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Rehab Recovery offers free advice and guidance for autistic people who suffer with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. April 2017

Speech disrupts facial attention in 6-month-olds who later develop autism. February 2014

What is it about the Amish and Autism? Dan Olmsted of the Age of Autism asks why it is that within the Amish community autism is almost unknown, along with allergies and asthma? May 2012

Adults with a more severe learning disability have a greater likelihood of having autism. This group, mostly living in private households, was previously 'invisible' in estimates of autism. January 2012

Autism can be an occupational asset - an interesting article from MSNBC
December 2009

Autism and gastrointestinal disorders – Two papers from a multidisciplinary panel led by the Harvard Medical School – 2010

Allergy & Nutrition in Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Exploring bowel disorder and nutritional intervention in the symptoms and behaviours of AS children, including an update on the current psychological understanding – Silvja Davidson 2003

Autism Support Conference 2004: An enlightening rundown of the behaviour and indicators of ASD, including causes and treatments – Autism Support Group 2004

Autism Unravelled 2002: Research into and a conference report on a wide range of possible causes and clues to treatments – Michelle Berriedale-Johnson 2002

Immunology, Gastroenterology and Autism: Experts present their research into the relationship between the immune and digestive systems, the gut/brain connection and addressing diet in treatment for autism – the Salisbury Autism Support group’s conference 2005

The story of Matthew, Luke, Joe and Ben: A case study of four brothers affected broadly on the autistic spectrum and the impact of removing all dairy and grain/glutens from their diets – Jacqui Jackson 2003

Alistair’s story: One mother perseveres to discover the connection between diet and autism in her young son – Brenda O’Reilly 2006

Diet and Autism: theory and practice: Brief account of causes and treatments of autism in children from highly atopic families, with regards to food and environment – 2002

.First Published in 2002

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Research Reports


Identifying which type of autism might respond best to helminthic therapy. May 2015

Helminthic therapy and pregnancy with reference to the possibility of preventing allergy/autism in the child - an overview of the research on John Scott's blog. April 2014

Can chemicals produced by gut microbiota affect children with autism? May 2014

Reduced risk of autism in offspring when folic acid taken during early pregnancy June 2012

A US study suggests a relationship between human intestinal gene expression and bacterial community structure that may provide insights into the causes of gastrointestinal disturbances in children with autism. September 2011

New study finds that children with autism and gastrointestinal symptoms have have levels of the bacteria sutterella in their gut. Report here and research here January 2001

For children with autism, being born several weeks earlyor several weeks late tends to increase the severity of their symptoms April 2012

Children with autism and gastrointestinal symptoms have altered digestive genes
September 2011

Nutritional and metabolic status of children with autism
May 2011

IQ scores fail to predict academic performance in children with autism
November 2011

Study finds evidence of gender bias toward diagnosing boys with autism
November 2010

Language delays found in siblings of children with autism
October 2010

The cognitive skills of children with autism may improve over time.
September 2010

Over 60% autistic children have structural birth defects
January 2010

10% of autistic children may 'recover'

Education officials downgrade autism diagnosis to avoid paying for extra support
July 2009

A new theory on autism?
June 2009

Autism test using sound patterns
April 2009

Cartoons could help spot autism
April 2009

Mechanism for social development absent in autistic kids
April 2009

Victory for autism
April 2009

Gene variant associated with both autism and gastro-intestinal function
March 2009

Ritalin may change brain the same way cocaine does
March 2009

World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April 2009
March 2009

Saliva test for autism?
March 2009

Advances in autism research: There is an excellent compendium of recent research compiled by Teresa Binstock for the Autism Research Institute

Absence of preferential looking to the eyes of approaching adults predicts level of social disability in 2-year-old toddlers with autism spectrum disorder
August 2008

Big pharma ties want to shut down vaccine 'conspiracy theories'
October 2008

Autistic persons perspective important for improved understanding of their needs
October 2008

Adults with autism isolated and ignored in the UK
August 2008

Whistle is blown on official approach to autism
January 2007

First Published in January 2007


NB Information on this site is not a substitute for medical advice and no liability can be assumed for its use.

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