Artificial nutrition

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Tube Feeding Awareness Week – Rachel, whose 9-year old son has Eisinophilic Colitis, spent a year with a nasogastric tube. She talks about its effects on her soen and the whole family in seven posts on Tune Feeding awareness Week on her blog, 7YearstoDiagnosis. February 2016

Artificial nutrition – what is it? Pam Harris takes a look at who can benefit from ANS and how it works. 2005

Navigating through the NHS. Pam Harris offers some tips on how to gain access to the specialist forms of feeding if food intolerances restrict one’s diet below a weight maintenance level. 2005


Research Reports


Two cases of allergic reaction to parenteral nutrition – one to egg and the other to the multivitamin component of the food. October 2011 and September 2011

Formula woes – US style. Sepember 2007

Parenteral nutrition improved by omega 3s. March 2007

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