Dietary tips for relieving fibromyalgia

The Healthier Life website suggests new research shows that central sensitisation – a process in which neurons in your spinal cord become sensitised by inflammation or cell damage – may play a role in the way fibromyalgia sufferers process pain.

The researchers believe that certain chemicals in food may trigger the release of neurotransmitters that heighten the sensitivity of neurons in your spinal cord, causing the central sensitisation. These findings may help to explain why up to 42% of patients in a survey reported that certain foods aggravated their symptoms.

They suggest the following steps:

1. Limit your sugar intake as much as possible

2. Avoid caffeine

3. Eat fresh foods

4. Boost your intake of omega-3s

5.Minimise your yeast intake

6.Cut down on dairy consumption

7. Lower your carbohydrate intake

8.Avoid aspartame and artificial sweeteners

9. Avoid additives

10. Stay away from junk food

Click here for the thinking behind each suggestion.


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First Published in January 2010

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