Latex allergy

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How to manage a latex allergy. Sarah Leggatt is a freelance health and medical writer whose teenage son has allergies to multiple foods and latex. August 2018

Poinsettia allergy – a personal tale form the USA. September 2014

Root canal fillings. What you should worry about if you have a latex sensitivity. Helpful blog from What Allergy? March 2013

Latex allergy and the bungs in vials of medicine. Latex can be found in the bungs in vials of injectable medicines such as dental local anaesthetics. This article provides a list of local anaesthetic preparations used in dentistry in the UK which are latex free. September 2012

Op-Ed on latex allergies – enlightening blog by latex-allergy sufferer on the pervasiveness of latex and the problems of living with the allergy. October 2011

Calls for a ban on latex gloves in the US. April 2011

Latex and poinsettias – a dangerous connection? Dr Kevin Kelly, Professor of Pediatrics/Medicine and Chief of Allergy & Immunology at the Medical College of Wisconsin warns of a family connection. December 2009

Latex allergy: Sarah Merson looks into the growing incidence of latex allergy and how it affects sufferers. 2007

Safe sex for allergic people: Sarah Merson charts a way through the hazards lying in wait for allergic people trying to practice safe sex. 2007


Research Reports


Could there be a cross reaction between jack fruit and latex? March 2015

30-50% of individuals with natural rubber latex (NRL) allergy show an associated hypersensitivity to particular plant-derived foods. March 2013

Latex-free rubber bands. July 2013

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) may be an effective option for the treatment of latex allergy in selected patients, when avoidance measures are not feasible or effective. August 2012

More restaurants are catering for food allergies – but have not taken into consideration the latex gloves worn for hygiene. May 2012

Sublingual immunotherapy in natural rubber latex-allergic patients. August 2011

More new alternatives to natural rubber. February 2009

Allergen free rubber from dandelion. November 2009

Powder-free gloves in hospitals decrease allergy risk. March 2009

Latex alternatives. July 2008

Curcumin reduces latex allergy. November 2007


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