Smart meters and DECT telephones

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Expert report from Dr Andrew Marino, PhD on the health effects of smart meters recently presented to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. October 2016

Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from 'Smart' Meters - video showing how each radiation pulse creates voltage transients (aka dirty electricity) which travel throughout the home wiring. Because the resulting EM field extends outward from the wall wiring, this creates an "antenna cage" throughout the home. October 2016

The Weston Price Foundation carries good articles in its winter magazine on The dangers of smart meters. January 2015

American Academy of Environmental Medicine comes out strongly against smart meters. November 2013

US anti-smart meter campaigner Josh de Sol's film, Take Back Your Power, is now available to rent or buy here but you can also read his comprehensive overview of the smart meter situation in the US, Are smart meters part of the largest corporate scam in human history? here.

Canadian protesters are filing a class action lawsuit over the forced installation of smart meters. July 2013

Germany rejects EU advice that 80% of homes should have smart meters by 2020 because it will be too expensive. August 2013

Opposition to smart meters marshalled by retired attorney from Environmental Protection Agency. Martch 2013

First steps to stopping installation of smart meters in UK. 10/12

Two information packs from ES-UK on smart meters:
Excellent information sheet on smart meters – their effect on health, how to protect oneself against them, what radiation they emit, ' non-thermal' and 'heating' limits, relevance of human rights legislation and useful links.
Information pack from the on the effect of smart meters on health, how to support the petition to get Smart Meters debated in the House of Common and hwo to express your opposition.

Smart meters will not be obligatory, according to UK energy minister, Charles Hendry – as reported in the Telegraph Money 02/12

Good trailer for anti-smart meter campaign in Canada – 01/12

Anti smart meter campaigners win a signal victory in California – November 2011

If you live in Calfornia and you do not want a smart meter – here is how to avoid being forced to have one... 10/11

The US National Broadband Plan sees a national web of smart meters, monitoring every aspect of our daily lives, as being the gateway to a cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable world. See the website for the full plan. 07/11

Hampshire County Council has signed a deal with Bglobal to install smart meters in all classrooms in Hampshire schools. 06/11

How smart meters may cause autism and cancer. A new paper from Dr Andrew Goldsworthy 2011

Professor Olle Johannson's warning to the California Public Utiities Commission (committed to a fast deployment of smart meters to all homes in California) of the dangers of smart meters. 07/11

'Smart cities' – an interesting and alarming report in Science Daily that researchers in Darmstadt are being given 4.5million euros to work on a network which would connect all public services in the city allowing them to interact with each other and with citizens via mobile sensors. 05/11

Smart meters. A Which? blog raised the questions of privacy in relationship to smart electricity and gas meters but many of the comments also raise the wifi question. Worth a quick trawl through. 06/11

'Say No to Smart meters' – wifi in your home whether you want it or not. Good blog post. 03/11

More on 'smart meters' – Dr Andrew Goldsworthy – and the New YorkTimes

Approaching menaces – are you threatened by a lamp post near you? Michelle Berriedale-Johnson investigates. 10/10

Wireless sensor networks – a new hazard...

Building the Smart Home Wirelessly – house-side wireless control from Taiwan

Review of low-radiation cordless phone from Siemens.


First Published in January 2009


Research Reports


Cordless phone more dangerous than mobiles. October 2013

DECT cordless phones and their effect on blood pressure – a case history. September 2005

Dangers of DECT cordless baby monitors - a series of reports


First Published in Febuart 2006

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