Asthma management

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The fungus aspergillus, found everywhwere in dead and rotting animal or plant material, especially inthe autumn, can cause serious illness in those with a weakened immune system, previous lung damage or allergic asthma. University Hospital of South Manchester (Wythenshawe) now houses a new centre for the study and treatment of Aspergillosis. October 2014

Sublingual Immunotherapy for Asthma – a Townshend Letter comparison of sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy for asthma.April 2004

Rush Immunotherapy telescopes months of allergy shots into a single morning of multiple shots. However, this treatment seems to be both safe and effective. More details from presentations at the AAAI annual meeting in 2006, as reported by Medscape News. 2006.

Oakmoth poses threat to asthma and allergy sufferers as well as oak trees in west London.
August 2010

Public ignorance puts children with asthma at risk
May 2010

Great instructions kits from the Allergy and Asthma Network on how to 'clean your air' at home, at school and at play.Febuary 2010

The use of local honey to prevent asthma and allergies - Tom Ogren - 2009

Useful things to do during pregnancy and after birth to reduce the chances of your child developing asthma - suggestions from New Zealand. 2009

Super E homes
Virginia Salares tells how her childrens’ allergies led her to build an e-friendly, allergy-friendy house which has become a blueprint for E houses worldwide. 2009

Homeopathy for Asthma: A success story and detailed information about the use of homeopathy in alleviating a variety of allergy symptoms – Victoria Vaughan 2007

First Published in 2007

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Research Reports

Allergen immunotherapy for allergic asthma: a systematic overview of systematic reviews. August 2017
This review systematically reviews the current state of the research looking at immunotherapy for asthma. It reports that immunotherapy can produce improvements in asthma symptoms and the need for medication. There is less clear evidence that it has an impact on lung function.

In-flight allergic emergencies. May 2017
This review article explores, in depth, various issues related to allergic and asthma related emergencies during air-travel. The full text of this article is available.

Introduction of fish between 6 and 12 months but not fish consumption afterward is associated with a lower prevalence of wheezing in pre-school children. December 2012

New molecule identified that could damp down allergic response to house dust mite.
Febury 2012

Children who drink raw milk have less asthma
August 2011

Vitamin C supplementation might benefit children with asthma
August 2011

Combining SLIT with SCIT offers benefits for house-mite dust sensitised children with asthma. Ocober 2011

Mastic from the stem and leaves of the Pistacia lentiscus tree appears to reduce allergic inflammation in asthmatic mice. July 2011

By enhancing the production of glutathione via a whey-based diet in guinea pigs that had previously been sensitisted to ovalbumin (egg), researchers dramatically reduced oxidative stress and thereby anaphylactic airway and lung contractions when the animals were presented with their allergen. May 2011

Exercise - a new tool in asthma management
June 2011

Breakthrough in understanding of IgE mechanisms in allergic asthma
April 2011

Leave winter allergy and asthma misery out in the cold. Allergists offer tips for eliminating indoor triggers December 2010

Vitamin D may treat or prevent allergic reactions to common mould amongst asthmatics and cystic fibrosis sufferers. 08/10

Immunotherapy works well for allergic asthma
August 2010

Helminths may help combat allergic asthma
November 2005

Avoiding dairy products, soya, nuts and dust mites during infancy may reduce the incidence of allergic asthma –June 2010

Internet monitoring of asthma effective
May 2010

Low Vitamin D levels lead to worse asthma symptoms and higher medication use
April 2010

Compound found in blackcurrant may help allergic asthma
March 2010

Regular family meals can help children with asthma
Febuary 2010

Vitamin D helps asthma and Crohn’s disease
Jnuary 2010

Air pollution lessens effectiveness of asthma inhalers
December 2009

Inhalers could be making asthma worse
January 2010

Naringenin chalcone, an enzyme found particularly in tomato skins, helps suppress allergic asthma – 2009

Sugar-coated polymer is new weapon against allergies and asthma
November 2009

Treating allergic rhinitis can improve other related conditions such as asthma and sinusitis.
November 2009

Electrical stimulation may be a safe option for treating severe asthma flare-ups

November 2009

Synthetic bedding worsens asthma
November 2009

Genetic breakthrough may help prevent build up of mucus in the lungs
September 2009

Dust Alert sensor monitors air in the home or office
September 2009

Pocket-size pollution sensors monitor personal environment
September 2009

Breakthrough in understanding of severe asthma has potential for new treatment.
September 2009

Ozone exposure, even ‘safe’ levels, can have a significant and negative effect on lung function. 
July 2009

Allergy immunotherapy tablets prove successful for both grass pollen and dust mites – Alex Gazzola reports – 2009

Possibility of heart problems linked to asthma drug Xolair
0July 2009

Asthmatics - eat your broccoli!
May 2009

Ethiopian study shows that people with hookworm infection only half as likely to wheeze as uninfected people
March 2009

Grape extracts effective against H. pylori
(March 2009

Antifungal treatment may benefit some asthma patients
Febuary 2009

Vaccine for asthmatics which suppresses allergic immune responses
January 2009

Tai Chi may help asthma sufferers breathe more easily
November 2009

Exposure to mice increase risk of wheeze in children.
November 2008

Latest research on diagnosis and treatment of allergic asthma
1Novembr 2008

'Air shower' hope for asthmatics
October 2008

Parental asthma knowledge linked to children’s asthma control
October 2008

Innate immune system targets asthma-linked fungus for destruction
September 2009

Could a novel herbal formula be as effective as steroids in alleviating asthma symptoms?
July 2008

Food-allergic children with asthma may require extra emergency medication
(July 2008

Could a gut parasite hold the cure for asthma?
June 2008 )

Key immune system molecule identified that could form the target for new drugs to prevent reactions in people with allergic diseasesFebuary 2008

Lasers could one day be used to diagnose asthma
March 2008

Subcutaneous immunotherapy may prevent the progression of allergic disease
November 2007

Newly discoverOctober

October 2007

Even occasional use of household spray cleaners may cause asthma in adults
October 2007

Early day care attendance may protect infants from developing asthma later
October 2007

Natural asthma remedies
September 2009

Overview of the relationship between asthma and diet
September 2007

Hay fever immunotherapy may reduce asthma risk in children
August 2007

Asthma sufferers may benefit from the Papworth breathing technique
July 2007

An apple a day...
July 2007

Indoor fungi may protect against allergy
(July 2007

Light relief for asthma
(Jyly 2007

A new surgical treatment for asthma
June 2007

More wind for young asthmatics
(June 2007

Children who drink unpasteurised milk have a lower risk of developing asthma
May 2007

A 'Mediterranean' diet protects against allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms
April 2007

Acupuncture and respiratory allergies
Jnuary 2007

Asthma/eczema treatment breakthrough
November 2006

Teens breathe easier with vitamin D
August 2006

Asthma risk reduced by fruit and vegetables

July 2007

Worms - 'drug cabinet' of the future?
June 2006

New allergy vaccine shows promise
JULY 2005

Biofeedback - a new weapon against asthma?
Ocrober 2004

First Published in October 2004

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