds make raw, organic, gluten and dairy free seed snacks in four varities: with maca, cayenne pepper & smoked paprika, omega 3 and tamari, and cacao & coconut. Available online from Evolution Organics and from various stockists, Punch Foods Superseeds cost £3.99 for a 60g tube.

3rd May 2015
Sacla’ is expanding its free from range with the launch of a gluten, dairy & wheat free Bolognese sauce and a gluten & wheat free besciamella (bechamel) sauce (for lasagne), both of which are suitable for vegetarians, certified gluten free, egg free, and made in Italy by the founding Italian family. Sacla’ Free From Bolognese and Sacla’ Free From Besciamella are available in Sainsbury’s with an RSP of £1.99 and £2.29 respectively.

3rd May 2015
Mrs Crimble’s has created gluten free Hot Chilli Cheese Crackers, made with real cheese, to join the existing selection of gluten free cheese crackers which includes rosemary & onion, tomato & pesto and original cheese varieties. Available from Sainsbury’s costing £2.00 for 130g, and from independent retail stores nationwide.

2nd May 2015
Marks & Spencer have brought out two new gluten free snacks for kids - fish shaped cheese & tomato potato snacks and puffed star potato crackers in cheese and spinach flavour. Available in store, 5 x mini bags cost £2.

2nd May 2015
Genius Gluten Free have launched a gluten free English muffin, available from both Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. It is priced at £2.25

2nd May 2015
Tideford Organics have added a new gluten, wheat and dairy free soup to their range: Beetroot Soup with Pomegranate, with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from organic 'superfoods' beetroot and pomegranate. It is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs, is low in salt and fat and contains no added sugar. Available from Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and all well-known independents nationwide, a 600g pot size will cost approximately £2.79.

1st May 2015
Mrs Crimble’s have launched a new 'Gluten Free…and Good For Me' range of gluten free Fusilli Pasta with Sauce in three flavours – Rich Tomato and Mediterranean Herb, Gourmet Mushroom and Cream, Cheese and White Wine sauces. The products combine corn pasta with a dried sauce that can be prepared in ten minutes by adding water and cooking on a hob or in a microwave. Another addition to this range are cereal bars made from fruit, oats, fibre and honey in three flavours: Cherries & Berries, Sultana & Apricot and Banana. The family of products are calorie counted and designed to provide convenient healthy eating.
Currently available from Mrs Crimbles, Holland & Barrett online, Tesco Ireland and Musgraves, the products will also be available to order at further online retailers later this year. The Pasta with Sauce costs £1.99 and the cereal bars are 89p each.

28th April 2015
Oatly, makers of the oat-based milk alternative, are launching three new drinks: orange & mango oat drink, and apple & pear and chocolate oat drink minis (these last two are for on-the-go consumers) can be stored at room temperature. These drinks are dairy free. Available from Ocado, Orange Mango Oat Drink is available from Ocado for £1.79 per litre, and Apple Pear and Chocolate Oat Drink £1.79 for 3 x 250ml.


27th April 2015
Delamere Dairy have launched a new goats’ yogurt range, including new flavours, and new pot sizes. The Damson & Plum yogurt is available in a 450g pot, and the plain and honey flavoured yogurts are now available in 450g pots with the plain yogurt also available in a new farmhouse style, single serve 125g pot. These are available in supermarkets and health food stores nationwide. Click here for stockists.

26th April 2015
Fowl Chicken Scratchings have launched a gluten free scratching made with chicken skin. They are entirely free from gluten, MSG and additives. They are a straightforward snack, and they work in a salad too as a substitute to croutons or lardons. Available to buy wholesale online, 12 packs cost £14 and are distributed through The Real Pork Crackling Company. They will soon be found across a wide range of outlets from multiples to delicatessens to public houses.

25th April 2015
Silly Yak’s gluten free range includes ready to roll pastry, sausage rolls, cheese & onion pasties and black cherry pies. The gluten free 400g block of pastry is now available in 430 Tesco stores nationwide costing approximately £1.75.

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25th April 2015
Really Healthy Pasta make gluten free pasta shapes from red lentil and black beans, available online from Good Health Naturally costing £4.99 for a 227g box.

24th April 2015
Lifefood has launched Crawnchies, the first raw vegan lactose & gluten free, organic stackable veggie crisps. Crawnchies are made of vegetables and seeds, seasoned with herbs and spices. Available in three different flavours: Pumpkin Curcuma, Sea Lettuce and Spicy Paprika. The new range costs £2.49 for a 20g tub and is available from Lifefood's online shop.

23rd April 2015
Love Taste is selling its smoothies (gluten & dairy free veg and fruit in individual sachets) through Ocado, including Pash ‘n’ Shoot and Broccoli and the Beast, which are now available for less than £1. Love Taste's smoothies are also available from Pret a Manger and independent cafes, gyms, bars, restaurants and hotels.

22nd April 2015
Rebel Mylk are launching a new coffee flavour coconut mylk - a dairy free alternative for coffee lovers everywhere. 12 x 330ml available online for £20.00.

21st April 2015
Sensitive Souls make gluten, nut, dairy, egg, wheat, soya, sulphite, vegan, organic and fairtrade popcorn snacks, rocky road, flapjacks, brownies and millionaire's shortbread. Available online, 1 packet costs £3.50, with any 2 for £6, any 3 for £9 and any 4 packs for £12. 

20th April 2015
Love Popcorn is a new range of gluten free, handmade popcorn snacks including flavours such as Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, Fiery Salsa – made with real tomato, chilli and cumin – Cocoa Crisp, Salty Sweet and Sweet Vanilla. Currently available on Amazon, Yumbles and in some speciality food shops and delis. Also available in POD Food London.  

