Calcium Bentonite clay for mercury detoxification

Calcium Bentonite Clay is a safe, natural way to help remove mercury from the body. It can be used both internally and externally.

Calcium Bentonite Clay has a very strong negative ionic charge so, when it comes in contact with any substance that has a positive ionic charge (such as metals, toxins, bacteria, etc), it attracts it like a magnet, and the two become bound together. The clay both attaches the substance to its surface like Velcro® and absorbs it so, as the clay passes through the system, it attracts and binds the metals and toxins, which are then eliminated from the body along with the clay.

In conjunction with taking clay internally, external applications are also very effective. Clay baths are often used as a part of successful chelation therapy as the clay has a uniquely strong ability to pull toxins and metals out through the pores of the skin, binding to them and removing them from the body. It is also a very gentle form of chelation.

To help rid your body of mercury, the best approach is the double fisted, internal/external approach. Take the Calcium Bentonite Clay internally (approximately 2 ounces of liquid clay once or twice a day) and take clay baths twice a week (using approximately 1-2 cups of dry powder clay per bath). Be sure you're using a pure, natural Calcium Bentonite Clay that has a pH of at least 9.0 for best results.

Courtesy of Natural News


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First Published in March 2010

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