Planning hayfever-free holidays


Hay fever sufferers planning their summer holidays might want to
consult Allergy UK’s European pollen calendar, which they launched last summer along with the results of a survey of 3,000 hay fever and asthma sufferers which asked them whether their hay fever influenced their choice of holiday destinations.

The survey revealed that their condition affected where and when they chose to take their holiday for more than 74% of respondents, 10% of whom said that they had needed hospital treatment for their allergies while on holiday.

Surprisingly, although more than 80% of respondents suffered from both asthma and hayfever, just 40% were aware that hayfever symptoms could make their asthma worse.

The European Holiday Destination Pollen Calendar, which was developed with the help of Professor Jean Emberlin, director of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at Worcester University, can be found on the charity's website at – specifically at


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First Published in May 2008

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