Oral allergy syndrome/ Pollen Food Syndrome

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New BSACI guidelines for the diagnosis and management of pollen food syndrome.
Pollen Food Syndrome (PFS) is a food allergy that can affect pollen sensitised individuals and is characterised by immediate onset mild to moderate symptoms to raw plant foods. It can be diagnosed through a clinical history alone. Care needs to taken that PFS is not confused with a primary peanut or treenut allergy thereby limiting diet more than necessary. Care also needs to be taken as the typically mild symptoms of PFS can lead to an erroneous perception that severe reactions never occur. August 2022

Oral Allergy Syndrome. Dr Janice Joneja investigates this conditon which plagues so many people early in the year. April 2016

Oral allergy syndrome sufferers with hypertension may be at increased risk for severe reaction.  January 2014

Oral Allergy Syndrome topples peanut allergy in the 'league tables'. Nutritionist Micki Rose investigates. 2009

Oral Allergy Syndrome. Alex Gazzola has researched the syndrome in some detail. 2006


Research Reports

Oral allergy syndrome. Jan 2018

A review of oral allergy syndrome, looking at the current state of the research in the field. The symptoms of mouth and throat itching to specific types of food is relatively common (5-8% of the population) although it is rarely associated with anaphylaxis. The overlap with grass and ragweed allergy in relation to specific fruits and vegetables is discussed.

Disappearance of severe oral allergy syndrome following omalizumab treatment. May 2017
This single patient case-study reports the disappearance of oral-allergy response to apple following treatment with omalizumab. This offers promise that this treatment could be effective in reducing other types of allergic response and needs further exploration.

30 – 75% of those with hay fever may have oral allergy syndrome caused by raw fuits and vegetables, but symptoms can be avoided with cooking. Septemebr 2015

IgE, IgG4 and IgA specific to Bet v 1-related food allergens do not predict oral allergy syndrome. November 2014

Oral allergy syndrom - the need of a multidisciplinary approach. June 2014

Researchers identify how the protein Bet v 1 in birch pollen triggers allergy. June 2014

Food avoidance diets may help those with systemic, lip and oral contact allergies who have not improved with external avoidance of allergens. December 2012

Tolerance of apples achieved by eating them all the time. November 2011

Oral allergy syndrome linked to pollen allergies. June 2009



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