Adrenal Burnout


Anyone who has allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, frequent or chronic infections, impaired digestion or low blood sugar, and also suffers from constant fatigue which is unrelieved by rest and sleep, may have adrenal burnout syndrome.

Other symptoms of this condition include depression, anxiety, mood swings and cravings for sweets. Also known as adrenal hypofunction, adrenal exhaustion or adrenal insufficiency, this is a serious derangement of the body's energy system, which can affect men, women and children, but is rarely diagnosed by doctors. Consequently, many people suffer from burnout without being aware of it.

Adrenal burnout can result from a single trauma or develop slowly as a result of an accumulation of stress. Causes can include the obvious mental, emotional and financial stresses, but also the effects of chemical toxins, noise and electro-magnetic pollution, nutritional deficiencies and the injudicious use of stimulants, etc.

Whilst it is possible to recover from adrenal burnout, this can take several years and, if recovery occurs within only a couple of years, the problem is unlikely to have been burnout.

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This lengthy and detailed article covers causes and symptoms, as well as numerous myths about the condition, and how to treat it. Sections include lifestyle, diet and nutrients, detoxification, and mental, emotional and spiritual health.


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