Homeopathy and ADHD – an article in the Townsend Letter
adapted from Homeopathic Family Medicine: Evidence-Based Homeopathy, by Dana Ullman


Homeopathy is a safe and often effective natural therapy for children (and adults) with attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and its associated symptoms. There have now been several studies that have confirmed significant results from homeopathic treatment, though no single protocol for homeopathic treatment has been replicated and shown to have efficacy. Homeopathic primary care can be effective, though this condition is best treated by a professional homeopath.

It is initially surprising and confusing to learn that the most common conventional drug for children with hyperactivity is an amphetaminelike drug called Ritalin. One would think that this type of drug would make hyperactive children even more hyperactive. But it doesn't. This treatment of using a medicine that causes symptoms similar to those that the patient has is actually the basic principle of homeopathy. That said, in actual homeopathy, much smaller and safer doses of medicines are used; plus each medicine is individualized to the patient.

Hyperactivity and the various syndromes that doctors have termed this condition (ADD/ADHD) have become Ameri ca's number one childhood psychiatric ailment. Ritalin has become so common that some people are calling it "vitamin R."

The reason that homeopaths do not prescribe Ritalin is that they are worried about the short-term side effects and the long-term consequences of its use. Even Newsweek (March 18, 1996) noted: "There are no definitive long-studies to reassure parents that this stimulant isn't causing some hidden havoc to their child." The FDA did, however, recently report on a study that showed that it caused a rare form of liver cancer in mice......

Dana Ullman goes on to describe a number of the trials which have looked at homeopthy as a treatment for ADHD and the remedies used.

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