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Countless hitchhiking dust mites share crowded holiday flights. December 2014

SPIREs (synthetic peptide immuno-regulatory epitopes) therapy shows promise for hay fever and dustmite sufferers. October 2013

Are you allergic to your office? Allergy UK asks how many people may be allergic to the moulds and mites in their poorly ventilated offices; FoodsMatter asks how  many of them may also be affected by the electrosmog in those offices and in the surrounding environment? 09/12

Freeze or wash soft toys to kill dustmites July 2012

New book on Dust mites by mite expert Dr Matthew Colloff
June 2009

Healthy Sleep Company guarantees dustmite-free nights - 2009

Is fighting the dust mite a waste of time? An examination into recent research on dustmites and why sufferers from dust mite-provoked allergies should keep fighting them – Dr Harry Morrow Brown 2008


Research Reports

Shellfish and house dust mite allergies: is the Link Tropomyosin? March 2016

In-house test kits help motivate parents to reduce allergens in their homes. November 2015

Some immunological disturbances caused by repeated exposure to the faeces of two house dust mite species in the valley and desert houses could be ameliorated by curcuma and karkade. May 2015

US researchers create a nano-size vaccine for dustmite allergy. July 2014

Despite its good success record, immunotherapy remains unpopular as a treatment for allergic rhinitis and seasonal allergies adn compliance is poor. June 2014

Daily vacuuming of mattresses significantly reduces house dust mite allergens 03/12

New molecule identified that could damp down allergic response to house dust mite.

Freezing, hot tumble drying and washing with eucalyptus oil all reduce incidence of dust mite in soft toys

Combining SLIT with SCIT offers benefits for house-mite dust sensitised children with asthma. 10/11

Dustmites destroyed by unmade beds

Trials of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for house dust mite very promising
1/10 and 05/09

Allergy immunotherapy tablets prove successful for both grass pollen and dust mites – Alex Gazzola reports – 2009

In a Vietnamese study, individuals with the highest level of hookworm infestation were found to be the least likely to have an allergic response to house dust mites

Dust mite fluctuations
(11/07) JS

Hotter is better
(07/07) JS

Dusty homes may reduce risk of breathing allergies
07/07 JS

Do HEPA vacuums suck?
(06/06) JS


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