Six hundred US professionals call for end to fluoridisation

Although the aggressive promotion of water fluoridation continues, an historic moment in the battle against the practice was won on 9 August 2007, when the US Fluoride Action Network (FAN) released a statement signed by over 600 professionals calling for it to end.
By January 2008, more than 1,300 professionals had signed this statement, which can be read in full at
FAN has also revealed its 'Top 10' scientific developments of 2007, including new studies that not only question long-held views about fluoride's benefits, but also raise new concerns about its impact on human health. Click here for an article summarising these studies.
More information about the dangers of fluoride and the increasingly successful anti-fluoridation campaign can be found on the FAN website at


Click here for more research on fluoride

First Published in May 2008

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