The dangers of microchippping – both for humans and animals

A report in the 31st March 2010 issue of Science Daily descibes the microchips and antennae which are being developed at the University of Florida to be swallowed by patients so that their physicians can monitor whether they have taken their medication:-

Call them tattletale pills. Seeking a way to confirm that patients have taken their medication, University of Florida engineering researchers have added a tiny microchip and digestible antenna to a standard pill capsule. The prototype is intended to pave the way for mass-produced pills that, when ingested, automatically alert doctors, loved ones or scientists working with patients in clinical drug trials.

"It is a way to monitor whether your patient is taking their medication in a timely manner," said Rizwan Bashirullah, UF assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering.

Such a pill is needed because many patients forget, refuse or bungle the job of taking their medication. This causes or exacerbates medical problems, spurs hospitalizations or expensive medical procedures and undercuts clinical trials of new drugs
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However the article does not consider what damage just having a wifi system implanted into the body might cause....

Maybe they should be reading a report in WorldNetDaily (May 6 2010) which suggests that the two microchips implanted in Seamus, the bull mastiff, could have been the cause of the hemangio-sarcoma – a malignant form of cancer that killed him last year. Not to mention Scotty, the Yorkshire terrier who developed a tumour between his shoulder blades, in the same location where the microchip had been implanted. When the tumour the size of a small balloon – described as malignant lymphoma – was removed, Scotty's microchip was embedded inside the tumour.

And then there was Léon, the French bulldog, who developed a lump at his microchip implantation site eight months after implantationand who died of a fibrosarcoma (an aggressive form of cancer) – and Charlie Brown the chihuahua who bled to death, apparently as a result of his chipping......


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First Published April 2010

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