ADHD and problem school – 2

Our previous report on the school that refused to allow a child on a restricted diet for ADHD to bring a packed lunch sent John Scott, smouldering, to his laptop:

I was incensed to hear that any school is refusing to allow any child, whether they have ADHD or not, to take food specially prepared at home to meet a genuine need!

To deal with this situation, I suggest, firstly, a direct approach to the head teacher, in person, with an explanation as to why alternative food is essential to the child's welfare. This should be the end of the matter, as any reasonable head would be only too willing to make such an accommodation, in the spirit of meeting the individual special needs of his or her pupils.

However, if this fails, the parent should ascertain the details of the parent representative on the school's governing body and approach this person, who, being a parent, should have more sympathy for the request, and can raise the matter with the Chairman of Governors and at the next governors' meeting, where pressure can be applied to the head teacher.

In the unlikely event that this attempt also fails, the parent should write to the Director of Education at the local county council's offices. I would be very surprised indeed if this approach does not bring about a satisfactory result!

First published in February 2009

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