Childrens' mental health

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Bisphenol-A in dental composites (now commonly used instead of amalgam) may be having a significant effect on childrens' behaviour. Article in GreenMedInfo based on recent research. September 2012

So Sad, So Young, So Listen! The forward, by Phillip Pullman, to a book on childhood depression from ages 5-16 published by the Royal College of Psychiatry

Children’s Mental Health – feeding the next generation 2004: Introduction to the modern diet’s effect on our children’s mental health, together with evidence of positive changes in behaviour after diet improvement – from 2004 Feeding the Next Generation conference

Children’s Mental Health – feeding the next generation 2003 : a look at some alarming statistics on the health of our children, and how to improve through nutrition – A Pavilion Conference 2003



Research Reports


Is lack of sleep involved in behavioural problems?

Facing fears early may reduce childhoood anxiety

3 treatments work for childhood and adolescent anxiety disorders

Childhood depression
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Kids and Antipsychotics: Beware!

First Published in January 2007

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