19th April 2015
Smooze have redesigned their dairy and gluten free fruit ices, as it turns out that 63% of grown ups were buying Smooze for themselves – what about the children!? They have also changed the pack size to 5 in a box – available now from Ocado, Amazon, Costco & Sainsbury’s (Holland & Barrett soon) costing approximately £2.69.

18th April 2015
Nature’s Path have added a new gluten free product to their range of cereals, Honey Sunrise, a wholegrain cereal made from corn, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and honey. Available online from Big Green Smile and from Ocado, Amazon and other stockists nationwide, a packet will cost approximately £2.99. 

17th April 2015
Muffin Break cafés, which specialise in muffins, cakes and savoury dishes have launched a new range of six dairy & lactose free muffins. The new flavours are: Banana Nut and Trail Mix, Apple Cinnamon and Trail Mix, Superfruit and Trail Mix, Lemon and Poppyseed, Black Forest, and Banana Coconut, all muffins are freshly baked on the premises, and they also offer a range of gluten free sweet muffins. Find a Muffin Break cafe near you

16th April 2015
Family owned pastry manufacturer Pidy has recently launched their new and improved gluten free range for UK bakery manufacturers and in future for retail, including 8.5cm neutral and sweet pastry cases for sweet or savoury fillings. The new pastry cases are straight sided giving it an authentic homemade feel whilst still staying in line with the current bakery trend. The Pidy team have gone to great lengths to ensure that there are no compromises in taste or quality between their gluten free and their non-gluten free pastry. Please contact Pidy for details 01604 705666. 

15th April 2015
DS-gluten free is launching its new gluten and wheat free Chicken Kievs - chicken breast meat filled with garlic and parsley butter sauce, coated in gluten free breadcrumbs. Available from the frozen aisle of 250 Morrisons stores nationwide, two chicken kievs will cost approximately £3.00.
14th April 2015
EHL Ingredients launched its new range of spice blends and marinades for caterers at the end of 2014 and 10 of these have been specifically developed using non-allergen ingredients, including: spicy Spanish, garlic and lemon dry marinade, Italian style tomato, black pepper and herb dry marinade, Berber spice blend, Mexican Adobo, Shawarma spice blend, Creole spice blend, West Indian Jerk seasoning, Fish seasoning, beef seasoning and poultry seasoning. EHL Ingredients also supplies non-allergen containing Cajun, BBQ, Thai and Piri Piri seasonings, as well as Herbs de Provence, Chinese Five Spice, Garam Masala, Ras El Hanout, Tandoori Masala and a Shawarma Lamb Mix. Demand for EHL’s allergen-free ingredients has increased by 20% over the last year. Available online.

8th April 2015
Clive’s Pies have just won Best Free From Product at the IFE's World Food Innovation Awards last month. Clive's Pies launched three new flavours into Holland & Barrett last year, as well as launching the chilled/frozen Mushroom & Leek and Homity Pies. A vast range of Clive's vegan, gluten, wheat & dairy free pies are available from Ocado and Goodness Direct, including their meal pots, dips and cakes. Twin-pack gluten free pies are available from Holland & Barrett for £4.99. Nationwide independent health food retailers such as Infinity Foods and Sunny Foods in Brighton, and As Nature Intended, Planet Organic, Applejacks, etc, in London - approximate price £2.99.

7th April 2015
Helen’s have launched a new product range which includes a wheat free Breakfast Protein Crunch and Savoury Seed Crunchers, which are designed for on the go eating. Helen’s Breakfast Seed Toppings are gluten and wheat free, and contain a mix of seeds and fruit. The range includes four products: Milled Linseed Mix with Gojiberries; Milled Linseed Mix with Chia & Hemp; Protein Crunch with Raspberries, and Linseed Crunch with Cranberries & Almond. Available online and from retailers and health stores nationwide and Ireland, these products all cost approximately £2.79 per pack.

4th April 2015
Naturelly’s new Jelly Juice is jelly made from fruit juice, and is naturally free from gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts and gelatin and suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs. The three flavours available are Totally Tropical, Summer Fruits and Apple, available online and from independent stockists nationwide for approximately £1.39 per pouch and wholesale from The Health Store.

3rd April 2015
Doves Farm have brought out six new organic flapjacks all freefrom gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya. Flavours include: banana & hemp seed, agave nectar, apple & sultana, apricot & chia seed, chocolate chip, and fig & linseed. Baked in Doves Farm’s dedicated gluten free Wiltshire bakery that does not use gluten, milk, peanut, egg or soya, the flapjacks do not contain processed crystal sugar. They are dairy-free and so contain sustainable palm oil, sourced from certified Colombian farms where wildlife and habitats are protected. A single 35g flapjack costs 69p, with a four-pack costing £2.49, from the Doves Farm website.

2nd April 2015
Keen Nut Butters has developed a new 100% cashew nut butter, as well as increasing their range to offer lots of variations: almond smooth and crunchy, hazelnut extremely dark, and new for Spring 2015 is almond crunchy maple. These nut butters are sugar, gluten and dairy free, making them suitable for those following a vegan, vegetarian or Paleo diet. They are also free from additives, preservatives and stabilisers and are now produced in a gluten-free environment. Available online from Perfectly Paleo, a 170g jar costs approximately £3.50

1st April 2015
Mill Street Chocolate make raw, organic and fairtrade stone ground chocolate, all of which are dairy and soya free, including raspberry and cacao nib crunch, black cherry with coconut sprinkles, mint with strawberry and almond - and all but one of which are gluten free. All products may contain traces of nuts, soya and other allergens. Available online, the flavoured bars cost £12 for 3 x 40g bars. Mill Street Chocolate also make truffles, gianduja, and petit four.

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