Food Allergen Review from the European Food Safety Council

An extensive review of food allergens on the EUFIC site covers:

1. Differences between food allergy and food intolerance
  a. Sensitisation
  b. Reaction

2. Prevalence of allergies in Europe

3. Foods implicated in allergic responses

4. Symptoms of food allergies

5. Diagnosing food allergies (Skin tests, Food elimination diets, RAST, DBPCFC)

6. Factors influencing the prevalence of food allergies
  6.1 Changes in dietary habits
  6.2 Geographical differences
  6.3 Food processing
  6.4 Biotechnology (Genetically modified foods)

7. Management of allergen risks by the food industry
  7.1 HACCP
  7.2 Labelling including voluntary precautionary labelling
  7.3 Establishing thresholds
  7.4 Analytical methods for allergen detection

8. Allergy prevention strategies – the dietary approach

9. Current activities in this area (other agencies/organisations)

See the EUFIC site for the full text.

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