Haymax nose balm
reduces amount of pollen entering the respiratory system.

Haymax is an organic nose balm which is applied to the base of the nostrils and which traps pollen before it can enter the respiratory system. Apart from being drug free, Haymax does not need to be applied in advance, can be reapplied as needed and can be used with any other hay fever treatments. So, if it works, it could be a Godsend for sufferers.

To see whether it did, Professor Jean Emberlin of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at the University of Worcester applied the perfume free version of the balm to one nostril (leaving the other nostril uncoated) of 18 healthy volunteers who did not suffer from any respiratory problems. They were sent out to walk for one hour around a heavily grass-pollinated area (grass pollen being the most common allergen in the UK) on a day which had already been established as having a high pollen count.

The amount of pollen collected in the nostrils varied but this could have been due to several reasons including the volunteers' anatomy. However, in all cases 'numbers of grass pollen grains and the numbers of total pollen grains collected on the nostrils with Haymax were larger than the numbers collected on the uncoated nostrils. This was also the case in all but one subject for the “other “ pollen types. In all three categories i.e. grass, “other” and total pollen the results were significantly different between uncoated nostrils than those with the Haymax.

The results show that the application of Haymax to the lower part and rim of the nostrils does trap significantly more pollen than an uncoated nostril. This would result in some reduction to the amount of allergen entering the nose. However the results do not give any indication of the amount of reduction of pollen entering the nose as many particles including pollen would go into the nose without being near to the surface of the nostrils.

The study has not investigated the impact of Haymax on symptoms of hay fever and no inference in relation to symptoms can be made from the results.'  

If you want to try for yourself, HayMax™ is available in three varieties – Pure, Lavender and Aloe Vera. All varieties come in pocket-sized tubs. HayMax™ has a high melting point which makes it last a long time. It is non-visible, doesn’t have an unpleasant smell and can also be used with make-up.

It will cost you £6.95 for a 5ml pot and is available from www.haymax.biz, on 01525 406600 or from Holland & Barrett, Asda, Lloydspharmacy and selected Boots, Tesco, Waitrose and The Co-operative pharmacy, chemists, pharmacies and health food stores nationwide.

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First Published in May 2010

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