Allergy to animals

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New research reveals how cat dander triggers allergic responses. July 2013

Interesting article in the Mail-online about an Olympic show jumper who was finally forced to abandon her riding career becuse of a late-onset allergy to horses. May 2010

Minimising allergic reactions to pets. Advice from CNN Health. 2009

Allergies to pets and other animals: A look at a problem that can cause great upset in families very attached to their pets, and a few solutions. By Dr Harry Morrow Brown. 2008

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Research Reports

Reptiles often chosen as pets when children allergic to dogs or cats but reptiles' food can also cause lasting allergic reactions. October 2015

Inhalant horse allergens and allergies: a review of the literature. July 2012

Hotels that invite pets may also be inviting allergic reactions. October 2011

Cat allergic people may also be allergic to pork and other meats. November 2011

Hypoallergenic dogs don’t have lower household allergen levels than non-hypoallergenic dogs. July 2011

Early exposure to pets reduces children's risk of allergies. June 2006

Cats on a plane? Allergy sufferers can’t escape. November 2010

Dogs, farm animals and laboratory rats are good news for allergy sufferers. March 2008

Under-the-tongue immunotherapy and cats. March 2008

Cat hair at home poses an allergy risk, particularly for young children. May 2007

Could cats show the way to an allergy cure? September 2005


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