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Respiratory Allergy: prevention and treatment: a meeting of the Allergy Research Foundation – Michelle Berriedale-Johnson 2007

Timber treatment: how to treat the timbers of your house without risk of setting off chemical sensitivities – Pesticide Action Network 2008

First Published 2008

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Research Reports


Study finds link between a history of airborne allergies (to plants, grass and trees) and an increased risk of blood cancers in women. November 2013

All patients with persistent chronic rhinosinusitis should have their maxillary teeth checked by high resolution CT scan for evidence of odontogenic sinusitis, especially if this is associated with foul smelling drainage.August 2012

Children’s body mass index (BMI) is linked to allergy and asthma
January 2012

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for migraines
Otober 2011

Sublingual immunotherapy as a treatment for allergic conjunctivitis
Sepyember 2011

Children of mothers with allergic rhinitis and asthma more likely to develop allergy
November 2011


Causes of pre-school wheeze from large-scale Swedish study
November 2011

Impact of climate change on hospital visits of patients with tree pollen allergy
November 2011

Spring allergies affect the hearing
June 2011

Birch pollen honey for birch pollen allergy
May 2011

Working in horse barns can cause respiratory problems
November 2009

Long-term use of a neti pot to clear stuffy noses may not be a good idea.
November 2009

One in three Scots affected by allergy at some point their lives
October 2009

Dramatic increase in teenage respiratory allergy in Sweden since 2000
November 2009

Paraffin candles may cause respiratory or nasal irritation
August 2009

Allergic sensitisation in tuberculosis patients at the time of diagnosis and following chemotherapy
June 2009

Is pollen allergy a result of 'porous' skin in the nose and eyes?
(June 2009

Respiratory risk to patients from hospital cleaning fluids
April 2009

Online Cough Clinic
December 2008

Nasal irrigation for allergies, sinusitis – and winter sniffles?
November 2008

Children with hayfever more likely to experience headaches and facial pain
October 2008

Respiratory problems in childhood linked to anxiety in later life
November 2008

Growing up with pets predisposes children to snore in adulthood
(October 2011

Hope for long-acting allergy vaccines – especially ragweed
October 2008

Asthma UK offers young people a life-changing opportunity
(March 2008

Strains of bacteria discovered which protects laboratory animals
July 2007

First Published in July 2007

NB Information on this site is not a substitute for medical advice and no liability can be assumed for its use.

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