World Autism Awareness Day - 2nd April 2009

'The incidence of autistic spectrum disorders has increased from 1 in 10,000 individuals in 1988 to 1 in 59 individuals today*. Parents need support, carers need guidance.’

• Why are there so few appropriate educational services and facilities for autistic children?

• Why are parents given so little support? 85% of marriages with a special needs child break down. Autism has a massive impact on the family.

• Autism is frequently deeply misunderstood. More training is crucial for all professionals looking after those with autism.

• Resources to aid carers should be more widely available: simple things make a big difference – like providing nappies for the incontinent; providing nutritional supplements; funding gluten and casein free products; easy fitting strapped shoes etc.

• Why are so many children living with bowel issues, limited diets, pain and discomfort and often an inability to describe the pain?

• Many, if not most, will be unable to live a fulfilling and independent life when they become adults. Most are expected to be cared for by ageing parents.

• There is a chronic lack of adult facilities and services. Many adults with autism are accommodated in care homes that are inappropriate and in many cases damaging.

*Cambridge Research Centre 2008

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First Publishd in April 2009

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