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US federal government finally reduces maximum allowed levels of fluoride in water supplies. January 2011

Alliance for Natural Health again challenges science used to justify mass fluoridation of the water supply
June 2009

Open letter to the Executive Director of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with reference to the use of sodium monflurophosphate (fluoride) in food supplements.
Febuary 2009


First Published in Febuary 2009



Research Reports


Fluoride may not reduce dental cavities.
April 2010

More comment on the Southampton fluoride row
March 2009

Fluoride - now it can be added to food supplements 
Febauary 2010

Six hundred US professionals call for an end to fluoridisation
May 2008

End fluoridation say 500 physicians, dentists, scientists and environmentalists
August 2007

Fluoride: is a tide of rejection forming in the US?
Febuary 2007

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