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Are you hosting a BT hotspot? If so, should you be, and how to remove yourself from the system. From the Foodsmatter blog. September 2013

French to ban wifi from schools.
The National Assembly has voted in an amendment of the law stipulates that the public service establishment of the digital educational program foreseen by the text favors "wired" connections, that is, Ethernet, rather than Wi-Fi. March 2013

A letter from Dr Martha Herbert, a paediatric neurologist at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, to all school autorities warning about the dangers of using wifi as opposed to wired technology in schools. Feburary 2013

Commenting on a Health Protection Agency press release in September 2009, Dr Andrew Goldsworthy wrote an excellent overview of the current situation as seen by the authorities and by the somewhat less complacent scientists working in the area – and even suggests a way forward. It provides an excellent introduction to the subject.

Dangers of using wifi in schools – letter from Professor Olle Johansson to the board of Education, Victoria, Canada – October 2012

Recommendations regarding wifi in Russian schools from the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection – July 2012

SSITA (Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance) has just sent the following letter to Head Teachers. If you too are concerned about the use of wifi in schools you might also like to send it to any school with which you are connected. May 2012

Wifi in schools – should the teachers' unions be invovled - and wifi alters brain activity in young adults August 2011

President Obama: Don't Waste Billions of taxpayer dollars on a risky WIRELESS broadband initiative and smart meter grants – an appeal from the EMR Policy Institute –June 2011

Approaching menaces – are you threatened by a lamp post near you? Michelle Berriedale-Johnson investigates. October 2010

Optical fibres could transmit radio signals into the home thus obviating the need for wifi – interesting report from Science Daily April 2010

Microwave technology: wifi and blue tooth: explaining the perils, suspected and unsuspected - John Scott 2008 – updated – 2010

Latest generation of cars to become wifi hotspots
December 2009

Advances in high-tech medicine offer major benefits to patients but threaten ever higher EMR exposure
October 2009

Electromagnetic radiation from TV screen does affect those with no known sensitivities – Professor Olle Johansson 2001

LED monitors do not trigger reactions in electro-sensitives - Michelle Berriedale-Johnson explains - 2009

The precautionary approach gains ground - a round-up - 2009

The gathering brainstorm - an investigation into wifi in the Ecologist.
March 2008

Screen dermatitis - the effect of computer work on the skin

Warning signs of VDU damage

First Published in 1994


Research Reports


Using Wi-Fi-connected laptops decreases sperm motility and increase sperm DNA fragmentation
January 2012

Use of laptop computers connected to the internet via wifi may result in decreased male fertility. November 2011

Radiation from cordless phone base station affects the heart
October 2010

Laptop Wi-Fi radiation may affect male fertility
August 2010

Silence in Essex
April 2009

Distance editing update
April 2009

Wifi in Germany
March 2009

Wifi in schools
March 2009

Distance editing - how MBJ does it!
(Febuarary 2009

First Publishd in Febuary 2009

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