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Research suggests that vaccinations are causing a surge of asthma In children - an interesting article from Vaccine Truth - July 2011

Useful run-down of the conditions, apart from asthma, which may cause breathing difficulties in infants – thus, hopefully, helping to avoid mis/over-diagnosis. On the Helium self-publishing website. April 2010

Timber Treatment: a fact sheet of problems affecting timber in homes and alternatives to treatments that can set off chemical sensitivities. Pesticide Action Network 2008

Allergy Research Foundation Conference: a meeting of experts from both the fields of allergy and respiratory disease. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson 2007


First Published in 2007


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Research Reports

Regulatory T Cells in Allergy and Asthma May 2017
This interesting review article considers the role of Regulatory T cells in food allergy and immunity.

History of respiratory tract allergy can be considered as a clinically useful risk reducing factor of Multiple Sclerosis. October 2013

High UV-B exposure of those living close to the equator may link to Vitamin D related immune system modifications which cold lead to an increased risk of developing asthma and allergy. February 2013

High rate of allergies & asthma among women with endometriosis

Exclusive breastfeeding may prevent asthma

Allergies, specifically respiratory allergies, start in babies' first months

Children with stubborn asthma more likely to have food allergies

How the environment influences allergy before and after birth

Shed skin reduces indoor air pollution

Lifestyle regime helps prevent asthma

Those suffering from allergic asthma may be less able to fight off viral infections.

Electronic nose sniffs out asthma 04/10

Volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath as a diagnostic tool for asthma in children.

Air pollution extends 1.5 miles from major roads and is worse before sunrise.

Bakers 80 times more likely to develop occupational asthma than the average worker - some suggested precautions.

Grape extracts effective against H. pylori

Things to avoid to limit asthma risk

Fungi linked to asthma epidemic in Puerto Rico

Women with asthma more likely to give birth prematurely

Vanderbilt researchers link cold virus to asthma

Children with asthma watch too much television

Noxious gas stove emissions worsen asthma in young children

Farm exposure in utero protects against asthma

Asthma in boys may be a phase, but in girls may be there to stay

Less heliobacter - more asthma...

Genes may explain racial disparity in asthma

Exhaled nitric oxide monitoring does not improve asthma control

Parental asthma knowledge linked to children’s asthma control

Weight gain has negative impact on people with severe asthma

Low-sodium advice for asthmatics should be taken with a grain of salt

Asthma UK offering young people with asthma a life-changing opportunity
(03/08) JS

Two strains of bacteria which protect laboratory animals from allergies discovered
(07/07) JS

Indoor funghi may proetct against asthma
07/07 JS

Acupuncture and asthma
01/07 JS

New allergy vaccine shows promise


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