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This section of the Foodsmatter site looks at coeliac (celiac) disease and other food-related digestive disorders.

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As part of an MSc in Nutrition and Food Science Dawn Ainsworth wants to know more about the everyday experiences of living with CD. Coeliacs' eating habits, nutritional knowledge and quality of life – and whether or not these issues vary by gender, current age and age at diagnosis. To learn more or take part in the survey click here.


Alex Gazzola takes a look – and, despite the enthusiasm of some its new users, is not entirely convinced.


'What’s the worst thing about living with a coeliac?', I asked my other half whilst we were lying in bed one morning.
'The bloody kitchen,' he cried, sitting up. 'It’s a nightmare....' Read on....


Excellent post on Alex Gazzola's Allergy Insight blog on whether (or not) coeliacs should be worried by the possibility of gluten appearing in their face or hair care products and how, if it does, it should be labelled.


The eucharistic host is a key sacrament for most Christian religions. But, as Alex reports, what it is made of is not as simple as it seems – and is causing deep distress to many coeliacs and food sensitives.

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