Invisible bracelet emergency health registry


A new service based in Oklahoma, US,  provides emergency health providers to access your medical information on line (virtal if you have a serious allergy and are unableto inform the emergency services yourself) and contact up to 10 next of kin  in a medical emergency thus providing more information than the standard medical bracelet or necklace.

For $5 a year you can register you details and contacts on line after which you will receive and membership card with a unique PIN to be attached to key chain, driver’s  license etc which will allow emergency medics go go on line and access your details.

Invisible Bracelet (iB) requires participating emergency services to be licensed to use the site thus ensuring that only qualified medics can access your account and only during a medical emergency. When they do, they cannot change the data; it's read-only. Registered members are the only people able to update their iB account information.

A good system but, as with jewelry, it does require the user to remember to carry/make accessible the information and/or PIN. iB is hoping to roll the service out nationwide.

First published in January 2010

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