Can Vaccines Affect Central Nervous System Function

New research from Professor Richard Dech Of Northeastern University and colleagues at the University Of Nebraska, Tufts and John Hopkins suggest an apparent link between exposure to toxins such ethanol and heavy metals (including lead. Aluminium and the ethylmercury- containing preservative thimerosal ) potently interrupt growth factor signalling, causing adverse effects of methylation reaction .

Methylation   plays a significant role in regulating normal DNA function and gene expression: it is critical to proper neurological development in infants and children . The scientists found that the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and the neurotransmitter dopamine both stimulate folate dependent methylation pathways in neuronal cells.

At the same time they noted that compounds like thimerosal ,ethanol and metals(like Lead and mercury) effectively, inhibited these same bio chemical  pathways in concentrations that are typically found following vaccination or other sources of exposure, Scientists acknowledge that the esposure to neurotoxins like ethanol and heavy metals can cause developmental disorders but until now, the precise mechanism underlying their toxicity have not been known; says Deth Thimerosal was largely phased out of vaccination in the US and Europe in 2000 although multi dose flu vaccines contain Thimerosal as do multi dose vials  of vaccines shipped to and used in third world countries.

Courtsey of & the AIA winter newsletter.

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First Published in May 2006
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