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A new Total Food Intolerance Facebook Group 
John Scott who suffered for many years from Total Food Intolerance, finally resolved through Helminthic Therapy (see his many articles below) has now started a Facebook group for Total Food Intolerance sufferers. As he says, ‘thanks to the complete lack of effective treatment options in the medical kit bag and typical dismissal of the condition as psychosomatic by medics, some sort of support group is desperately needed'.  April 2022

A compendium of articles and information on total food intolerance drawn from the articles below by JohnScott. January 2015

Clare's story. In less than a year Clare has lost four stone, has been reduced to only six foods that she can, just, tolerate, and seriously believes that she could starve to death – yet no doctor knows how to treat her total food intolerance. October 2012

Homemade elemental diet. There is a growing collection of recipes for homemade elemental diets to be found on the FoodsMatter forums here.

Story in the Daily Mail about a 29 year old with multiple food and chemical allergies who has had her funding for neutralisation therapy at the Breakspear Hospital (that has been enabling her to manage her allergies) withdrawn. November 2011

Wriggling out of food intolerance – John Scott describes how a dose of worms has dramatically improved his total food intolerance. November 2009

John Scott's free digestive enzymes... 2009

Homeopathic desensitisation – a way to enable you to eat foods which you could not otherwise tolerate – John Scott explains – 2009

What is Total Food Allergy/Intolerance? John Scott explains. 2009

The use of semi-elemental infant feeds by adults with food intolerance by John Scott. 2009

Can food intolerance kill? Richard Senior, the husband of a woman whose food intolerances were misdiagnosed or ignored throughout her life, writes a short account. 2008

Total Food Intolerance - A Medical Black Hole: John Scott's story detailing thirty years of symptoms, varying diagnoses, attempted treatments and his current situation. 2004-8

Total food intolerance: feedback from Foods Matter readers – edited by John Scott.

The Medical Response to Total Food Intolerance in 2008 John Scott reviews the current situation and reveals the likely response to anyone with this problem. 2008

Eosinophilic Esophagitis: a description of diagnosis and treatment of EE, an emerging disorder that affects all ages, from Drs Terri Brown-Whitehorn and Chris Laicouras. 2007

Total food intolerance – Rhiannon: a personal history of the first six years or so of her life, provided by her mother, Sarah. 2006

Total food intolerance – Isobel: a personal history of the effects of medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol on one 64-year-old woman, Isobel Bracewell. 2006.

Artificial nutrition – what is it? Pam Harris looks at who can benefit from ANS and how it works. 2005

Navigating through the NHS
: some tips from Pam Harris on how to gain access to the specialist forms of feeding if food intolerances restrict one’s diet below a weight maintenance level. 2005

When only fresh will do: A case study written by Anna Locatelli, whose immune system is badly affected by chemicals, and who must eat entirely fresh foods in order to avoid extreme, long-lasting reactions. 2005

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Research Reports


Long-term effect of parenteral (intravenous) feeding on children. March 2010

Helping the boy who couldn't eat: the food challenge test and controlling allergies with tiny bites. April 2009

The Nightingale Trust for nutritional support. January 2009

Ten-year-old boy with eosinophilic enteropathy (total food intolerance) put on tube feed by doctors at Great Ormond Street. October 2007

Formula woes - American style. September 2009

Parenteral nutrition improved by omega 3. April 2007


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