Ford cars are allergy-friendly cars


Fords have been concentrating on the environmental impact of their cars (see this article in Easier Cars for a full report) bit not to the detriment of their allergy-friendliness:

In working on the environmental impact of Ford interiors, engineers have considered protecting occupants from potentially health-threatening allergic reactions.

All materials touched by the Ford Focus driver – such as the steering wheel, seat covers and seat belts – are dermatologically tested, while high-performance air filters prevent allergic pollens from entering the cabin.

In addition to the Focus, eight other Ford models have been allergy tested: Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, C-MAX, Kuga, Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy. They have been independently verified by international test authority TÜV. Ford is the only manufacturer to have its cars' interiors confirmed as allergy friendly.

Another article in Autonewscast gives more details of the interior treatment: low emission adhesives, nickel-free metals; leather and textile upholstery tested for allergy causing potential; interior air quality testing as well as efficient pollen filters.

The cars have won both the TÜV seal of approval and an ESCARF certificate for their efforts.

First published in 2010

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