Corn and Maize

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What Life Is Like When Corn Is off the Table. Good blog in The Atlantic about the difficulty of living with a corn sensitivity. April 2019

Can food sensitivity trigger heart arrhythmia? For Anna Jacobs it certainly can. January 2018

No grain, no pain. Micki Rose looks at gluten bearing grains (such as corn) outside the traditional wheat, barley and rye – and the trouble that they cause. February 2011

Corn allergy and intolerance. Dr Janice Joneja investigates whether it exists as a 'true' allergy and looks at the heatlh problems that corn sensitivity can, none the less, cause. February 2015

Very detailed post on the TrulyGlutenFree site on the use of corn in sanitary products, the health effects and the alternatives available. June 2013

Corn Allergy and intolerance. Comment from Dr Michael Radcliffe, consultant in allergy medicine at the Royal Free and the University of Southampton. May 2011

The trials of living with a severe corn allergy. Coeliacs and dairy intolerants may struggle to get recognition for their condition or to identify their allergens or triggers in ready-made food, but you try being corn allergic! A recent correspondence between FoodsMatter and a severely corn allergic site visitor. June 2011

Maize is allergenic, and can cause anaphylaxis. An Italian study finds that as little as 100mg can cause reactions. December 2008

Corn a possible source for collagen, a protein widely used in food, medical and cosmetic products. August 2007


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