Distance editing – how MBJ does it

Several readers have asked how, with my electrosensitivity, I manage to use a computer and continue editing...

So, very briefly... Since my article in the autumn (FM Sep 08) I have reorganised my life so as to minimise my contact with mobile phone masts, wifis and DECT telephones, so they give me little trouble.
Far more disruptive is my relatively low tolerance of electric light (tungsten and halogen) and my non-existent tolerance of low energy light bulbs and fluorescent lights – relevant in terms of my work as even my beautiful new flat Apple computer screen is lit by small fluorescent bulbs.

I have moved my office into the spare bedroom at the back (and phone-mast-free) part of the house. My computer now lives at the far side of the room (nearly four metres from my desk) and I sit about a metre and a half from my screen - which explains Christopher’s cartoon of my ‘work station’!

Fortunately, I can ‘blow up’ almost anything that I am either reading or writing on screen so that I can see it with only occasional recourse to the telescope!

I am trying to get hold of an LED (light emitting diode-lit, not fluorescent) screen which should reduce the problem but they are very new, hard to get and expensive.

Meanwhile, I have also installed a number of Stetzer filters. These dramatically reduce the amount of ‘dirty electricity’ in the system. ‘Dirty electricity’ (on which more in a future FM) is a series of spikes created in the flow of electricity by the various pieces of equipment using it. The spikes each generate their own little electro-magnetic fields – which create problems for anyone who is sensitive to them. And while the shielding net and paint work wonderfully against the high frequency waves from phones masts, they are of little help with the smaller, locally generated waves.

For more on ‘dirty electricity’ and Stetzer filters see www.grahamstetzer.co.uk and on the FM website

For my progress – watch this space...

First Published Febuary 2009

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