A Clue To Asthma


A Trial showing that children with asthma have intestines with greater than normal permeability may help future research into causes of asthma . the team from Kuwait found that the mucsol system of the intestine was far more permeable in 32 asthmayic children compared to contrils. Similar changes have been seen in the bronchial mucosa, but now it looks as though the whole mucosal system may be affected.

The trial did not allow (But perhaps not enough children to show) any correlation between the degree of permeablility and either the severity of asthma, or the presence of eczema, or the use of inhaled steroids . The researchers say is not yet known whether this means that asthmatic children are more vulnerable to infiltration of the gut wall by substances that can cause inflammation.

Hijazi et al, Arch Dis Child 2004; 89 ;227-229 


First Published in May 2006

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