School news - more training for ADHD

A new on-line survey of 1,050 UK primary and secondary school teachers (311 male, 739 female) revealed that less than 50% had had any training on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

These findings are particularly concerning as, for nearly 70% of parents of ADHD children (estimated to be around 5% of school age children in the UK), teachers are the first people they turn to for help.

Although 83% of teachers said that they could recognise the symptoms of ADHD, few had received any training or support. Over 80% said they would like to receive training and 76% said they would benefit from some form of communication with qualified ADHD professionals.

Commented Holly Evans, ADHD advisory teacher: ‘There are techniques that can allow teachers to help students with ADHD more effectively. Having teachers who know how to manage ADHD can make all the difference to a child's academic potential and self-esteem.’

More information, regional support groups and resources from the Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service. 020 8952 2800

First published in November 2008

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