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New standards for home care products
Febuary 2010

Toilet seat dermatitis
January 2010

Plastic in the kitchen - a warning guide - courtesy of Seventh Generation - 2009

Rolling pastry in clingfilm - coeliac versus chemically sensitive - Mary Hood 2008

First Published in 2009




Research Reports


Perinatal (immediately before and after birth) exposure to Bisphenal A (widely used in plastic including babies' bottles but claimed to be harmless although there have been concerns about its use for some years) coud increase the risk of developing food intolerance in adulthood. August 2014

Arsenic levels in rice products spur regulatory arsenic limits call
January 2012

Coated drugs can contain harmful plasticizing chemicals
December 2011

Gum Arabic is a cause of occupational allergy
May 2011

Oestrogen effects from hormone-mimics in bottled waters
April 2009

Polyaromatic hydrocarbons from pavement sealcoats pollute waterways
April 2009

Pay-outs due in 'toxic sofa' claim to compensate for eczema caused by added chemical
April 2009

Water disinfectants create toxic by-products
April 2009

Avoiding the use of paint in the home during pregnancy and early childhoood likely to be a prudent measure
April 2009

Rolling pastry in clingfilm - coeliac versus chemically sensitive
01/09 Mary Hood

A small study detected an average of 20 chemicals from household products in the bodies of 25 women who'd had their homes and bodies tested for various environmental pollutants,
December 2008

Persistence of pharmaceutical compounds and other organic wastewater contaminants in a conventional drinking-water-treatment plant. August 2004


First Published in December 2008

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