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New Zealand Ministry for Primary Products cracks down on sulfite use in raw meat. September 2013

Californian neutraceutical company, CreAgri, introduces the first sulphites-free wine containing olive polyphenols. July 2013

Sulphite sensitivity – Dr Janice Joneja. What it is, why people have it, and and how to manage it. A lengthy article based on Dr Joneja's recent book. August 2013

'Sulphite-reducers' in wine do not work – John Lang explains why. July 2013

Discussion on the feasibility of producing genuinely sulphite-free wine. May 2013

Randox Food Diagnostics develops test kit for sulphites in wine. May 2013

Preservatives made from grape pips may obviate the need for sulphur in wine making. April 2013

Although grapes are the only fresh fruit that is permitted to use sulphites to prevent spoilage, in a survey, in Canada, of 329 fresh grape samples collected over 2010-2111 showed that 995 had no detectable levels of sulphites. April 2013

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Sulphites - One of the ten priority food allergens. Useful factsheet from Health Canada. January 2013

The Sulphite Connection – a new book by Paul Barratt-Hassett who traced his chronic fibromyalgia to sulphite sensitivity and who believes that hidden sulphites in foods may be responsible for a wide range of other chronic conditions. June 2011

Low Sulphite Wines – John and Jane Lang from Good Wine on LIne explain exactly what this means. December 2010

Sulphates and Sulphites: the Good, the Moderately Bad and the Ugly. Margaret Moss explains the difference and the importance of each. November 2009

Allergy to sulphites: a detailed examination of what sulphites are, what kinds of foods they appear in and establishment attitudes to sulphite allergy. Justine Bold 2008


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Research Reports


Enzyme can reduce sulphites in wine. Research here; comment here. February 2015

Two major phenotypes of sulfite hypersensitivity: asthma and urticaria. February 2014

More probiotics to be found in wine than in yoghurt but they can be destroyed by the sulphites used for preservation. October 2014

Sulphites and ulcerative colitis. January 2006

Towards less allergenic wines. June 2006

'Sulfur' allergy - not always as it seems. April 2007


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